Daria Domracheva is known to fans of big sports. This young biathlete from Belarus already many years ago won the hearts of fans not only in her country, but throughout the world.

We are all interested in the fate of a talented person. This is what will be discussed in our material. On the sports career, about successes and defeats, about the family.

Asking any sports fan about who he associates with biathlon, he will answer without hesitation: with Domracheva. This fragile and tender girl is the pride of the country. All Belarusians are proud of their compatriot for the fact that she managed to reach unprecedented peaks in just a few years and bypass the most experienced German athletes at competitions.

At the moment Dasha is called a fast rocket, for dexterity and skill.

How did it happen that a simple girl, who came from a country that was never famous for biathlon, became the best in the world?

Belarusian biathlete Daria Domracheva: biography, personal life, sporting achievements

Daria Domracheva: biography. Indecisive steps

The baby was born in a family that had nothing to do with sports. Darya's parents are architects.

The bright star was lit on the summer of August 3, 1986, in the capital of the country, Minsk.

When the crumb was only four years old, the family decided to move to Siberia.

In a small, you can say, a small town of Nyagan, there were practically no opportunities for the development of the physical data of the young athlete.

But there was a basketball section, it was here that Domracheva signed up. Only then, after a while, the girl gave her preference to the skis, and then thanks to the influence of her older brother.

The first time it was decided to become a ski in 1999, and I must say, it was a success. Young Dasha, it seemed, was born for skiing.


The school in which Domracheva studied was professional, with an economic and legal bias.

Then Daria immediately goes to the second year of the Tyumen University for the sports faculty.

In 2003, the champion returns to Minsk, where she continues her studies. But in BSEU there was no similar faculty, therefore it was necessary to stop the choice in the department of tourism.

In 2009, a young graduate defends her diploma and begins her career in the sports world.

It all started when Dasha joined the Russian national biathlon team and immediately impressed with the high potential. But the competition was incredibly high, and hoping at least for a place in the adult staff was pointless. But the perseverance of the champion knows no obstacles.

In 2004, Domracheva continues training in the national team and builds a professional career. The girl's success is evident.

The first competitions in Belarus were held in 2005, and in 2006, Darya had a debut at the World Cup. As a result, she took only 16th place. But I must say that for a beginner this was an excellent result.

Then the persistent sportswoman started to go uphill and got only in the top ten.

It would seem that above this limit will not be able to jump, but Domracheva surprises everyone, and in Oberhof the unthinkable happens - the biathlete is in the lead in the race for the cup. But there is an unfortunate misunderstanding, during the shooting, Belarusian biathlete Daria Domracheva is mistaken and shoots at the target standing, although under the conditions of the competition it was necessary to take a lying position. She is disqualified, and the victory simply disappears from her hands. The athlete is given only the third place of honor.

By the way, with the young lady there is another embarrassment, and again in Oberhof. She manages to shoot at the target, but not in its own way, but in someone else's.

But this did not stop Daria from bringing the medal of the world champion. The girl conquers silver. But triumphant performances are yet to come.

In 2014, the blue-eyed blonde climbed to the top of success. At the Olympics, she received a deserved gold in the race for a fifteen-kilometer distance.

Three days later - the second gold medal. Again, all the rivals were behind in the individual race, although this was to be expected, there was a sense of purpose and strength to win.

And on February 17 - another success and again gold. This is unheard of luck. Such a grandiose triumph was not known to history.

Belarusians are proud of their compatriot and wish her only victories and only the first place in each competition.

Personal life

This question excited every admirer of the talent of a wonderful sportswoman and a real Belarusian beauty.

In the media, gossip about Darya's personal life, about her novels and relationships was often flashed.

But now it is time, and the girl was often noticed in the company of Olympic champion Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. The couple stubbornly denied rumors of a love affair, because at that time the man was in a legal marriage and scandal-like athletes were simply not needed. Why advertise only the relations that have begun?

However, the public soon learns that a multiple winner is divorced from his wife. Again headlines are full of news about a new round of relations between Daria and Ule.

But Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Daria Domracheva did not find it necessary to tell in public about their personal lives and preferred to keep the relationship secret, so as not to bring the matter to a scandal.

For many years the connection of champions was under big question. Although, I must admit, the couple was always together, they tried to part only for the period of training and participation in various competitions, championships.

Young people hid from the press and tried to take all sorts of steps so as not to fall under the camera lenses of curious paparazzi.

Point in disputes

In 2016, biathlonists were married, which became known through photos from a ceremony published in a local newspaper. Only close relatives and friends were invited to the wedding. That's how they became the spouses Ole Bjoerndalen and Daria Domracheva. The wedding went without much pathos.

And the happy family admitted that soon they are expected to replenish, which they are unspeakably happy.

The child of Daria Domracheva was born on October 1, 2016. She gave her baby Xenia to her husband. For the first time in many years, Ole forgot about the sport and missed the training season in 2016-2017. The spouse said that they will return to the sport in early 2017.

With the birth of his daughter in the family of champions, much has changed, now the life schedule of parents dictates not a sport, but a little Xenia. Only she is subordinated to Ule and Darya all the time. Young people are eager to give all their free time to give a newborn and to be near in the first months of the girl's life.

But the time will come, and the athletes will again begin to conquer the peaks in the hope of new victories.

Return to career

As it became known, a couple of gold medalists are looking for a nanny for the girl, because Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Daria Domracheva intend to resume training and return to the arena of big sport.

We still wish good luck and new achievements to the married couple. We hope that Daria Domracheva, whose biography was considered in this article, will not only glorify her country once and bring many gold awards, overcoming new and new horizons on snow-covered roads.