In modern conditions associated with the introduction of new federal educational standards, educational institutions successfully carry out the pedagogical process in close connection with the family, actively attracting mothers and fathers to the life of a kindergarten or school. Parents today are not just consumers of educational services, but equivalent partners of the educational process. To encourage those who are actively interested in the life of a children's educational institution, the administration of kindergartens and schools uses such a form as a letter of thanks to parents.

It is compiled by his administration (director, deputy director), the class teacher or educator on behalf of an educational institution. The text contains an expression of gratitude to the parents for raising children or for the assistance provided to the school (kindergarten).Thank you letter to parents how to write?

For what reason is a thank-you letter to parents?

The educational institution independently decides when and at whose address to send this business document. Most often, a thank you letter is made in the following cases:

  • Firstly, it can be written on the initiative of the administration and can be the result of a favorable completion of a stage of cooperation. It is often practiced to deliver letters to parents of graduates of a school or kindergarten with the recognition of their educational achievements.
  • Secondly, the letter of thanks to parents for education is sent to those parents whose children achieve high results in the educational process, take an active part in the life of the educational institution, and are a model of exemplary behavior.
  • Third, it may contain a “thank you” for the specific assistance provided. For example, for participation in the clean-up cleanup near the educational institution.
  • Fourth, a thank-you letter to parents can be a response to a greeting or invitation received on the eve of special events. Such a letter can be sent not only to the parents, but also to some organizations, legal entities and individuals who have shown interest in the life of the institution.
  • Fifth, teachers or the administration, by their own decision, can encourage with such a letter any manifestation of child care by parents or others.

What is the purpose of the letter of thanks?

Being a tool of business etiquette, it is compiled with the purpose of expressing gratitude for the assistance rendered, the instructions or requests fulfilled, for successful cooperation or the achievement of goals. When the administration of an educational institution wishes to express its appreciation, a text of a thank-you letter to parents is drawn up.

Such a document has no legal force, despite its business purpose. It is known that not only educational institutions can make letters of thanks. Individual agencies or authorities use them as an element of the award system. In this case, they perform the role of an honorary diploma or diploma awarded for certain services.

Features of writing business letters

A letter of appreciation to parents is a type of business letter. It can be made in a free form, but must necessarily contain elements of a business style.

  • If there is a letterhead of the institution, the letter is drawn up on it.
  • At the beginning of the text a traditional cap is drawn up, where the addressee is placed, in whose address gratitude is sent, they can be a specific person, a group of people or an enterprise.
  • The text of the letter begins with a message that can be personalized, for example: “Dear Ivan Ivanovich!” Or standard, for example, “Dear customer!”
  • The text of the letter may contain standard formulations, for example, "We express sincere gratitude for ..." and "We hope for the continuation of successful cooperation and an increase in the achieved indicators."
  • Be sure to include information about the person expressing gratitude (last name, first name, patronymic and position), as well as his signature.

What to write in the letter of thanks?

If the goal of an educational institution is to express gratitude to parents for their upbringing, the wording of the letter may be a standard expression of gratitude for upbringing or may contain an expanded description of the results of family education. In the second case, all the successes, achievements, positive traits and any other merits of the child can be included in the text of the letter of thanks. Parents will be pleased to know that their child is a worthy member of society, and that their parental work is appreciated.

If the purpose of the letter is to express appreciation for any assistance specifically rendered to the educational institution, the reason must be indicated in the text. For example, “sincerely thank you for your help in carrying out the repair class”

How to encourage parents graduates?

In many kindergartens there is a tradition, following which, when children are released from kindergarten, a letter of thanks is given to parents. It can be compiled by teachers of the group, or the administration, the content may be approximately as follows:

Dear _____ and _____!

You have chosen our kindergarten as a platform for the development of your kids. We are glad that we were lucky to bring up such wonderful children! Our whole friendly team is grateful to you for the help that you have given us all this time: in replenishing the game zone and object-spatial developmental environment in the group, together we sought to ensure that our children are nice and comfortable in kindergarten. We sincerely thank you for your understanding. We are sure that you will always be wonderful parents for your children. And they will surely delight you with their successes and achievements! Thank you for being with us!

On behalf of the whole teaching staff of the school, we express our gratitude for the upbringing of your son (daughter). May the children continue to delight with their achievements, be worthy followers of your family traditions. We wish you family happiness, mutual understanding, patience and success in education!

Template or creativity?

Each kindergarten may have its own, corporate sample of a letter of thanks to parents. However, from any template sometimes you want to move. Sometimes teachers show creativity and invention, wanting to make a pleasant surprise: they come up with an unusual design, use non-standard materials and even make up a letter of thanks to parents in verse, because despite the business occasion, the content can be warm and moving.

Say "thanks" we want!

Thank you very much

For what in the lives of kids

It will become warmer and brighter.

We need your help so much

Like a ray of sunshine she

Let your path shine good,

And your deeds are holy.

Thank you many, many times

Parents from all of us:

From teachers and kids,

From all the girls and boys!

Oral letter of thanks to parents of kindergarten

Dear Mom, Dad,

We appeal to you,

You came to visit today

To our cute babies.

Where to find the words better

To "thank you" to tell you?

All the problems of our group

All the merits I am in conversation

I do not want to embellish

But any of our troubles

Next to you on the shoulder.

If the holiday - you will come

Share it with us.

What is broken - you will find

Time to fix it.

Here without you - well, nowhere!

To create comfort for the kids

You do not regret work.

If only the tutor

Children competition proposed

Our talented parent

Already done something.

Do not regret for kids

The kindness of their hearts

Golden Moms, Dads,

Everyone is just great!

Children grow up quickly,

but on the path of life

Im always with your support

It will be more joyful to grow.

Often we addressed you:

In the summer and in the middle of winter,

Knowing that anytime

we can rely.

I confess in this place

It is not easy to raise children.

But we are together

All managed to survive.

Let the sun shine,

let the sky turn blue.

Best moms, best dads

Poetic gratitude of the teacher to parents at the end of the school year

Flying school year

Let's summarize it

On the nose holidays.

We lived bright, not boring,

And tell this verse

It would be hard for children

Without their parents.

Performance - in order.

They know everything you ask.

No wonder they sat with the lessons

not sparing your strength.

Life is active - great

If a contest is held,

Smog parent each personally

All talents show.

Labor, of course, you will be rewarded

Every hour of the minutes.

In bringing up your contributions

Children grow up, understand.

Help your - school in joy,

Together we will transfer everything!

And accept in gratitude

our teacher's bow

From worries and from lessons,

You have a rest over the summer,

And thank you very much,

In September, we go again!