When a woman has a sore left breast, it is difficult for her to decide for herself the true causes of unpleasant sensations: pain can be a sign of a wide range of diseases, starting with breast problems and ending with acute diseases of the spleen. How is the nature of the pain and a combination of other symptoms to determine what the problem really is?

Why does the left breast hurts before menstruation?

Every girl knows that her hormonal background changes at least twice a month. The condition and development of the mammary gland completely control the sex hormones. Therefore, if at a certain moment of the menstrual cycle a woman suffers from a left breast, then often this indicates that her body has increased the content of female hormones and will soon expect menstruation.

The left breast hurts: what to do?Why is this happening? Before menstruation, women undergo certain changes in the body that are designed to preserve a possible pregnancy. From this increase the mammary glands and with the extension of the capsule, as well as the tension of the skin, the fair sex representatives feel slight soreness.

If it is for this reason that the left breast hurts, what should I do? Nothing to do is not necessary. After the first days of menstruation, the mammary glands will gradually return to their previous size and the pain will pass.


However, there are cases when the left breast increases and for a long time does not return to the previous size, despite the presence or absence of menstruation. This not only hurts the left breast, but also the right one.

The cause of mastopathy is all the same hormonal odds in favor of certain hormones. Due to a long imbalance, the breast tissue begins to expand and a benign tumor develops. At the initial stage, small nodules are formed in the mammary glands. The breast itself seems to swell. Because of this, the left chest hurts when pressed, as well as the right breast. It becomes inconvenient to wear bras, as well as tight clothes.

If you do not treat mastopathy, over time, the pain begins to cause great discomfort. Painful sensations begin to respond in the area of ​​the armpit and even in the shoulder area. In case of an unfortunate coincidence, mastopathy turns into breast cancer, so it is necessary to consult a doctor at the first symptoms of the disease.

The left breast hurts not only because of presence of any diseases. Often the pain in this area is the result of injuries. A bruise, wearing a bra of inappropriate shape and size - all this can lead to edema and painful sensations in the area of ​​the left breast.

Also it is worth paying attention to what physical load the woman receives, because under the mammary glands there is also a layer of muscles. It is muscular pain that can be the cause of the perceived discomfort.

In such cases, you need to change your underwear for a more comfortable option, and you also need to ensure peace of the pectoral muscles. If within two or three weeks the pain has not passed, then it is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor.

Why does the left breast hurt during pregnancy?

The causes of chest pain during pregnancy are an increase in the level of hCG. This hormone causes changes in the body of the future mother, which will allow the child to be born.

Why does the left breast hurt? She, like the right one, is preparing to become a food source for the baby, so they increase in size and begin to fill with colostrum in the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes a nauseating substance begins to be released from the nipples of a pregnant woman. The nipples themselves darken.

The nature of pain in all women is different: sometimes nipples only nipples, and sometimes it is impossible to touch the whole breast as a whole. All these symptoms are already at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. If this does not happen, then it is worth consulting about this with the attending physician.

The main thing in this period is to wear comfortable underwear and, if necessary, use absorbent liners that will relieve the traces of colostrum on the bra.

Why does the left breast hurt when a woman has already given birth to a baby and feeds it with mother's milk?

Those women who are breast-feeding for the first time often have mastitis, an inflammation of the breast. The cause of mastitis is a bacterial infection, most often triggered by golden Staphylococcus aureus.

Pain in the inflamed mammary gland with mastitis is accompanied by redness of the breast, fever, poor health.

Mastitis can not be ignored in any case, because gangrene develops in advanced cases. It is also not recommended to treat this disease independently, because it is necessary to establish exactly the type of mastitis in order to avoid complications. Moreover, such a disease is dangerous not only for the mother, but also for the child.

Breastfeeding with mastitis is prohibited, and the mother herself must undergo antibiotic treatment. Milk from the inflamed breast is periodically expressed. If conservative treatment does not help, surgery is possible.

Is the left breast badly sore? If a woman is far beyond forty, this may well be a sign of impending menopause. In such cases, along with acute pain, heaviness in the thoracic region, swelling and even burning can be observed.

The cause of all these symptoms is a change in the hormonal background. Acute pain in the chest appears cyclically right during the hormonal drop.

To cope with this pain will help only a doctor, with whom a woman must develop a whole complex of means to combat menopause. However, testing the mammary glands for benign or malignant neoplasms is an obligatory procedure, especially after forty years.

If the examination showed that the woman's breasts are normal, then to reduce pain, you can use massage, as well as cold compresses. And yet, the main emphasis should be placed on regulating the hormonal background with the help of special preparations.

Myocardial infarction

If the left breast hurts, he gives it to the shoulder blade, to the arm, to the shoulder, and this pain does not stop either with anesthetics or nitroglycerin - you need to urgently go to a cardiologist or therapist.

The scourge of this time is myocardial infarction. And this disease of the heart "grows younger" and more often occurs in people aged from forty to fifty years. Pain with an infarction is practically not confused with any other: it is localized as if to the left, but extends to the entire breast, and manifests as a "tightening" or "tightening" in the chest.

In addition to giving pain to the left arm, sometimes there is a response in the jaw, in the back or abdomen. Wait at the same time that painful feelings will pass by themselves - a big mistake. Delay in such cases can cost a person's life.

Angina pectoris

The left breast hurts from above and at other diseases of heart - for example, a stenocardia. During angina pectoris, the heart lacks blood supply. Attacks increase with high physical or emotional stress.

Pain during angina pectoris is specific: it can occur suddenly and also disappear after a while; there is always a direct relationship between emotional and physical overload and the subsequent occurrence of an attack. Nitroglycerin can alleviate the painful sensations within a few minutes after it is taken "under the tongue."

Angina makes itself felt at any physical activity: lifting weights, walking on foot uphill, walking, weighed down burden. Angina is in need of medical supervision, so consulting with a doctor is a must for any patient.

Aortic aneurysm

If the woman is in order mammary glands, the pain in the left breast can be associated with various heart diseases.

A cardiac disorder, such as an aneurysm, is considered quite common. In the US, 24,000 out of a total number of dead people died from a cardiac aortic rupture each year. So, how to notice the symptoms of an aneurysm in time?

When the left breast is very sore, but impermanently, and attacks - this can be a sign of any violation of blood circulation in the heart, including the development of an aneurysm. In this case, the pain is felt not in the mammary gland, but as if behind the sternum. These attacks are accompanied by a general weakness and blanching of the skin.

A detailed examination with a cardiologist will help confirm or deny this diagnosis.

Often, women fear that chest pain can be a sign of cancer. However, if there are no seals in the mammary gland, and there are no secretions from the nipples, you should not worry about it: the fact is that the pain is characteristic for the last stages of tumor development, if there were no censures before, then there is no need to sound an alarm .

It is quite another matter if the left breast hurts when pressed, and with the fingers you can grope for seals in this area. An additional unfavorable symptom is an increase in the lymph nodes under the armpits and the release of fluid from the nipples when they are squeezed. In this case, there is no need to postpone the visit to the mammalogist, as it is well known that the cancer is successfully treated in the early stages.