In everyday life the invaluable help will have a good and reliable saw, cutting tool. Chainsaw "Husqvarna-137" is just such a unit, which allows without difficulty to tidy up the garden, the surrounding area or to saw wood.



The tool of this manufacturer from Sweden is of high quality, constantly usovershenstvuetsya. The technical details and innovative solutions gradually move from professional models in an Amateur tool. The advantages of the unit "Husqvarna-137" include the following points:

  • Powerplant X-Torq ® engine, giving the opportunity to reduce emissions in atmosphere of harmful gases for increased speed and fuel economy.
  • Automatic setting of the carburetor by means of a system of "Auto tune".
  • Additional cleaning of the air inlet, which allows to extend the resource filter.
  • Special design "Low Vib", which dampens the vibration on the handle.
  • System "easy start".
  • The lateral placement of the tensioning device of the chain.
  • The use of a universal key for frequent manipulations.

In addition, the led star equipped, in addition to the automatic lubrication, a receiver hole.

Device and preparation for work

Modification of the "Husqvarna-137" was released in 2005. This is a common household chainsaw. It is equipped with a powerful motor, 2.2 horsepower, a tank 0.4 liter. The tool has an improved trigger system. The manufacturer recommends to use the original bus Н30 (length ranges from 34 to 38 cm). For correct and safe operation of the unit must adhere to the relevant rules of operation:

  1. To start to adjust the working (cutting) unit.
  2. Make the chain lubrication when idle.
  3. Pour the appropriate fuel mixture.
  4. By using the starter to run the tool.

Running saws should be no less than 10 hours. During this period it is necessary to load the mechanism at a minimum to all the details parabotanist between them. Starting system equipped with a special spring, cranking the crankshaft during the launch, which greatly facilitates the starting process.

Technical parameters

Saw "Husqvarna-137", the characteristics of which are significantly improved compared to previous versions of the Amateur, has the following main parameters:

  • The capacity of the fuel tank – 410 grams.
  • The weight of the saw without refueling – 4.6 kg.
  • Maximum bar length – 38 inches.
  • The vibration index on the handle (front / rear) is 4.9 / 7.7 m / sq. with.
  • Motor power of 2.2 horsepower.
  • The volume of the power unit - 36.3 cu. cm.

Also "Husqvarna-137" equipped with a system of air injection "air Injectin" and has an improved ignition unit.

Guide to using

Each set contains a passport and instruction manual. Adhering to these recommendations, you greatly extend tool life and save on repairs and buying spare parts. Saw "Husqvarna-137", the statement which contains a number of standard requirements is no exception. Manufacturers introduced in the management of the following provisions:

  1. Guidance on safe operation, including the preparation of the workplace, the device itself and the employee.
  2. All the details with graphic images of the sequence Assembly, refueling, preparation and disassembly of the chainsaw.
  3. Provides detailed descriptions of the alignment of the individual parts of the fixture.
  4. The recommended dates for preventive and maintenance.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that "Husqvarna-137" parts, which you can buy in the appropriate store must be operated with the circuit recommended by the manufacturer.

Security measures

The chainsaw, as other modifications of this brand, equipped with inertia brake automatic chain. Another distinctive feature of the tool is the circuit working with a large profile. Since the "Husqvarna-137" refers to a category of high-speed cutting units, it is necessary to observe safety rules. Some of them are presented below:

  • During transportation it is necessary to deactivate the plug wire to avoid accidental contact and activate the device.
  • Working with the tool, be sure to wear clothing and protective equipment.
  • There should be no other people in the work area.
  • Covers for oil and fuel containers must be tightly closed.
  • Before refuelling it is necessary to let the saw cool down.
  • You can not smoke near it, make a fire.
  • It is not allowed to cut with a small tool.

In addition, choosing the saw "Huskvarna-137", spare parts in its subsequent operation should be used only from the manufacturer.

Carburetor setting

The node is adjusted initially by the manufacturer. However, after repair or improper use of its settings can be disturbed, leading to disruptions. The manuals described such an operation as adjusting the carb. "Husqvarna-137" chainsaw, in which it will require to go through several stages:

  1. Training. At this stage it is necessary to warm up engine and unplug the unit for 10-15 minutes. Then check and rinse the filter element. Control screws high and low speed are transferred to maximum resistance by turning clockwise. After the stop screws are scrolled in the opposite direction a half turn.
  2. On the main stage, the motor starts at medium speed and heated for 7-10 minutes. The idle screw is rotated in a clockwise direction. Release it when the engine starts to operate steadily. Chain at this point must remain fixed. Then you need to check the saw at maximum speed. If activation accelerator tool is gaining slightly revving, you should adjust the L screw by turning it counterclockwise.
  3. The final stage of such an operation as carburetor adjustment: “Huskvarna-137” is checked at idle.

User reviews

Considering the unit is in high demand thanks to enhanced design, high performance and easy maintenance. Amateur chainsaw "Husqvarna-137" has an ergonomic design, the most practical and safe features, a versatile chain that can easily cut hard wood and dirty wood.

The producers have taken care not only about the practical part of the device but pay more attention to security issues. With proper care and following the recommendations specified in the instruction manual, this tool will serve you faithfully for many years.