Many women after childbirth are asked questions: "How to avoid a new pregnancy? What methods of contraception are best for nursing mothers? "Answers to these questions should be sought in the office of a gynecologist. Often, experts suggest nursing mothers to use safe oral contraceptives, which effectively cope with their main task - they do not allow spermatozoa to enter the uterus. Among such drugs include pills "Laktionet", "Charozetta", "Microlut". Today we learn how to properly take these pills, what they have contraindications, and also find out how the women themselves respond to these drugs.

Description of the "Laktionet"

This medication is a contraceptive drug. The active component of the progestogen medication causes inhibition of ovulation. In addition, when taking these pills, the cervical mucus becomes more viscous, which means that the spermatozoa should work very hard to get into the uterine cavity.

Use this medicine for those women who for some reason can not take contraceptives containing estrogen. Among these women are women who feed the baby with their own milk. Contraceptive pills with breastfeeding "Laktionet" have an effective degree of protection comparable to contraceptive pills, in which several hormones are combined.

This remedy is produced in blisters, 28 dragees each.

How do I take Lactinete to my nursing mother?

These pills should be consumed every day at the same time. Important: the interval between taking the tablets should be a day. The first pill should be taken on the first day of menstruation. Then you need to continue taking 1 tablet a day, not paying attention to possible bleeding. A new blister should be used only after the pills from the previous package run out.

Since the sex life should be restored not earlier than 6 weeks after the birth, then use these pills should be exactly from this period.

Some women do not have menstruation during breastfeeding. However, this does not mean that the girl is not able to get pregnant again. In this case, too, it is necessary to take care of contraception. And contraceptive pills with breastfeeding "Laktionet" in this will help. If there are no menstruation, then you should start taking the pill after 6 weeks from the birth of the baby. However, before taking any medicine, including tablets "Laktionet", you should always consult a gynecologist. Although this remedy is safe for the baby and is effective for his mother, but still he, like any other medication, has his own contraindications.

Birth control pills after giving birth while breastfeeding "Laktionet" do not affect the taste of milk, as well as its quantity. It is a safe and effective remedy against unwanted pregnancy.

Reviews about the "Laktionet"

What contraceptive pills during breastfeeding can help mothers? This is already known to all tablets "Laktionet." This tool many women choose because it is convenient. In one blister there are 28 tablets, and not 21, as often happens in oral contraceptives. Therefore, do not do a 7-day break, after which very often women forget to start taking pills on time. And tablets "Лактинет" as though are made for mums which owing to the employment, care of the child can and do not recollect, when they should take dragees. And since there is no need to do any 7-day break, the task is also eased: you need to drink these pills every day, so as not to become pregnant.As for the safety of this contraceptive for the baby, absolutely all the reviews of lactating mothers are positive. Girls note that they do not have any negative effect on their crumbs.

The effectiveness of the drug "Laktionet" is also proven. No response from this agent was negative, that is, there was no pregnancy after the use of these pills. It turns out that the tablets "Laktionet" - really effective contraceptive.

These contraceptive pills during breastfeeding, the reviews we reviewed, receive mostly positive assessments. Women note such good moments of using pills:

  • Improved skin condition. It stops being dry.
  • The body weight does not change.
  • There are no excreta.
  • Excellent value for money and quality.

The drug "Charozetta" and its effect on the baby

This is another safe and effective contraceptive that can be used while breastfeeding. At the time of taking this medicine, the quality, quantity and composition of the mother's milk do not change. However, women should know that a small dose of the main component of the drug will enter the body of the child. But this value is so small that it does not represent any danger to the baby.

Composition, form of the preparation "Charozetta"

These tablets, which are coated with a special coating, contain the following components: basic substance - desogestrel, auxiliary elements - silicon anhydride colloid, lactose monohydrate, corn starch, stearic acid, povidone, talc, titanium dioxide.

Pills "Charozetta" in quantity of 28 pieces are packed in a blister. In one box there are 1 or 3 blisters.

The correct acceptance of the tablets "Charozetta"

These contraceptive pills should be consumed 1 pill each day for 28 days at the same time. Interrupt the reception of oral contraceptive can not. Tablets should be washed down with a glass of water.

If the break between the taking of pills was more than 36 hours, then women should know that in this case the action of the drug is significantly reduced. Then you should immediately take a pill that was missed, and then continue to do everything according to the instructions. Also during this period it is better to protect yourself and use other methods of contraception to exclude the possibility of becoming pregnant.

