Thanks to the connection of wireless headphones, you can turn on the TV at full volume without disturbing others. But for this you need to familiarize yourself with simple rules for their connection, so that everything works properly.

Wireless headphones for TV: how to connect?

Why do I need headphones for the TV?

Why do I need wireless headphones for a TV? Everyone may have different reasons. This may be due to hearing impairment when the device is loudly disturbing the family. They are connected by fans to get the desired volume level. Also, accessories will be indispensable for watching TV or playing at night.

But why not buy ordinary headphones, why choose wireless? Their advantage is versatility. By purchasing this accessory, it can be used with other devices. It is much more convenient than classic headphones. Moreover, the range of Bluetooth is quite rich, so be sure to find accessories that are suitable in all respects.

What is necessary?

You can often find a TV with wireless headphones, but if they are not there, then you need to pick them up separately. It is necessary to understand what channels of sound input have a technology If the device is used without acoustics, then it is necessary to inspect the ports. This must be done in the case of connecting the TV to the speaker system.

There is a standard set of audio outputs:

  • composite: two L / R connectors;
  • 3.5 mm jack or Audio;
  • optical optical input.

Many widescreen devices have an optical port. Composite output and jack is also often found in the technique. In the absence of an analog output, you will need to purchase a digital-to-analog converter, which is mounted to the optical output.

Choosing a Bluetooth Transmitter

To connect wireless headphones for your TV, you must purchase a Bluetooth transmitter. Its important characteristic is the number of headphones to be installed. In some, you can connect only one, and in others two or more.

If you want to connect one headset, you can purchase Mpow Streambot. The device has high sound quality, it has a built-in battery, as well as the presence of both transmission and reception of the signal. That is why you can customize reception from other devices.

When you need to connect multiple headphones, the choice here is not so big, and the cost is higher. Such devices as Avantree Priva and Miccus Mini Jack TX4 perfectly will approach. And in the installation of the devices have no differences.

Headphone Selection

Wireless headphones for the TV are different. You can buy a cheap option or expensive. The main thing is that the device includes the necessary functions.

A good option is the Beyution Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones are very light and reliable. They have a long time holding battery charging. To view your favorite shows, such a device would fit perfectly.

Correct setting

How to connect wireless headphones to the TV? This job is simple. A Bluetooth transmitter is connected to the required output. If there is an optical port, then you need to use a digital-to-analog converter: it is attached to the TV and the transmitter is attached to it.

Then you need to connect the headphones to the transmitter. Within a few seconds, the devices are connected, and you can watch your favorite shows. In some cases, wireless headphones for the TV are connected directly.

When there is no sound, you first need to check the connection with the Bluetooth-transmitter. It is necessary to disable the input of the transmitter, and then give it the sound from a foreign device, for example, from a laptop. If the sound comes from them, but the TV does not, then you need to adjust the HDTV or audio system. It is important to find items that are connected to headphones or external speakers. On some TVs, there will be no sound until the desired function is installed. It turns out that buying headphones, they can be used for other devices. Music and the transfer of the desired volume will always be available.

Headphone Benefits

The advantages of headphones are the ability to easily move around the room. This is a very convenient solution, since they can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop. It is advisable to choose a device with a sensitivity of 100 dB. And check this will help listening to music before you buy. Be sure to check the signal and noise, because it affects the sound quality.

Many devices in the kit are instructions showing the correct connection. Wireless headphones will be an excellent acquisition for a comfortable pastime, because there will not interfere with many wires.

Sennheiser RS ​​120 II

These wireless headphones are suitable for Samsung TV and many other models. They have the function of an audio signal over a radio channel with frequency modulation. The system includes an FM transmitter and receiver. Connection is via analog inputs.

Headphones are popular due to the optimal ratio of price and quality. Because of the use of FM coverage is 100 meters, so the signal passes even through the walls. Volume can be adjusted on the side walls of the devices. There is also a wall mount.

The device works on the basis of Bluetooth. These are wireless headphones for Samsung, but they are also suitable for other devices. If this convenient technology was not found, then an adapter is used.

Bose has excellent sound quality, which distinguishes it from many other similar devices. The advantage includes pairing with 2 devices, and therefore you can stop the movie to make a phone call. It is also possible to switch from watching a program to listening to music on a smartphone.

Sennheiser RS ​​170

Such wireless headphones for LG TV are suitable for many other models of technology. They feature Kleer technology, which increases clarity and reduces interference from other devices. The transmitter works instead of a stand for charging the headphones. It is used for several headphones.

The device operates with a range of 80 meters. It has excellent sound insulation properties, so extraneous sounds will not be heard. Due to the presence of several modes, you can set them for their intended purpose, for example, for music, movies.

Sennheiser RS ​​180

The device works on the basis of Kleer technology. Noise insulation is not as high-quality as the previous one, but the sound picture is much wider.

Headphones are suitable for watching movies at home. They are easily connected to other equipment. There will be no inconvenience for people around them.

Sennheiser SET 840 TV

Devices will be an excellent replacement for full-size wireless headphones. The design is presented in the form of "stethoscope". The accessory does not press on the head, so this is an indispensable option for people wearing glasses.

Stereo headphones have a volume control as well as a balance control. There is a function that improves speech intelligibility. The connection is made through a 3.5 mm jack. All specifications can be found in the instructions.

Wireless headphones are a convenient way to watch TV. They are perfect for those people who live in large families, because they will not interfere with strangers. It is enough to learn how to connect them correctly, and then various TV programs are available at any time.