Bombard (rigging sbirulino) is a specialized float designed to supplement spinning gear. This device is used for casting sufficiently light baits by own loading.

Small wobblers, silicone fish, turntables, artificial flies - all this can fly far enough if a bombard is used (rigging sbirulino). Among other things, with the help of a bombard you can hold baits in any water horizon, from the surface of the reservoir and ending with its bottom.

What are they like?

Bombardy (sniburino rigging)

The bombard (sniburino rigging) is divided into several basic categories depending on buoyancy, as well as types of loading. Thus, there are three types of buoyancy:

  • Floating. After casting, can not drown in the water.
  • Sinking. After falling to the surface of the water immediately begin to sink to the bottom.
  • Slowly sinking. In this case, the bombard (rigging sbirulino) hangs in a certain state, which can be used to catch different kinds of fish.

Floating models are the most optimal if the bait needs to be carried out at the surface, while sinking devices are the most optimal for catching bottom fish.

If to speak about loading, it also happens of several types:

  • Built-in sinker. In the majority of cases, catching a bombard (rigging sbirulino) is distinguished by the presence of lead loading, while the weight of the float remains constant.
  • The inner cavity. Such models are gradually filled with water. The advantage to which such a catch is a bombard (rigging sbirulino) is that the fisherman has the possibility of independent regulation of the load.

How should the rod be equipped?

For a collection of gear, respectively, you need to have a fairly large set of all relevant components. But it is important to use not just some elements in the standard set, but to make sure that each of them meets certain requirements.

The rod for the bombard must have a length of 3 to 6 meters, so that the fisherman had the opportunity to make a sufficiently long cast. In this case, the most optimal is the use of parabolic "sticks", and the test is directly dependent on the mass of the selected float. In the majority of cases, the test load of the rod is from 40 to 60 g.

In terms of the coil there is a lot of advice from people who use bombard. How to catch on such a device, not everyone knows, but experts say that it is necessary to use an inertia-free coil, the size of which is from 2500 to 3500. The spool should contain at least 100 m of fishing line 0.25 mm. Special attention is paid to the correct adjustment of the friction brake, since this is important enough if a bombard is used. How to catch with other variants of coils, it is not informed.

In this case, you can use a monofilament, or a braided line, but you should consider the fact that depending on the type you choose, the thickness also changes. Thus, the braided line should have a thickness of 0.15 to 0.17 mm, while the monofilament line should be 0.18-0.25 mm thick. The advantage of the "braid" is that it does not stretch, and therefore the bite of the fish remains noticeable even at a sufficiently long distance. Monolisk can be used in the process of fishing at short distances. It is worth noting that the monoliscus helps in the dampening of fish jerking in the process of vyvazhivaniya.

If you are making a bombard yourself, sbirulino can be used in different sizes, and you will have to choose depending on the range of catching. It is standard to use floats, the weight of which is not more than 40 kg.

You can use a variety of leashes depending on what kind of fish you are going to catch. Classics are the use of a certain piece of fluorine-fiber fishing line, the thickness of which is from 0.12 to 0.2 mm, and the length is 1.5-2 m. In the process of catching "toothless" fish in places where hooks are installed, it is also recommended to use a cord of approximately the same length, but its thickness should not exceed 0.12 mm. In the process of catching a pike, the only possible option is a bombardment, made with the help of a metal lead, the length of which is from 7 to 15 cm.

The swivel is used in this case in order to exclude the possibility of twisting the line. The constantly rotating spinner and flies often begin to spin, and many fishermen prefer to use a specialized triple swivel from 14 to 20.

The hooks need to pay special attention, as they should be as sharp and reliable. In the process of conducting fishing live bait hook shall be equipped with a long shank, wide poddevom and a small goatee. The dimensions of the hook in this case directly depend on the size of the lure used and, accordingly, the expected production.

How is the installation carried out?

There are lots of options for how to set up a bombardment (rigging). Installation of the classical type is carried out as follows:

  1. A coil with a wound main line is installed on the rod.
  2. On top of the main line is put on a float fixed with a rubber shock absorber.
  3. Towards the end of the line, swivels are tied.
  4. A leash is attached to the second tab of the swivel.
  5. At the second end of the leash hook or bait is installed.

It is worth noting the fact that this version of the rig provides for the location of the leash below the float, while some rigging allows it to be assembled at the end point of the line, when the leash or at the same time several leashes are fixed above the float.

The most common bait

Regardless of which float is used, the bombardment provides for the possibility of using both natural and artificial baits. Among all the variety of artificial products, the most appropriate will be the use of the following devices:

  • rotating spoon-bait;
  • small fish from silicone;
  • small wobblers;
  • beads of foam.

Also fishing for bombardment can be conducted with the help of the following natural baits:

How to make such a float?

Often, there are situations where modern anglers do not trust all kinds of shops, as a result of which the bombard on asp or any other fish is made by them independently. There are several options for making floats:

  • As a basis sbirulino any large float which is loaded by means of specialized lead pellets or a separate sinker is used.
  • The bombard is made from a small piece of foam with sandpaper and knife. In order to fish in the catching process could not suspect a trick, is better to paint the product with a special dark permanent marker.
  • Quite interesting floats, many fishermen are made of medical disposable syringes. For this, you need to make a small hole in which to consolidate the fishing line, and then slightly Refine the appearance. The main ogruzka in the form of a cavity with water becomes an effective device on the fishing.

How to catch?

In the majority of cases, sbirulino is used to catch various surface fish. Thus, if the asp is being fished, the bombardment used must have the highest flight characteristics. In this case, it is extremely important to throw the lure directly into the "cauldron", where the asp is engaged in stunning small fry. The use of a wobblers or turntables, which will go directly to the surface of the water, will allow the fisherman to wait until the sheresper strikes.

If you are fishing enough peaceful fish, then in this case it will be extremely effective to use the bait in the place of fishing. Even all sorts of mud from clay and sand, which is, in principle, inedible, can attract a sufficiently large amount of white fish, after which it will be possible to catch.

It is worth noting a few of the most common options for how the bombard is posted:

  • Slow and even wiring. This option is used most often and involves placing the main work on the coil.
  • The transaction stops. This wiring provides for the implementation of the rod tip. Originally carried out the tightening of the snap-in is approximately 2-3 meters rod, after which the tip of the fishing rod you need to return to the starting position. Instantly removes the slack of the fishing line through podmahivala coil.
  • A slow retrieve. In this case, it will be necessary to Supplement the wiring a slight twitching of the rod tip. The frequency and amplitude of ongoing delays depends directly on the characteristics of the reservoir in which the procedure is performed.

Bite is determined depending on the behavior of the float used by you, as well as the position of the tip of the rod. If there are sharp hooks, in most cases the fish will be detected independently.

What are the advantages of such fishing?

The use of the technology catching on guns for many fishermen is extremely simple to learn, but very efficient and effective way. Quite often it is used in modern fishing in order to catch a variety of fish, and the undeniable advantage of this method is to call that even using the most standard gear, you can send extremely easy tip on some serious distance. It should be noted that the application of this technology is pretty good manifests itself also in the process of fishing fly fishing.

In appearance, the bombards themselves do not practically differ, but in fact there are several of the types discussed above. Such a classification is envisaged in order that a bombard can be used to conduct fishing in any water layers.

Speaking of a particular fish, the use of a floating bombardment is most often used in the process of catching a chub, while fast-paced ones are used to catch a perch. Slow-moving bombardment is more often used in the process of fishing for various predators, and in particular for pike. As with a standard jig, if necessary, a bombard can be caught in the deepest horizons of the pond or knock on the bottom.