Many women after childbirth ask questions: “How to avoid a new pregnancy? What methods of contraception are best for nursing mothers to choose? ”Answers to these questions should be found in the gynecologist's office. Often, experts offer breastfeeding mothers to use safe oral contraceptives, which effectively cope with their main task - they do not allow sperm to enter the uterus. These include the Lakinet, Charozetta, Mikrolut pills. Today we will learn how to take these pills correctly, what contraindications they have, and also find out how women themselves respond to these drugs.

Description of the "Laknet"

This medicine is a contraceptive drug. The active component of the tool progestogen causes inhibition of ovulation. In addition, when taking these pills cervical mucus becomes more viscous, which means that sperm should work very hard to get into the uterus.

This medicine can be used by women who for some reason cannot take contraceptives containing estrogen. Among such representatives of the weaker sex are those girls who feed the baby with their own milk. Birth control pills for breastfeeding "Laktnet" have an effective degree of protection comparable to contraceptive pills, in which several hormones are combined.

Available this tool in blisters, 28 pills each.

How to take dragee "Lactinet" nursing mom?

These pills should be consumed every day at the same time. Important: the interval between taking pills should be a day. The first pill should be swallowed on the first day of menstruation. Then you must continue to take 1 tablet per day, not paying attention to possible bleeding. New blister should be started to use only after the pills from the previous package run out.

Since sex life should not be restored until 6 weeks after delivery, it is necessary to use these pills starting from this period.

Some women have no menstruation while breastfeeding. However, this does not mean that the girl is not able to get pregnant again. In this case, it is also worth taking care of contraception. And birth control pills for breastfeeding "Laknet" will help with this. If there is no menstruation, then you should start taking pills after 6 weeks from the moment of birth of the crumbs. However, before you take any medication, including the Lakinet pills, you should always consult a gynecologist. Although this tool is safe for the baby and effective for his mother, but still he, like any other medicine, has its own contraindications.

Birth control pills after birth during breastfeeding "Laktinet" do not affect the taste of milk, as well as its quantity. It is a safe and effective remedy against unwanted pregnancy.

Reviews about the tool "Lakinet"

What birth control pills for breastfeeding can help moms? These are already well-known pills "Lactinet". This tool, many women choose because it is convenient. In one blister are 28 pills, not 21, as often happens in oral contraceptives. Therefore, you should not take a 7-day break, after which women often forget to start taking pills on time. And the pills "Lakinet" seem to be made for mothers, who, because of their employment, child care, may not remember when they should take pills. And since no 7-day break is needed, the task is made easier: you need to drink these pills daily so you do not get pregnant.About the safety of this contraceptive for the baby, absolutely all the reviews of nursing mothers are positive. The girls say that they do not have any negative effect on their crumbs of pills.

The effectiveness of the drug "Lactinet" also proved. No response about this remedy was negative, that is, pregnancy was not observed after consuming these pills. It turns out that the pill "Lakinet" - a really effective contraceptive.

These birth control pills for breastfeeding, reviews of which we have reviewed, receive mostly positive ratings. Women celebrate such good points in using pills:

  • Improving the condition of the skin of the face. It ceases to be dry.
  • Body weight does not change.
  • There is no discharge.
  • Excellent value for money and quality.

The drug "Charozetta" and its effect on the infant

This is another safe and effective contraceptive that can be used while breastfeeding. At the time of reception of this tool, the quality, quantity and composition of breast milk do not change. However, women should be aware that a small dose of the main component of the tool will enter the body of the child. But this value is so small that it does not pose any danger to the infant.

The composition, release form of the drug "Charozetta"

These tablets, which are coated with a special coating, contain the following components: the main substance is desogestrel, auxiliary elements — silicon colloidal anhydride, lactose monohydrate, corn starch, stearic acid, povidone, talc, titanium dioxide.

Pills "Charozetta" in an amount of 28 pieces are packaged in a blister. In one box there are 1 or 3 blisters.

Proper use of Charozetta tablets

These feeding contraceptives should be consumed in 1 pill every day for 28 days at the same time. To interrupt the intake of oral contraceptives can not. Tablets should be taken with a glass of water.

If the interval between taking the pills is more than 36 hours, then women should know that in this case the effect of the drug is significantly reduced. Then you should immediately take a pill that was missed, and then continue to do everything according to the instructions. Also during this period it is better to protect yourself and use other methods of contraception in order to exclude the possibility of getting pregnant.

