Every fisherman has his own favorite bait, which always brings good luck to him, but, strangely enough, many people have such a lure "Castmaster", which is why it is often recommended to beginners. However, many do not know what are the advantages of this spinner and why it is so often used.

What is it?

Blesna Castlemaster

The "Castmaster" spoon is produced in five basic sizes with the appropriate weight (from 7 to 35 grams). The bait is completed with a standard tee and winding ring, while it should be noted that in certain cases, spoon-bait can be left painted or equipped with a reflective sticker. In the majority of cases, specialists using the Castmaster spinner are advised to remove this sticker immediately, because it can spoil the game, and the paint gradually flakes off after the first hours of fishing. The classic option is a silver colored product.

If you work for a result or even take part in any competitions, then in that case it is best for you to replace the standard tee, which is installed on this spinner, because the set contains stupid enough hooks that are extremely difficult to sharpen. Choose the size of the tee should be in accordance with the bait.

How to equip the fishing rod?

The "Castmaster" spoon can not be equipped with a carbine, swivel or winding ring for the reason that when using such accessories instead of playing, the bait starts to swim on one side, thus losing almost all its attractiveness for predatory fish. It is recommended to tie the bait to the main line in advance, and make it a protracted knot, but it should be noted that when using this method, there can be a problem of a strong grinding of the line on the knot, resulting in the inevitable loss of both fish and lure.

To avoid this, a bait for perch and other fish should be equipped with a standard tungsten lead, which is fastened close to the spoon by the technology of "loop in the loop." To the other end of the leash, the swivel should also be attached, while the length of the leash in this case should be approximately 20-30 cm to ensure a really reliable use of the rigging, as well as minimize losses for the game of spoon-bait.

If such a spinner is used per perch, you can use any spinning rods, the length of which is from 2 to 3.3 meters, and the upper test should be 40 or 35 grams. Do not forget that the power of the rod should depend directly on of the mass of the spoon you buy, and if the majority of fishermen use a spoon-bait to 21 g and they are suitable for this, then when buying "heavy" devices weighing more than 40 g, you can think about purchasing an even more powerful rod.

Coil and fishing line

Speaking of coils, it will be optimal to use the inertia-free version, since it provides the possibility of casting to the maximum possible range. When the length of the rod is about 2.7 m, it is worth using "two thousand", the spool capacity of which is 0.25 mm / 125 m, while using a longer rod will be more effective use of 3,000-square meters.

It is customary to supply the coils immediately with two spools, while one of them is fitted with a yellow fishing line, and the other with a black fishing line. Depending on how lighted the pond is, you need to replace the bobbin, because the fishing line should always be noticeable.

Choosing which line to use, in most cases, experts recommend installing a mono-wheel instead of a standard braid, if you are interested in "Castmaster" (baubles). The price of such products is slightly higher, and the line itself needs to be wound on a spool of more than 125 meters. Such a long line is used for the reason that this lure by experienced fishermen can easily be thrown more than 100 m. At the same time, the cost of the "Castmaster" itself ranges from 200 to 700 rubles.

The line you buy must have an extremely high degree of strength and softness. For example, some masters use a fishing line, the breaking load of which is about 6.7 kg, but in fact for a standard two thousandth it will be somewhat rude.

If you are fishing from your own boat, then in that case it is important to take a trailer with you.

Feature of the game

Many experts pay special attention to this feature of the lure. Fishermen that used the spinner "Kastmaster", reviews remain very positive. You can use it without any difficulty to catch a variety of predatory fish not only in freshwater but also in saltwater, such advantage of this product is due to the fact that the spinner is able to perfectly mimic bait, which is the main kind of food for almost every predator. Therefore, as the spinner for ASP "Kastmaster" is ideal, featuring a fairly large cast and at the same time, having a good imitation.

By itself, the bait is characterized by a fairly interesting and measured game of medium intensity. If you use a fast enough winding, it will quickly surface, despite the fact that in fact it is quite massive and loaded. Due to this, it is possible to engage in quite efficient wiring in the widest range of depths and speeds. In this case, if the parameters of the bait do not change, you can fish even at a depth of 10 meters near the surface, using only the most distant casts. This is important enough in the process of searching for fish. Regardless of how quickly you are wiring the Castmaster spoon, it will well attract predatory fish and provoke its attack.

How is the wiring done?

As mentioned above, these spoon-baiters differ in an extremely simple and easy throw. If you need ultra-long casts "Castmaster" -bable with your own hands can be thrown at a horizontal angle of about 25-40 degrees. If necessary, it will be possible to change the angle of the shot within this range, depending on how strong the wind is and in what direction it is directed. Similarly, the correction of the line selection is being carried out, that is, in strong winds it is best to use a braid about 0.15 mm thick, while in other situations it will be optimal to use standard equipment.

With the fall

Wiring "with a fall" - a fairly common option among many people who use "Castmaster" lures. How to choose in this case, spoon-bait, is not so important.

This technology is a similar option in comparison with jig baits, although there are some differences, as during the wiring with the fall of the bite, certain drops of the spinner can be observed at the moment of free fall. The pecking is determined in accordance with the change in the sagging of the line or in accordance with the tip of the rod, depending on the particular situation.

In most cases, the first phase of any wiring is just a free fall immediately after casting. Then, the line is being rewound at high speed in order to raise the abandoned spinner to the next starting level. Then the spinner again starts up in a controlled free fall and this cycle is repeated. It will be optimal to use such an option of wiring, when fishing is carried out at a depth of more than two meters.

Technology "lifting" is a similar option compared to the so-called American wiring. In this case, it is necessary to wait for the grasp of a predator, carrying out a controlled lifting of the spoon-bait from the water column. The bale can be determined by the degree of bending of the tip of the rod or the sensations of the hand in which this rod is held.

After the lure falls to the bottom or a certain depth horizon, you can choose the slack line. Then the tip of the top gently rises until it reaches about 40-50 degrees from the horizon, while it can be raised slowly or quickly depending on how deep the spoon was thrown, how strong the current is, and also on the activity of the bite . Only then is the sweeping carried out.

How is the sweep carried out?

Auto-cut must be carried out by moving average power from the final position of lifting upwards or slightly to the side. In the majority of cases, immediately after the lifting takes place, the cut is performed without interruption, after which the rod again returns to its standard position and the fisherman waits until the baubles descend to the bottom or a certain horizon. It should be noted that in the process of returning the rod when fishing from the bottom of the fishing line can be completely dropped from the spool, while when fishing at a certain depth horizon, it should be wound approximately one or two turns. Then all these actions are repeated.

It is worth noting the fact that if you are fishing for a certain depth of the horizon, after rewinding you will have to wait until the bait itself determines the slack.

How effective is it?

Many believe the use of such transactions is most effective for spinners of this type, as it can be used regardless of the conditions in that case, if the depth is less than one meter. Conduct uniform wiring in this case can also be carried out in almost any conditions, if the depth is not more than five meters.


Combined wiring involves the use of a variety of combinations and options with a fall, rise or even wiring, which in this case will be a single whole. Here the fisherman should understand that the effectiveness of the combination is directly dependent on the effectiveness of its components, and if the bite is carried out only in a certain phase, the rest is better simply to exclude.