The famous spoon Williams hails from Canada, it increases a consumer audience for many years. The Williams brothers came up with a beautiful assistant for fishermen, which has no analogues. Such a thing has a special efficiency, it is covered with natural gold and silver. Play quite similar trolling is simply impossible. Even inventive Asians are unable to solve the mystery of production and to replicate the model exactly.Blesna Williams for winter fishing: reviews of fishermen

History of production

Even in his youth, the creator brothers Williams were gold miners. In times of gold rush, they miraculously managed to put together a pretty good fortune, risking many. In 1897 they established a company for the production of various types of alloys, which were intended for dentistry.

Then they discovered a predilection for fishing and decided to devote themselves completely to it. They used all their knowledge and experience, and the brothers came up with the idea of ​​covering the spoon-bait with gold or silver. Thus, as early as 1916, unique varieties of spoon-baits with the most interesting feature were presented to the whole world - a wonderful coating that was an excellent bait for both buyers and fish.

Each experienced fisherman will have a story with interesting and curious details, in which the main character will be the lures "Williams". Winter fishing will never do without such a wonderful accessory. Many lovers cherished bait - the limit of dreams.

Manufacturing technology

First, note that the spinner “Williams” is created from high-quality brass. This alloy has many advantages: resists rust, makes a nice sound, has good strength and elasticity, perfectly amenable to coating other metals. Roll a sheet of brass is passed through a press with a certain matrix. Modern technical equipment allows you to create and process about 6,000 lures per hour.

The process of coating valuable metals is divided into as many as 24 stages. From the very beginning, the blanks are cleaned and disinfected, then a galvanizing process takes place, which takes a sufficient amount of time to obtain an ideal result.

For seducing toothy fish special efforts are not necessary, so spinners “Williams” for winter fishing is ideal for the job. Gold spinners for catching large amounts of fish of this type it is best to use in overgrown areas, where necessarily there is a narrow gap between the surface of the water and the tops of the plants. The perfect distance is 5 to 8 inches, so in this place you can get not only a great catch, but an unforgettable pleasure from the process, and the environment.

Spoon-bait on pike-perch

This kind of fish, like pike-perch, can be caught in two ways: to try to pick it up either from the very depth where it spends most of the time, or from shallow water, where it can be found only during feeding (this is a short time). In any of these variants, Williams products will perfectly help. Successful and more profitable fishing in this business will ensure a smooth and uniform rotation of the handle of the coil, which is now used extremely rarely. Too much depth will not be an obstacle in the presence of a coating that specifically reflects ultraviolet rays.

Striped perches are not given to everyone from the first time, but still the bait "Williams" will cope even with this task. Fluctuating baits are constantly attracting their attention, and this perch can not be missed. They do not just smoothly approach the spoon-bait, but throw at it at a speed, because the coating really does impress. Usually it is a fish weighing more than 300 grams. As you know, small perches are constantly attacking everything moving, and older ones resist long enough and choose more solid goals for themselves. Therefore, something between them will necessarily lead to such a bait and will not leave a fisherman without a good catch.

Baubles Williams trout is calculated specially, like fish known election to any spinning lures. Apply the bait correctly you need, and in addition, you need to find the perfect option that will attract trout. Since fish are sensitive to changes in water temperature, the approach requires special. It is important to calculate the correct depth, although for spoon lures is not difficult. Therefore, the products of this firm are ideal for this picky fish. The size of the bait it is best to take the minimum, because only these dimensions are receptive trout.

Testimonials of experienced fishermen

Many experienced anglers say that the bait "Williams" has such a property as an excellent light reflection. Thanks to this, for fish it will be clearly visible even at great depth. In addition, a wonderful coating does not give the spoon-bait tarnish and keeps its appearance always at an ideal level.

Every fan of fishing like manufacturing technology and use of high level equipment, which provide such high quality results. It is not surprising that the lure can be used not only for summer fishing and winter. Especially good blesna “Williams” trout in the winter. Then she out of the competition.

Oddly enough, negative reviews and opinions of experienced people this product does not have. The ratio of price and quality is quite acceptable for everyone, because currently it is difficult to find a truly stunning accessory of this type, which is produced by a particular technology and performing its function perfectly.

Many amateurs and professional anglers collect entire collections, consisting exclusively of the spoons of this manufacturer. Therefore, you can buy them safely, without worrying about the fact that the bait will fail. The price of one spoon-bait is about 400, the set-from 1500 to 1800 rubles. Blesna "Williams" will be a wonderful gift to the fisherman on February 23 or birthday.