After birth, you need to start taking birth control pills while breastfeeding Charozetta on the 21st or 28th day after a natural birth or cesarean section.

Side effects

Charozetta tablets can cause such undesirable moments after their use:

  • headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, mood swings;
  • weight gain;
  • sensitivity of the mammary glands, their swelling;
  • the occurrence of irregular bleeding;
  • appearance of a rash over the body.

Contraindications to the use of drugs "Lactinet" and "Charozetta" nursing women

Suppose that the above pills when feeding and are safe and effective, but there are cases when these oral contraceptives can not be used. And this:

  1. Confirmed or suspected pregnancy.
  2. Hormone-dependent tumors.
  3. Vaginal bleeding of unknown origin.
  4. Disorders of the liver, as well as the presence of blood clots in the blood.
  5. Intolerance to the woman lactose.
  6. The reaction to the components of the drug.

Reviews of women about the tool "Charozetta"

About this contraceptive write many. Some women praise him in every way, while others, on the contrary, criticize him. However, those who unflatteringly speak about him, yet do not deny the fact that the pills are really effective. Yes, and they do not affect the kids. But the fact that pills often cause side effects, a fact confirmed. Headaches, dizziness, change in the menstrual cycle, pain during menstruation - all these symptoms in women were caused by the contraceptive pills when breastfeeding Charozetta. Also, many moms do not like the fact that these oral contraceptives are too expensive. Indeed, for 1 pack of 28 pills, you need to give about 900 rubles.

But still negative feedback is less than positive. Excellent comment about the tool "Charozetta" moms who breastfeed their babies. They note that this is a great drug that does not cause any harm to children. After all, the dose of the hormone in the tool is so small that it is completely safe for the crumbs. Also, women note the ease of use of this contraceptive. The tutu is comfortable, because the days of the week are written on it. Therefore, it is easier for a woman to use such pills, since the blister indicates when a young mom took a pill.

Description of the drug "Microlut"

This remedy, like the first two, is also an effective method against unwanted pregnancy. The release form of the drug - birth control pills. When breastfeeding these pills can be taken because they are safe and do not bear any harm to the baby.

Special instructions when taking pills "Microlut"

For women who are overweight, the contraceptive effect of this drug is less effective. If, while taking these pills in a nursing mother, the expected menstruation did not occur within six weeks of the start of the previous discharge, you should purchase a test and exclude the presence of pregnancy.

How to take a mini-drink "Microlut"?

If someone asks what birth control pills are possible during breastfeeding, then we can safely answer that this is Levonorgestrel. Another name for the drug is “Microlut”. It is necessary to take these pills orally for a long time, and every day, the course cannot be interrupted. The first pill should be drunk on the first day of menstruation. The tablet is taken from the cell that corresponds to the current day of the week. The pill must be swallowed, not chewed and be sure to drink a glass of some liquid. The woman chooses the time of the first reception of the remedy independently, however in the following days the pills should be drunk at the same hour, since the required time between receptions should be at least 24 hours.

Form release oral contraceptive "Mikrolut"

These birth control pills for breastfeeding contain 0.03 mg of the active ingredient. Pills are sold in packs containing 35 pieces of dragees. One blister lasts for 5 weeks of use.

Reviews of women about the tool "Mikrolut"

When asked which birth control pills are best for breastfeeding, many girls answer without hesitation that these are Microlut pills. Those moms who took this hormonal contraceptive, were pleased with its result. So, the “Mikrolut” pills really cope with their main task - they do not let sperm inside the uterus, so pregnancy does not occur. Also moms do not like the fact that these pills can be used even for breastfeeding girls, because they do not harm babies. In addition, women note that thanks to this drug, their mood improved and no nervous stresses or breakdowns were observed. Moreover, these mini-pills do not cause increased appetite, unlike some other oral contraceptives that have this effect.

Also, many women who were afraid to take the “Mikrolut” pills while breastfeeding due to the fact that they were afraid to gain extra weight soon calmed down and noted the opposite effect: they dropped a few kilograms.

However, young mummies who breastfeed their children need to know that these pills are effective only until the baby is 1 year old. Then the effect of the mini-drank will decrease, so after 12 months of the baby’s life, this drug should be changed to a stronger one.

Now you know what birth control pills for breastfeeding can be taken by mothers: these are the “Lakinet”, “Charozetta” and “Microlut” pills. The above drugs are safe for the baby and effective for his mother, because they protect a woman from unwanted pregnancy.