After birth, you need to start to take birth control pills when breastfeeding "Charozetta" on the 21st or 28th day after a natural birth or cesarean section.

Adverse Events

Tablets "Charosette" can cause such undesirable moments after their application:

  • headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, mood changes;
  • weight gain;
  • the sensitivity of the mammary glands, their swelling;
  • the occurrence of irregular bloody discharge;
  • the appearance of a rash on the body.

Contraindications to the use of drugs "Laktionet" and "Charosette" by nursing women

Let the above-mentioned birth control pills be safe and effective, but there are cases when these oral contraceptives can not be used. And this:

  1. Proven or presumptive pregnancy.
  2. Hormone-dependent tumors.
  3. Vaginal bleeding of unknown origin.
  4. Violations of the liver, as well as the presence of blood clots.
  5. Intolerance of a woman with lactose.
  6. Reaction to the components of the preparation.

Women's comments about Charozetta

Many people write about this contraceptive. Some women praise him in every possible way, while others criticize him. However, those who are unflattering about him, still do not deny the fact that the pills really are effective. And they do not affect babies in any way. But the fact that pills often cause side effects, a fact confirmed. Headaches, dizziness, changes in the menstrual cycle, pain during menstruation - all these symptoms in women were caused by birth control pills when breastfeeding "Charozetta." Also, many mothers do not like that these oral contraceptives are too expensive. After all, for 1 package of 28 pills, you need to give about 900 rubles.

But still negative feedback is less than positive. Excellent response to the tool "Charozetta" moms, who feed their babies breasts. They note that this is an excellent drug that does no harm to children. After all, the dose of the hormone in the medium is so small that it is completely safe for the crumbs. Women also note the convenience of using this contraceptive. The pack is comfortable, because the days of the week are written on it. Therefore, it is easier for a woman to use such pills, since a blister indicates when a young mother took a pill.

Description of the drug "Microlute"

This remedy, like the first two, is also an effective method against unwanted pregnancy. The form of release of the drug - birth control pills. With breastfeeding, these pills can be taken because they are safe and do not cause any harm to the baby.

Special instructions when taking the tablets "Microlut"

For women who are overweight, the contraceptive effect of this drug is less effective. If, when taking these pills in a nursing mother, the expected menstruation did not occur within six weeks from the beginning of the previous discharge, then you should purchase a test and exclude the presence of pregnancy.

How to take a mini-drunk "Microlux"?

If someone asks what contraceptive pills are possible with breastfeeding, then we can safely say that this is the Levonorgestrel remedy. Another name for the drug is "Microlut". Take these pills need to be taken orally for a long time, and every day, you can not interrupt the course. The first pill should be drunk on the first day of menstruation. The tablet is taken from the cell that corresponds to the current day of the week. The pill should be swallowed, not chewed and must be washed down with a glass of some liquid. The woman chooses the time of the first reception of the medicine on her own, however in the next days the tablets should be drunk at the same hour, since the necessary time between receptions should be at least 24 hours.

Form of release of oral contraceptive "Microlute"

These contraceptive pills during breastfeeding contain 0.03 mg of the active ingredient. Pills are sold in packages containing 35 pieces of pills. One blister is enough for 5 weeks of use.

Women's comments about the "Microlut"

When asked about which contraceptive pills are better for breastfeeding, many girls respond without hesitation that these are the "Microlut" pills. Those moms who took this hormonal contraceptive were pleased with his result. So, the tablets "Microlute" really cope with their main task - they do not pass spermatozoons inside the uterus, so pregnancy does not occur. Also mummies are not satisfied with the fact that these pills can be used even for nursing girls, because they do not do any harm to infants. In addition, women note that due to this drug they have improved their mood and no nervous stresses or failures were observed. And these mini-pills do not cause increased appetite, unlike some other oral contraceptives that have such an effect.

Also, many women who were afraid to take "Microlut" pills during breastfeeding because they were afraid to gain excess weight soon calmed down and noted the opposite effect: they dumped several kilograms.

However, young mothers who are breastfeeding their babies need to know that these pills are effective only until the baby is 1 year old. Then the effect of mini-saws will decrease, so after 12 months of life the baby should change this drug to a stronger one.

Now you know which contraceptive pills can be taken by mothers during breastfeeding: they are pills "Laktionet", "Charosette" and "Microlut". The above preparations are safe for the baby and effective for his mother, as they protect the woman from unwanted pregnancy.