Skin care is one of the vital concerns of any self-respecting woman. After all, each of us seeks to look attractive and stay young for a long time. Therefore, without cosmetic drugs simply can not do. More and more representatives of the fair sex, the traditional means of our grandmothers combine with the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology, which develops by leaps and bounds, periodically delighting us with its unique novelties. In 2002, a shelf of skin care products arrived. There was a cosmetic oil Bio-Oil. Women around the world at first alerted, then became interested and eventually decided to try a new product on themselves. Not so long ago he came to Russia.Bio-Oil: reviews

A bit of history with geography

What kind of tool Bio-Oil, reviews about which you can meet in huge numbers?

The formulation of the miracle product was developed by specialists of the Swedish company Union Swiss, and it is produced in South Africa. However, not only at home estimated the magical properties of Bio-Oil. Reviews about it leave the inhabitants of Hong Kong and the Netherlands, Poland and America, South Korea and Australia. The whole world had time to get acquainted with the novelty.

Only in 2013, a useful tool won 81 awards, today their number has increased to 200. Bio-Oil has received a safety assessment. Recently, the glory of the product has reached Russia.

Let's talk about the components

What does Bio-Oil consist of? It contains 90% of natural ingredients. These include:

  • Lavender oil. It has antiseptic properties, restores skin structure, promotes healing of cracks.
  • Camomile and chamomile oils. They are famous for rejuvenating, anti-burn and wound healing effects.
  • Rosemary oil. Eliminates pigment spots and scars, stimulates blood circulation and smooths wrinkles and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E. Its effect on the skin is known to many. He helps her to recover, and also acts as an antioxidant.
  • Vitamin A. Retinol has long been used in cosmetology, because it promotes the production of elastin, collagen. That's why oil from stretch marks Bio-Oil can be used for prevention. Thanks to vitamin A, skin elasticity and tensile strength are improved.

What is bisbalol?

Do not worry about this component. It is 100% natural. It is an ingredient made from chamomile extract. Bisabol has many useful properties. For example, it has a soothing and antibacterial effect on the skin.

How will Purcellin Oil help us?

In addition, the oil also includes one more unique component. It is called Purcellin Oil. It is thanks to him that Bio-Oil does not leave a sticky and oily film on the skin. Purcellin Oil works on the formula of the drug and makes the consistency less dense, easy, allowing it to quickly absorb. In addition, it is able to enhance the impact of other elements.

Features of Paraffinum Liquidum

The natural composition of Bio-Oil is quite rich and diverse. The reviews of cosmeticians confirm this. However, they recommend paying attention to such a component as Paraffinum Liquidum. It is a mineral oil. It helps moisturize the skin, but does it on a superficial level. In the deep layers of the dermis Paraffinum Liquidum does not penetrate. In addition, it is produced from oil, and this product can not be called natural in any way.

That's why you should use Bio-Oil oil for your face with care.

Indications for use

Initially, the manufacturers positioned the cosmetic as an oil from stretch marks. However, over time, the scope of its application has significantly expanded. Today, more and more cosmetologists are talking about the universality of Bio-Oil.So, it can be used:

  • when stretching;
  • with cesarean section scars, appendicitis, burns;
  • with the remaining traces of chickenpox or insect bites;
  • with dehydrated, scaly skin;
  • with age spots;
  • with age-related skin changes and wrinkles.

As you can see, the range of application is quite large, which helps to use the oil in different cases. The manufacturer claims that the product is hypoallergenic. This allows him to apply even to those people who have sensitive skin.

Nuances of using Bio-Oil

It should be remembered that all natural oils can not give instant effect. This applies to Bio-Oil. The reviews state that the result can be noticed after 2-3 months of regular use. The benefits of oil are, but after a certain time of use.

How does Bio-Oil work? First of all, you should determine for what purpose you are going to use it.

  • With scars, it is recommended to rub it in circular motions. In no case should you use a cosmetic product until the wound has healed. Bio-Oil perfectly copes with fresh, superficial scars. The oil brightens the skin well, but laser resurfacing is more suitable for getting rid of old scars and scars.
  • When stretching, use the product for at least 3 months. Bio-Oil will not remove them until the end, but will make them less visible. Although cosmetologists say that it is better to use these tools to prevent stretch marks, but for their removal it is better to use other means. They are more effective.
  • With excessive dryness of the skin, Bio-Oil oil will definitely help. This is the feature of all natural oils. After all, the cause of dehydration lies in the thinning of the lipid layer that our skin is covered with, Bio-Oil is able to restore the fat barrier that prevents evaporation of moisture.
  • When wrinkles, this oil can become a wand-zashchalochko. Given that this is not synthetic, but almost natural, the results can be called tremendous. This is not surprising, because in Bio-Oil contains a huge amount of substances that contribute to the improvement of plasticity, softness, elasticity of the skin.
  • With pigmentation and post-acne wait for the result of the oil is quite possible, but we must immediately tune in for a long time. The color really aligns, the spots will become invisible, but it will take at least 5 months to apply the remedy. And only then you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thus, oil has different efficiencies in solving a particular problem. But the producers do not call it a panacea for all ills. They just offer an excellent product that can become a true helper for our skin.

Bio-Oil: instructions

All cosmetics are best used in accordance with the instructions. Then you can see their effectiveness. How to use Bio-Oil?

  • Use the drug should be 2 times a day.
  • It is recommended to apply on damp skin. For example, after a shower.
  • To start, you need to massage the problem area lightly.
  • Apply the product in a circular motion.
  • Allow to soak for 2-3 minutes and soak the remainder with a napkin.

Pregnant women can use oil, starting from the second trimester. However, we should not forget about retinol, which during this period can be dangerous. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor.

If you believe the reviews, the smell of Bio-Oil is a bit specific, slightly reminiscent of Vaseline. The bottle has a dispenser (though without a pump), so the expense of the product is economical. Its enough for a long time. But, as the manufacturer indicates, in the open form of Bio-Oil can be stored no more than 36 months.

Flour choice: to buy or not Bio-Oil?

The question of purchasing a product is a private matter for every woman. Some are distrustful of the increased advertising of the product. Someone is confused by the presence of mineral oil directly on the first position in its composition. However, for all the disadvantages are their pluses.

You can not discount the numerous awards and popularity of the funds in 20 countries.

In addition, Bio-Oil oil is sold in pharmacies. This fact alone speaks in his favor. He has an instruction that can be viewed there. In case of doubt, you can always contact the pharmacist and consult with him.

As for mineral oil, it usually does not harm the dry and normal skin. Here for oily Paraffinum Liquidum can be really dangerous. The film created by him on the surface of the skin can clog pores and cause the development of comedones.

Whatever the case, most women prefer to purchase and test Bio-Oil themselves. The price for it is not so high, although it can hardly be called low. The cost of the product varies from 420 to 450 rubles.