Bernie Ecclestone is a famous British businessman, president of Formula One. In fact, he is the sole leader of the competition under the auspices of the "Formula-1" in general. What was the beginning of the career of this outstanding businessman in the world of motorsport? How did his private life develop? This and much more will be considered later in the material.

early years

Bernie Ecclestone: activities, family

Bernie Ecclestone, whose photo is presented in the article, was born on October 28, 1930 in the British town of Bangey, located in Suffolk. A few years later, the family moved to permanent residence in the suburbs of London - the city of Bexleyhit. Here at the age of 16, Bernie Ecclestone graduated from high school. The future entrepreneur completed his studies at such an early age to have more time to pursue his favorite business, which at that time was for him the design and assembly of motorcycles.

Soon Ecclestone entered the engineering school. In addition to studying, he was actively involved in motor racing, despite the prohibitions of his father. The conflict led to the fact that Bernie completely broke ties with his own family. According to some sources, in the future he did not even appear at the funeral of his parents.

After the Second World War, Bernie was involved in the distribution of auto parts. Later, in cooperation with a friend, he organized a motorcycle sales company called Compton and Ecclestone.

Career racing driver

Bernie Ecclestone first sat behind the wheel of a racing car in 1949. Very soon the young pilot began to participate in the series of races of the championship "Formula-3".

In 1951, at his own expense acquired the newest at that time racing car Cooper Mk V. Despite the fact that Bernie Ecclestone took part in a few races, in the championship he managed to take first place, according to the number of points scored in the standings.

Once during the next round of the circuit Ecclestone ran into the car of the opponent Bill Whitehouse. The accident led to the fact that Berni several times turned over and flew out of the road. The loss of a valuable car, insufficient financial well-being and major risks forced the promising athlete to say goodbye to the career of a professional rider for good.

Team Owner

After the accident, which Ecclestone got during the competition, the former car pilot decided to temporarily switch to investing in the organization of automobile auctions. To the race, he returned after several years, buying out assets of the team Connaught, which was renamed BC Ecclestone in 1958.

Soon, Bernie decided to restore the career of the rider. However, at the Monaco Grand Prix in the same 1958 he failed to demonstrate significant results even in qualifying races, not to mention the main part of the competition. At the next stage, Ecclestone was replaced by another rider BC Ecclestone - Jack Feyrmenom.

After an unsuccessful return, Bernie decided to devote all his spare time managing the team and working as a manager for a successful rider Stuart Lewis-Evans. During the Grand Prix of Morocco, which took place in late 1958, on the car of his ward there was an engine explosion. Lewis-Evans received severe burns, and a few days later died in the hospital. Bernie was shocked by the tragic accident and again for some time left the motorsport.

In 1971, Ecclestone became the owner of the racing team Brabham, which he bought for 100 thousand pounds from his former colleague Ron Tauranaka. The team was sold in 1987 for $ 5 million. Such a decision was made, since at that time Bernie's top priority was gaining control over all spheres of activity of the Formula-1.

Founding of the company Formula One

After a fairly profitable sale of the Brabham team, Bernie Ecclestone decided to spend the accumulated funds for the organization of the company Formula One, which was supposed to be engaged in promotion and administration of the competition. Later the organization began to allocate prizes to the pilots of the cars, to give out incentives to the winning teams. Proper management by the founder ultimately allowed to achieve unprecedented popularity of competitions under the auspices of the "Formula-1".

Personal life

The life of a well-known businessman takes not only the "Formula-1". Bernie Ecclestone was three times married. With his first wife Ivy Bamford, he broke up in the 50's.

In 1984, the owner of the "Formula 1" met with the Croatian photo model Slavica Radic, who was younger than him for as long as 28 years. The new wife of Bernie Ecclestone, whose photo can be seen above, grew up in a poor family. However, it did not matter, because her beauty just struck the businessman. It is noteworthy that the growth of Slavikov is 30 centimeters more than the growth of Bernie.

In 2009, the couple broke up. The disposal of the wife of Ecclestone passed a significant part of the assets of the automobile corporation. As reported in the press, the initiator of the divorce was Ecclestone himself.

Later, Bernie Ecclestone's ex-wife Slavik Radic entered the list of the wealthiest citizens of Great Britain. Her bank accounts numbered 734 million pounds sterling. In addition to shares of Formula One, the couple had to divide the real estate in England and Switzerland, several private planes, yachts, as well as the right to own an airfield in Kent and a race track located in the south of France.

In 2012, 82-year-old Bernie Ecclestone married a Brazilian Fabiano Flosi, who at that time was 35 years old. The spouse of a well-known businessman before that was the vice-president of the marketing department of Formula 1. The romantic relationship between the pair arose in the course of cooperation at the Grand Prix of Brazil in 2009. Fabiana and Bernie are married to this day.

Daughters of Bernie Ecclestone

Ecclestone has three daughters. Deborah was born in 1955 from a marriage with Ivy Bamford. Another two children - Petra and Tamara - are the daughters of Bernie and Slavikov Radic.

It is worth noting that Deborah Ecclestone leads a rather modest life and refuses to appear in public. At the same time, the other two daughters - Tamara and Petra - regularly get on the list of the most spoiled children of Britain, which are compiled by the English press.

It is worth noting that the children of Ecclestone got their own inheritance, the size of which is estimated at about 4.8 billion dollars. According to Bernie himself, his younger daughters spend a huge fortune quite recklessly. As one of numerous examples of confirmation of this can lead to the purchase of Petra Ecclestone chic estates in Los Angeles, the cost of which amounted to 85 million dollars.


Bernie Ecclestone is one of the most successful and wealthy British businessmen. The state of the head of the "Formula-1" is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Today, Ecclestone lives in London with his family and continues to manage the company's affairs in organizing the world's fastest auto racing.