Skardino Nadezhda, biography which is presented in this article is a well-known Belarusian biathlete. In addition to the bronze medals of the Olympic games and world Championships, she won the continental Championships and the Universiade.

Belarusian biathlete Hope Scardino: biography, career, personal life

Curriculum vitae

Skardino Nadezhda, biography which contains many interesting facts came to light in March 1985 in Saint-Petersburg. Grew up in a large family with two brothers and four sisters.

The first sport she began skiing, however much success the Hope here is not achieved, and even thought to quit speaking.

In biathlon, the girl was quite by accident. On one of the training sessions she's been practicing on the same track with the “firing” of skiers from Russia, who asked her to try his hand at another sport. It was “love” with the first shot.

Professional career

Because the Russian team was too much competition for a place in the squad, Nadezhda Skardino, biathlon which opened new prospects in the big sports, decided to move to Minsk, where she began performing under the Belarusian flag.

First she quite successfully performed in the IBU Cup – the second most prestigious tournament on the planet, and since the 2006/2007 season competing on the world Cup.

First sporting success came to Hope in 2007. The Universiade in Turin, she brought three medals: two gold for the victory in the relay and mass start and silver in the pursuit. In the same season, she becomes European champion in the national team of Belarus. In the relay race, the girls were more accurate and faster than the rivals from Germany and Ukraine.

Skardino Nadezhda debuted at the world Cup in östersund in the individual race, which she finished in 44th place. In that year, she had shown quite modest results, never got into scoring thirty.

The first success in adult competitions appeared in the 2008/2009 season. At the world championship in Korean Pyeongchang Skardino Nadezhda in the relay race in fourth place. She also 4 times got in the flower ceremony, and with 179 points to become the 38th in the ranking of the best biathletes of the year.

In the 2012/2013 season she won the medal for the first time, not the relay. On the stage of the world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka she finishes third in the sprint.

“Bronze” the Olympic season

Skardino Nadezhda very seriously preparing for almost their home Olympics. She had a pretty smooth season in the world Cup. The athlete has regularly hit the top ten in different disciplines, and in the position in the pursuit was able to take second place, conceding the only famous Andrea Henkel.

The Sochi Olympics began for Hope, not very successfully. In the sprint she took seventeenth place, and in pursute – thirteen. The next step was the individual race. Scardino took place in four firing lines without misses and managed to take third place, missing only his legendary compatriot Darya Domracheva and Swiss Selina Gasparin.

After a successful performance in Sochi Hope again ascended the podium at the world Cup in Pokljuka, where she became the third in sprint.

In posleolimpiyskogo season Scardino has three times won prizes in relay races. Also came in third in the mass start in the already become for her lucky Pokljuka.

In 2016 the European championship Skardino Nadezhda became the champion in the pursuit race. This medal was for the national team of Belarus only at these competitions.

Interesting facts about the athlete

Hope Scardino is considered one of the most attractive representatives of biathlon in the world according to several sports publications. And this despite the fact that she does not has model data – her height is 160 cm.

For Scardino designed rifle with a special stock. This is due to the fact that Hope has a problem with his right eye so it aims to the left.

Despite the fact that already more than twelve years, the athlete stands under the Belarusian flag, first home for her is Russia. So, at least, declares itself Skardino Nadezhda.

Personal life

In the column “marital status” in the questionnaire of Hope written “not married.” As admitted in an interview with the actress herself, for her while in the first place sport. However, in the future she plans to create a family and have at least four children.

His Hobbies include Hope Scardino is possible to mention Hiking, climbing and volleyball. Loves to travel the world.