Boxer Rocky Marciano is a truly unique fighter. This athlete managed to hold 49 fights in the ring without a single defeat. Having won the title, he carried out his successful defense six times before leaving the sport. What else is known boxer Marciano Rocky? A biography with a photo of this famous athlete will be discussed further.

Boxer Marciano Rocky: biography and photos

early years

Marciano Rokki was born on September 1, 1923 in Brockton, USA. His parents were Italian immigrants, who at one time immigrated to America.

At first, growing up Rocco was seriously interested in playing baseball. Coaches considered him an excellent, promising pitcher. However, after the injury Marciano had to tie his hands with a baseball.

Familiar Rocco noted that in childhood he was seriously ahead of his peers in physical development. Perhaps the reason lay in the fact that the future athlete had to take on the hardest work, because his family lived quite poorly. To save themselves and their relatives from the hands of life, young Marciano had to wash the dishes in the bars, clean the snow on the streets, lay gas pipes, earn money as a digger.

Military service

How did the boxer Rocky Marchiano start? Biography as an athlete starts from military service. In 1943, Rocky got into the fleet. Soon he was sent to serve in Britain.

Once Marciano went ashore and decided to go to local bars. In one of them, an unpleasant skirmish occurred, in which Rocco had a good deal of the local bully. Without hesitation, the owner of the place invited the guy to participate in the weekly fist fights that were held in the bar. In this unusual way, Marciano Rocco began to develop his abilities. It was during the underground fights that the young fighter learned his famous low stance, which was not used in boxing before him.

Boxer Rocky Marciano, whose photo can be seen in this article, was 180 cm tall and weighed 86 kg. Such an unusual body build allowed him to create problems for more tall fighters. During the fights, he tilted the body so low that the opponents simply could not get into it.

During his participation in underground battles, Marciano Rocky learned to turn his own shortcomings into strong qualities. The young boxer realized that in order to increase his chances of winning, he had better avoid strikes from long distances. Therefore, Rocco began to train short strokes. Over time, he so honed this element of technology that he became just murderous. In the ring, Marciano resembled an angry bulldog who circled around the enemy, caving in and causing crushing short butting from the bottom.

The first serious opponent for Marciano in the professional ring was Ronald Lastartz. The battle took place in 1950. According to the results of the match of 15 rounds, in which Lastarts was clearly dominant, the judges preferred Rocky by a split decision. In fact, the verdict looked pretty controversial. However, it was thanks to this occasion that Marciano subsequently managed to keep his “dry” track record.

In 1951, after a series of meetings with little-known boxers, Rocky’s sports agents managed to organize a meeting with the legendary Joe Louis, who at that time was no longer in top shape due to his venerable age. Young and energetic Marciano managed not only to win a fairly quick victory in 8 rounds, but also to knock out the former champion.

In 1952, Rocky held a fight against the current champion - heavyweight Joe Walcott. At this meeting, Marciano had the first time in a career in a professional ring to go in knockdown. However, the young boxer quickly regained consciousness and knocked out the champion in the 13th round. For the unprecedented passions and the inclination of the scales in different directions, the fight received the title of "fight of the year."

In 1955, a fight took place between two heavyweight champions, Marciano and Archie Moore. Rocky managed to win a difficult meeting, knocking out the opponent in the 9th round. As it turned out, this was the last fight Marciano. Due to the constant problems with his back, the boxer decided to temporarily tie up with fights, but he never returned to the ring.

Character and way of life

Contemporaries Marciano Rocchi note his some detachment from an active social life. The boxer stood out for his restraint. He led a half ascetic lifestyle. This repeatedly became the subject of stinging jokes on the part of coarse sparring partners and opponents.

From a young age Rocky was an ardent opponent of alcohol and tobacco. Friends repeatedly secretly poured into his glass of whiskey juice. However, the reaction to this has always been a grimace of disgust.

Throughout his professional career, Marciano’s thoughts were completely absorbed in sports. The boxer had a Spartan will, which was most pronounced during the fights. Eyewitnesses of the battles were convinced that for the sake of winning, Rocky was willing to sacrifice not only his own health, but also his life.

Despite the desperate behavior and anger in the ring, in his everyday life, Marciano was a responsive and sincere person. Specific examples show this. So, after the fight against Vingi Carmino, who Rocky won with the hardest knockout, the champion stayed in the hospital ward for two days with a defeated opponent who could not regain consciousness. Subsequently, Marciano decided to leave the entire fee, which he received for winning the fight, to the enemy.

Reasons for completing a career

According to one source of information, Marciano ended his professional career at the request of his relatives, in particular his wife and mother. His relatives did not want to look anymore at how Rocky suffered from severe beatings and regular injuries. According to other data, the champion stopped participating in the battles, receiving serious back injury. It is likely there were both reasons. In the end, Rocky Marciano officially announced the end of his professional career as a boxer in 1956, and remained undefeated.


After finally parting with great sports, Rocky Marsciano became a fairly successful businessman. But this is not surprising, since by that time his bank account contained about 4 million dollars earned by hard work in the ring. However, fate did not spare Rocky in a new life for him. In 1969, the personal plane of the athlete crashed near the small American town of Newton. It is noteworthy that the tragedy happened the day before the celebration of the 46th anniversary of the former champion.