To date, power sources such as batteries and batteries have become very firmly entrenched in human life. Thanks to them it became possible to work consoles, cell phones, cameras, flashlights and many other devices. That is why the markets represent a huge assortment of very different batteries and power supplies. Consider batteries and batteries brand "Krona".

A few words about the history

Batteries of the "Krona" type have a very rich history. They were first released in the distant 1956 by Eveready, now more commonly known as Energizer. A little later, the monopoly of this company was destroyed, resulting in the appearance of a battery "Krona" brands Kodak and Duracell and other manufacturers.

Its now popular name this power source received already in Soviet times. Then under the brand "Krona" produced manganese-carbon batteries of non-standard size - 26.5 × 48.5 mm in width and height. A little later, by analogy with this "format", all power sources were called "Kronami".

Today, this battery is very popular and indispensable for gadgets. It gives a much stronger current than any other battery. Let's get acquainted with such a power source as the "Krona" battery.

Crohn battery: device and scope


The battery "Krona" 9v compared with the finger has the following advantages:

"They are more compact, which means it's easier."

And most importantly - the battery "Crohn" 9v for a long time holds a charge, but it has the property of self-discharge, therefore, before you make a purchase in the market or in the store, be sure to check the date of its manufacture.

Types of "Crown"

This type of battery is divided into reusable (batteries) and disposable. Disposable, in turn, are divided into:

  • alkaline;
  • manganese-zinc salts;
  • lithium-iron disulphide and others.

Batteries basically differ only in capacity - from 150 to 700 MPa / hours.

General information

The battery "Krona" (photos are given in the article) is characterized by high performance, at the output produces a voltage of nine volts. The size is 48.5 × 26.5 × 17.5 mm. The standard capacity is approximately 625 mA / h. Weight - about 53 g.

The capacity of the batteries varies greatly depending on the chemical elements. The most common of these are:

  • Nickel-cadmium elements (Ni-Cd) having a maximum capacity of 150 mA / h.
  • Nickel-metal hydride elements (Ni-MH), which are produced a little more powerful - in the limit of 175-300 mA / h.
  • Lithium-ion (Li-ION) - the most capacious elements with a capacity of 350-700 mA / h.

The device of the "Krona" battery and the field of application

When disassembling this battery, you can see a picture unusual for the "insides" of ordinary batteries. Under the metal casing there are 6 consecutively connected in one chain 1,5-volt batteries, giving out in the end at the output nine volts.

The "Krona" battery is used, as a rule, in control panels for toys and devices. Also it can often be found in different GPS-navigators and shockers.

Charging rules

Despite the fact that manufacturers of power sources often write that batteries of this type are disposable, and they can not be recharged, but the national craftsmen have proven absolutely the opposite. How can I charge a disposable CRONA battery? First of all, you need to make a reservation - it's done at your own peril and risk, since if the voltage is incorrectly selected, then such a battery can "please" its owners with an unforgettable fireworks display. So, first of all, we determine the charging current of the battery, for which we divide its capacity by 10 (150/10 = 15 mA / h). The charger must not exceed 15 volts. Currently, there are many quality blocks produced in China, where both current and voltage are regulated, so there should not be any special problems with this. In this way, "Crohne" can extend life by two or even three cycles. Considering the moment that it is discharging long enough, this is already a very good result. But it should be borne in mind that if the elements inside the battery are dry, then it will not be possible to recharge it again. But to determine this can, unfortunately, only "autopsy".

While saving on recharging "Cron", do not forget that the savings should be within reasonable limits, do not charge disposable items more than 2 times!

"Krona" is a rechargeable battery

Many electronic devices are powered by rechargeable batteries. This type of food is quite convenient, it can easily be purchased in almost every store. How to choose batteries, batteries and what is the difference between them, except for the price?

Depending on the model of the battery, the following characteristics are highlighted:

  • Manufacturer. It is on it depends the veracity of the described characteristics and the quality of the products. Experts recommend buying batteries and batteries only from well-known brands.
  • The size. Today there are many types of batteries that differ in their size and shape. They are indicated by the corresponding symbols: AA, AAA, C / LR14, D / LR20, "Krona" battery and others.
  • Voltage. It can be from 1.2V to 12V. Batteries type AA and AAA are, as a rule, 1.5 V. The higher the voltage, the higher the price.
  • Capacity. This indicator affects the duration of battery operation and, depending on the type of battery, can vary from 300 mAh to 3000 mAh. The more this figure in batteries, the longer they work without recharging.

Batteries have high quality indicators and will be able to last for years when properly used.