Romelu Lukaku - a football player from Belgium, speaking for the English Everton. He is only 23 years old, and at the moment the athlete is one of the most promising and outstanding young football players in the world. Romelu Lukaku plays the position of center forward, is considered a classic center forward.

Carier start

Romelu Lukaku has Congolese roots, but he was born on the thirteenth of May 1993 in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Already at the age of six, the boy joined the football academy of the small club "Rupel Boom", and in 2003 he moved to the "Screws". He spent only one year there, since in 2004 he joined the club Lierse. And at the age of 13, Lukaku was able to watch in one of the strongest clubs in the Belgian Championship “Anderlecht”. The athlete ahead of time signed a professional contract, as he was incredibly talented.

Already at the age of 15, Romelu made his debut for the adult team, playing his first professional match. At the age of 16, he was already a regular base player: in 45 matches he scored nineteen goals, and in the next season in fifty matches he scored 20 goals. However, the new season, the 18-year-old talent did not actually begin. Romelu Lukaku played two matches, scoring two balls in them, and was sold to one of the strongest clubs in England - London “Chelsea” - for twenty-two million euros.

Go to Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku, whose photographs were on the main pages of all European sports publications, was too young to be able to show themselves in all their glory in the main lineup. In the first season, the athlete spent only 12 matches without scoring a single goal. As a result, it was decided to lease it for a year at West Brom, where he scored seventeen goals in 38 matches, demonstrating that he can score a lot not only in Belgium, but also in England.

Returning from the lease, Lukaku began training with the London club and even played three more matches, but it was obvious that nobody was going to give him a chance here. Therefore, in the summer of 2013, the Belgian forward was leased to Everton, who paid three and a half million euros for this agreement. The club also got the opportunity to redeem a player at the end of the lease term. His season at Everton Romeluu had a great time: in thirty-three games he scored sixteen goals, making a big impression on the management and fans of the club. Therefore, in the summer of 2014, Everton agreed to pay another thirty-five million euros to get the young talent.

Game for Everton

Romelu Lukaku, whose biography took a rather sharp turn, was immediately in the starting lineup of Everton. In the first season, he scored 20 goals as a full-fledged, not a rented player, and the next one raised the mark to 25. In the current season, the player has already played twenty-one matches and scored 12 goals, so he may be able to repeat and improve his result. However, it is likely that Romelu will leave the club in the near future. Already last summer, there were rumors that the football player had outgrown Everton, and this summer he would definitely move to a more famous and influential club.

Performances for the national team

At the European Championships in 2016, Lukaku was already in as a full-fledged attacker base, he played five games, but could only distinguish himself in one - issued a double in the gate of the Irish national team. The last match for Lukaku for the national team of Belgium today was the qualifying match against the Estonian national team, in which Romelu was marked with two goals and one assists.