What subject of women's wardrobe, being its integral part, can make from any girl a reverent and tender creation? Of course, this is a beautiful and elegant dress. Indeed, in such a dress every girl becomes a lady. Especially if it is a white long dress to the floor. In order for this attribute of the wardrobe to look decent, you need to correctly choose shoes and accessories. After all, like any other clothes, white dresses to the floor will not be interesting to look if they are wrong to submit.

Belt to the dress to the floor

On a light background, any accessories will look just great. If the dress is fitted, then a bright belt will accentuate the waist quite well. Low-key accessories will get a peculiar interest and individuality. That is, bright ones will look even brighter and dark ones darker.

White Dress Jewelery

A wonderful ensemble can be achieved if you add “apple” or bright pink sandals on a flat sole or on the heel, earrings, wide colorful bracelets (you can replace with many thin ones) and other plastic accessories.

Long colored beads or a necklace will also look good. The most important thing is not to overdo it with color variety. All accessories must be selected in one color.

Cotton dresses - stylish and comfortable

Properly chosen linen or cotton white dresses to the floor will help those who want to create a folklore image. Here it would be appropriate to look a large bag of straw or fabric. To such a dress you need to pick up accessories made from natural materials. For example, from wood or leather. Shoes should also be made of natural fabric. Ballet flats, sandals, “gladiators” made of beige or suede leather are ideal.

Summer outfits

Summer white dresses to the floor have always been and remain in fashion. And this is natural. First of all, it allows you to feel very comfortable in the summer. This outfit, made of linen cotton fabric, will add charm to any girl or woman.

The white Greek dress on the floor, elegantly emphasizing a beautiful figure, as well as the opening neck, arms and shoulders, looks quite stylish. Gold accessories are best suited to the outfit. As a daily option, you can consider jewelry, and evening - precious metals. But do not limit yourself to only light shades. Shoes and accessories, made in bright colors, no less successfully combined with white.

Evening Dress

Every woman of fashion is obliged to have in her wardrobe a little black and white evening dress on the floor. Regardless of the chosen style and the material from which the outfit is sewn, he is able to make from his owner the real queen of the evening. But any image must be supported with the help of well-chosen accessories.

Gloves can undoubtedly be considered an integral attribute of an evening dress. There is one strict rule: the shorter the sleeve, the longer the gloves and vice versa.

It is necessary to mention that the evening image will be incomplete without ornaments. Naturally, picking up a white evening dress to the floor, you need to take into account this nuance. Gold and silver jewelry will perfectly suit him. If bright diamonds look good on a black background, on the contrary, pearls and colored stones are more suitable for a white dress.

With a long outfit, high-heeled shoes also look elegant. It is best to choose a classic model, the tone of which will be in harmony with the color of the dress or accessories. The most important thing in this case is the absence of disharmony.

And, of course, it must be recalled that the most important decoration of any dress is its owner. For girls with very fair skin, it is advisable to give preference to bright colors in clothes, otherwise there is a great risk of merging with your toilet. In addition, a white dress, being an excellent background, does not forgive even minor errors in makeup or styling.

Small conclusion

Now you know what are the white dress to the floor. As you can see, there are a lot of similar models. Also in the article we gave recommendations on the combination of such a dress with shoes and accessories. We wish you always stay stylish and fashionable!