Manicure is an important addition to the female image. To create professionals use a variety of ideas. However, never go out of fashion, a white jacket with a pattern. This design can be used for daily decoration of nails or for a special occasion. Often a white jacket with a pattern on the ring finger can be seen at brides. This manicure decorates the woman, adds her pens neat appearance and is quite practical. This article will tell you about the gradual coating.

A white jacket with a pattern: gradual creation

Where to begin design white French manicure with a pattern?

Before you begin applying the palette on the nails, they need a good handle. French manicure, like any other coating, involves the removal of rough skin and cuticles. You also need to make all the nails the same shape and length. This can be done using nail file or scissors.

Be sure to Polish the surface. In this case, a white jacket with a pattern will fall on the plate smoothly. To create the manicure you need to prepare the strips for application of smiles, a few thin brushes, nail Polish of the right color and fixing materials.

Draw a smooth smile

Manicure “white tunic pattern” involves the application of nail Polish on the tip of the nail plate. This can be done in two ways. If you're good at drawing, you can use the brush to bring a smile to cover her inner cavity. However, many girls opt for the easier way. For this, you will need special stencils that are glued to the lower part of the nail plate.

Place the stencil on the finger and press firmly over it. Then cover with white lacquer separated part and allow the surface to dry well. Then peel off the stencil and check, whether all fingers rim is smooth. If necessary, correct the shortcomings.

Application of decoration

A white jacket with a pattern involves the creation of a pattern. Often select one or two fingers. Prefer the nameless and little finger or index and middle coat. If desired, the right and left hand can be handled by different fingers.

Figure in classical form, applied with white color and stands out in black ornament. However, you can use other shades. You can draw whatever you. It can be a flower, leaves, snowflakes, abstraction, and more.

An alternative to drawing: elements of decor

If you want to make a white jacket with pattern, but do not have artistic skills, you can use regular stickers. Now almost every store that specializes in selling cosmetics, you can buy such decorative elements.

The sticker can be water, or regular bills. Select the type of picture that is more like you. Remember that these decorative elements should always cover the final layer of varnish or special solution.

The final stage of applying white French manicure

When a white jacket with a pattern is created, it is necessary to apply a fixing agent. This coating will help the design to stay on your handles longer. It is worth noting that the French manicure is a very practical coating. Even when the nail will grow back, it will not be much visible.

Apply on every finger a fixing composition, use the supplied brush. You can also use gel. Under this cover design will stay about one month. However, to run it you will need a UV lamp and basic compounds. After application and drying, the fixing of the coating process the cuticle. Apply around the nail to cushion the oil solution, and gently RUB it into the fabric and plate.

Conclusion or a short conclusion

Now you know how to create a white jacket with a pattern on one or more fingers. Try to make such a manicure yourself. If you do not succeed the first time, do not worry. Contact the experts at the salon. There wizard quickly and accurately will create for you the desired coverage. Follow the condition of their nails and fingers, take care of them. Be always beautiful!