Many gardeners successfully use the insecticide “Biotlin” for pest control. The instructions for use describe the correct approach to the protection of flowering and fruit crops in open and protected soil. The tool refers to the 3rd level of toxicity and does not cause addiction in insects.

Hazard class and level of action

Effective toxic chemicals cause low toxicity in warm-blooded animals and people. Subject to the instructions and norms of consumption is not harmful to earthworms. The toxic chemical is not used near water bodies - it is toxic to fish. The neighborhood with open food, pets and aquariums is excluded.

If it is decided to use Biotlin quickly and easily, the instructions for use warn of the need for applying the solution before flowering and immediately after fertilization. Biotlin has a waiting time of 3 days. Caterpillars stop feeding after 5-7 hours, aphid - after 12. The presence of a large level of imidacloprid in the composition causes paralysis of the nervous system of insects. Chemical composition affects adults and larvae.

Drug use

If you need a quick and effective disposal of garden and greenhouse parasites, you can safely choose the “Biotlin” WRC. Instructions for use indicate the need to dilute one liter of water with a given amount of solution. After mixing, add the liquid to obtain the desired consistency.

Biotlin: instructions for use, feedback and recommendations of specialists

  • effective use involves the preparation of freshly prepared composition;
  • storage of the working solution is not allowed;
  • covering time 15-21 days;
  • berry crops (currants, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries) are processed before flowering and after harvesting;
  • in greenhouse conditions, one should carefully apply “Biotlin” (instructions for use exclude the possibility of applying the product on green crops such as dill, parsley, basil, lettuce, etc.).

The consumption rate of the drug

Consumption rate VRK

The cost of the solution relative to the treated area

Application during the growing season (protected ground)

How to deal with thrips?

Defeating this attack will also help the drug drug "Biotlin". Instructions for use, reviews and recommendations of leading experts indicate the effective destruction of thrips. The tool exterminates the larvae and adult insects. However, the combustion of eggs present in the tissue of cultures and pupae in the soil is comparable to the minimum level of action.

Insects do not die immediately. Thrips seek shelter with a high level of moisture and a reduced concentration of toxic chemicals. They can stay alive. This indicates the need for spraying pots and plants located near the plants.

So, is the treatment of flower cultures with a “Biotlin” solution? Instructions for use, reviews and numerous tests can seriously consider the need to destroy pupae in the soil thrips. The applied means burn the root system of plant elements in the passage of soil. Such treatment involves the selection of drugs VRK with the protection of the soil (water-soluble concentrate).

Aphid extermination

An important criterion during processing is the direct release of funds on the family of parasites. The occurrence of difficulties due to the possible twisting of the foliage when in contact with a strong concentrate. For convenience, you can use the generally accepted method of rinsing damaged shoots in the prepared solution.

If you need the highest quality application of the drug “Biotlin” VRK, the instructions for use indicate the need to use the solution in an amount of 50 small drops to an area of ​​1 cm2. Timely cleaning and excellent aerosol properties will ensure proper results.

Serving adult crops using a ladder. This will ensure a concise hit of the product on the treated surface, and not on the entire area. It is not recommended to apply the chemical in windy weather. Leading experts warn of an increase in the effectiveness of the insecticide in conditions of high temperature and a decrease in the level of action on cold days.

Work in heavily infected greenhouses implies the installation of crops over arcs with the placement of a film that excludes contact with vegetation. From the inside of the film is applied with an aerosol preparation. The edges are covered with earth.

Security measures

If the choice fell on the drug “Biotlin, VRK”, instructions for use, reviews and advice of technologists warn about the need before first application to try the tool on a single plant. If during the day the culture has not experienced changes, it is possible to carry out mass processing.

Before using it is important to read the instructions on the label. The application is carried out in compliance with all safety rules (you need to use a mask, respirator, gloves and workwear). Upon completion of work, thorough washing of hands with soap and water is carried out.