In everyday life, an invaluable help will be provided by a good and reliable saw, cutting tool. Chainsaw "Husqvarna-137" is just such an aggregate that allows without any special difficulties to put in order the garden, the surrounding territory or to firewood.



The tool of this manufacturer from Sweden is of high quality, constantly improved. Technological nuances and innovative solutions gradually migrate from professional models to an amateur instrument. The advantages of the Husqvarna-137 unit include the following:

  • Power plant X-Torq, which makes it possible to reduce emissions to the atmosphere of harmful gases with increased speed and fuel economy.
  • The mode of automatic adjustment of the carburetor with the help of the system "Auto Tun".
  • Additional cleaning of the air at the inlet, which allows to extend the life of the filter.
  • Special design "Low Vib", which dampens vibration on the handle.
  • System "easy start".
  • Lateral placement of the chain tensioner.
  • The use of a universal key for frequent manipulation.

In addition, the driven star is equipped, besides automatic lubrication, with an additional intake port.

Device and preparation for work

The modification of "Husqvarna-137" was published in 2005. This is an ordinary household chainsaw. It is equipped with a powerful engine of 2.2 horsepower, a gasoline tank with 0.4 liters. The tool has an improved start-up system. The manufacturer recommends using the original H30 tire (length varies from 34 to 38 cm). For the correct and safe operation of the unit, it is necessary to adhere to the relevant operating rules:

  1. To begin with, adjust the working (saw) block.
  2. Lubricate the chain at idling speed.
  3. Pour the appropriate fuel mixture.
  4. Use the starter to start the tool.

Running the saw should be at least 10 hours. During this period, it is necessary to load the mechanism to a minimum, so that all the parts work together. The start system is equipped with a special spring, cranking the crankshaft during the start, which greatly facilitates the starting process.

Technical specifications

The Huskvarna-137 saw, whose characteristics are significantly improved in comparison with previous amateur versions, has the following main parameters:

  • The capacity of fuel in the tank is 410 grams.
  • The weight of the saw without filling is 4.6 kg.
  • The maximum length of the tire is 38 centimeters.
  • The vibration index on the handle (front / rear) is 4.9 / 7.7 m / sq. from.
  • The power of the engine is 2.2 horsepower.
  • The volume of the power unit is 36.3 cubic meters. cm.

Also "Husqvarna-137" is equipped with the air injection system "Air Inkshshin" and has an improved ignition unit.

Instructions for Use

Each kit contains a passport and a user manual. Following these recommendations, you will significantly extend the life of the tool and save on the repair and purchase of spare parts. The Huskvarna-137 saw, the instruction for which contains a number of standard requirements, is no exception. Manufacturers have introduced the following guidelines into the manual:

  1. Instructions for safe operation, including the preparation of the workplace, the device itself and the employee.
  2. In all the details with graphical images, the sequence of assembling, filling, preparing and disassembling the chainsaw is presented.
  3. Detailed descriptions of adjustment of individual parts of the device are given.
  4. The recommended terms for preventive and technical maintenance are indicated.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that "Husqvarna-137", spare parts for which you can buy in the corresponding store, should be used with the chain recommended by the manufacturer.

Security measures

The considered chainsaw, as well as other modifications of this brand, are equipped with an inertial automatic chain brake. Another distinguishing feature of the tool is a working chain with a large profile. Since "Husqvarna-137" belongs to the category of cutting high-speed units, it is necessary to observe safety rules. Some of them are presented below:

  • During transportation it is necessary to deactivate the candle wire in order to avoid accidental contact and switching on the device.
  • Working with the tool, you should always wear work clothes and protective equipment.
  • There should not be other people in the work area.
  • The covers of the oil and fuel tanks must be tightly closed.
  • Before refueling, it is necessary to allow the saw to freeze.
  • You can not smoke near it, build a fire.
  • Do not cut the edge of the tool.

In addition, when choosing a saw "Huskvarna-137", spare parts in its subsequent operation should be used only from the manufacturer.

Adjusting the carburetor

This node is adjusted initially by the manufacturer. However, after repair or in the event of improper operation, its settings may be lost, which leads to interruptions in operation. The instruction describes such an operation as adjusting the carburetor. "Husqvarna-137" - a chainsaw, in which for this it is required to go through several stages:

  1. Preparation. At this stage, it is necessary to warm up the engine and turn off the machine for 10-15 minutes. Then check and rinse the filter element. The control screws of high and low speed are converted to maximum resistance, turning clockwise. After the stop, the screws rotate in the reverse direction for one and a half turns.
  2. At the main stage, the motor turns on at medium revs and warms up for 7-10 minutes. The idling screw turns clockwise. It should be released when the engine starts to function stably. The chain must remain stationary at this moment. Then it is necessary to check the saw at the maximum speed. If, when activating the accelerator, the tool weakens its revolutions, adjust the screw L by turning it counter-clockwise.
  3. The final stage of such an operation, as carburetor adjustment: "Husqvarna-137" is checked at idle.

User Reviews

The considered unit is in great demand due to the improved design, high productivity and ease of maintenance. The amateur chain saw "Huskvarna-137" has an ergonomic design, the most practical and safe functional, a wide-profile chain that is able to easily cut hardwoods and dirty wood.

Manufacturers took care not only of the practical part of the device, but also paid much attention to security issues. With proper care and observance of the recommendations specified in the instruction manual, this tool will serve for many years.