Blessing young parents plays a very important role. Even in past centuries, children did not dare to disobey their parents, teachers and superiors. The parents blessed their children from the very morning until they went to bed. Even before the arrival of the Soviet government, almost all people lived with God, went to the temple. In church life, the tradition and the rule to take the blessing from the priest not only for the sacrament, but also for serious deeds, is still preserved. Probably due to the fact that in the modern Orthodox Church, Christians come to the priest for a blessing, such a tradition still lives among unchurched people.

What a blessing is

In the modern world, the relationship between children and parents, bosses and subordinates, is so simplified that everyone seems to be equal. Children do not obey their parents and consider themselves smarter, stronger, and after a time, when they break wood, they are not corrected. In past centuries, relationships between people, and even more so between parents and children, were very different. Our grandmothers and grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers were brought up in large families, where parents from birth taught the children to obedience and submission.

Blessing the young parents of the bride and groom

It is worth noting that the husband was the real head of the family, the mother taught the children to honor the father. Before the wedding of matured children, the young parents of the bride and groom were blessed before the wedding. In those days, the children did not even dare to run out of the house without the permission of their parents, they would surely approach the elders and asked to be released. It is this request that is the blessing. Only such a request also has a spiritual meaning. A parent who believes in God always prayed for the salvation of his children.

What role does blessing play in the life of a future family?

As mentioned earlier, blessing is permission with prayer to the Lord. Many people know that future family life must exist until the death of one of the spouses. For a family to be strong, full-fledged, the bride and groom must be similar in their social status, faith, and views on marriage. Parents of the bride and groom often know each other for a long time, communicate, in good relations between
by myself. The blessing of young parents for the next marriage is a very important event. Even the Church says that without the blessing of parents, marriage is not a real celebration of the birth of a new family. Only with the sincere permission of the parents, their wishes for a happy life together can marriage be considered blessed. Pious and Orthodox-educated parents want to see their children satisfied in life. After all, they themselves once married, they were also blessed. The closest people from the outside can always see better how the bride and groom relate to each other. Lovers can not understand whether true love, or so it seems. Often, the mother's heart and intuition suggest how to do the right thing.

What words do parents usually say when they bless?

When a young man and a girl declare that they want to get married, the blessing of young parents should be held. The words of the elders are special words, because they come from the heart, they can influence the further fate of the young family.  Speech may be different, but always with the wishes of love and loyalty. Often parents who have lived in matrimony most of their lives and won
all troubles, quarrels, offenses, advise their children to live in peace, peace. It is important for young people to listen to the advice not to enter into an argument with their beloved, not to be angry and not
get annoyed. It is very important for parents to remind that all offenses need to be able to forgive, love, even in a state of grief. Parents will definitely want them in their old age to be pleased by their grandchildren. In the 21st century, young people do not want to put up with shortcomings, forgive, give in. Selfishness takes its toll and wins. Therefore, such a flurry of divorces. Divorces often happen because children are not friends with their parents, parents of children do not appreciate or do it wrong. There is no question of any blessing. They do not know about this rite. The fact that there is a blessing of young parents, no one is aware, and often do not see the point.

How is the ceremony in the house of the bride

When the guy and the girl started talking seriously about the wedding and the wedding, it is timeget permission from parents, or rather, as they say, to ask for hands. The couple comes to the bride's house, informs her parents that they want to get married. Modern parents react differently to such a statement, they can be confused. It is advisable to treat this with understanding. The rite of blessing the young parents of the bride occurs in a narrow circle. As a rule, only four are present: the bridegroom, bride, mother and father of the bride. Parents should have an icon of the Mother of God, with which they will cross with the sign of the Cross, first the daughter, and then her groom. Who exactly will bless the icon and how to hold it does not matter strictly. The bride and groom preferably kneel in front of their parents. After saying the wishes, and if the parents are deeply religious, then the prayers, the parents baptize the daughter with an icon and give her a kiss, do the same with the groom. Perhaps after drawing a cross in the air, the parents will attach the icon to the temechku daughter and groom.

Blessing in the groom's house

Having received the blessing in the house of the bride, the young go home to the bridegroom.The young man says to his parents that he intends to marry his girlfriend and politely asks to bless. Young people again kneel before their parents. To receive the blessing of the young parents of the groom, you need to have an icon of Jesus Christ in the house. It is she who blesses the bridegroom first, and then the bride. Parents of the groom can also say words of farewell, pray mentally or aloud. After receiving the blessing, the bride and groom can apply with a clear conscience to the registry office. It is fair to say that Christians will be engaged in the rite of blessing, and this means, most likely, Orthodox families, and they know why they should get married. After filing an application to the registry office, you can decide when to hold a wedding.

What icons are needed for the rite of blessing

Often, young people and parents wonder what icon of the Mother of God is needed.cook for blessing. By tradition, they take the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God of any format. The icons in the house need to be consecrated in a church or monastery. In the absence of Kazan, you can take any. Mother of God is one, only icons are different.

Parents of the bride may have an inherited icon in the house. The blessing of young parents by the groom in the house is carried out with the help of the consecrated icon of the Savior. Why do this way? Why not bless the icon, for example, Saints Peter and Fevronia? The Lord himself commanded that the head of the family (husband, father) obey the Lord, and the Mother of God patronizes his wife, mother. The head of the family gives an answer before God, which means that the groom is blessed with the icon of the Lord.