If you want to learn something about a particular banking institution, it is not enough to study general information that can be found on the official website. In order to find out all the details of how the bank works, you need to search for feedback from customers and employees.

In this article, we will consider one fairly large and well-known bank, which is called "Home Credit". We will search for it on third-party resources - various forums, information sites and so on. This will allow us to find information left by real customers and employees, and not by interested representatives of the institution.

Home Credit Bank: feedback from employees and former employees about work, client feedback on loans and deposits

For starters, there is a bit of history to understand what "Home Credit" in general is. It is a bank founded back in 1990. Then he started his work under a different brand - "Innovation Bank" Technopolis ", and quickly established the first customer base. After the institution showed some success in the market, they were interested in the financial group Home Credit in 2002. The bank was acquired and renamed in the manner we know it today.

The concept of the institution took the direction towards consumer lending. This service was born at that time. In 2002, the issuance of the first loans began under the bank's brand. In 2006, "Home Credit" (reviews left by employees, this is confirmed) started active issuance of loans in cash. The following year, he even became a leader in the credit card market - and very soon adopted a universal profile based on the issuance of both small consumer loans and mortgage loans for the purchase of housing.
True, the financial crisis soon broke out - and the bank stopped working on large-scale loans - the emphasis was on small loans. And, as time later showed, this was a very correct step.

In the following years, the bank only continued to increase its assets and increase market share. The communication with the bank branches from other countries also helped. In the photo you see one of the foreign offices of Home Credit (Philippines).

Today the bank continues to work on a universal model, as it was back in 2007. The institution is engaged in accepting deposits, issuing loans (obviously, a priority, given the high positions held in the market). Other services are also provided here - drawing up salary projects, issuing credit cards, insurance services, conducting cash operations and much more. More detailed information about what the Home Credit bank can offer, which we will publish further on the text, can be found on the official website. It is important that for each of the services you can easily see customer feedback and, thus, make a conclusion for yourself - it is worthwhile to contact here or not. In this article, we will try to follow the same logic, defining the recommendations of customers on the criterion of services, which they used. Let's start with deposits.

Deposits: advantages

Find positive estimates of the bank "Home Credit", customer reviews, which are related to the maintenance of deposits, it was quite simple - there are a lot of them. People write that the bank provides quite favorable conditions - a rate of 10% per annum (which grows over time), the ability to dispose of their deposits, convenient work with their account through banking. On the good side, the service is noted in the institution itself - here you will not have to wait to spend some kind of operation with your money, or even - to pick it up. You will be taken to the checkout without waiting for it - and this is very gratifying to those who are served in this bank. Various SMS-informing and alerts, literally in the "online" mode, can also clearly be attributed to the advantages of servicing the owners of deposits in Home Credit Bank. Feedback from clients from different departments only indicates that this is not an accidental process. And in general, it is clear that it is very pleasant to cooperate with the institution when it pays you money.

Deposits: cons

However, there are negative opinions among investors. In order to study the work of the bank, you need to pay attention to them. In particular, there are many recommendations in which clients complain about the incompetence of personnel. The stories, in fact, are different - they write about the fact that in order to take the money, we had to sit in a long queue; there is also information about how the bank's representatives could not clarify the data on the card that the depositor received, and much more. All of them boil down to the fact that a person was dissatisfied with the service - and before him, in most cases, did not even apologize for the Home Credit Bank institution. Deposits, the reviews we list, of course, the owners took away and moved to another location.

In addition to insufficiently competent operationalists, some investors did not like the work of Internet banking. There are testimonials describing how uncomfortable the site is and how terrible it is to work with it. In this regard, it's hard to say anything. Perhaps this is a subjective opinion, and there are simply those who are not yet accustomed to interacting with the online client, and those who are satisfied with everything.

Credits: Pros

Let's leave aside about the "Home Credit Bank" customer testimonies that characterize the process of interaction with investors, and find recommendations for those who took the loan here and was satisfied. Such, too, of course, is. They list a number of obvious advantages of the institution.

The first is a variety of loan products. On any consumer there is a convenient plan for obtaining a loan. There are a lot of credit cards, there is consumer lending. For a small amount (up to 40 thousand) to get a loan - in general, as they write reviews on the bank "Home Credit", not a problem. Some stories of borrowers describe how they were refused in other offices, and in "HCB" they approved and helped in processing the loan application. Due to this they received the funds they needed and realized their plans. From this point of view, the policy of the bank, of course, deserves respect.

The second is a quick examination of documents. As already noted, when applying for a small amount of money, the bank's employees work quite quickly. This allows you to understand whether you get a loan or not - and thus build your plans.

The third is convenient registration of consumer loans. In particular, we are talking about offices in electronics stores and other goods, working under the signboard "Bank" ("Home Credit"). The testimonies testify that in such places there are friendly employees who suggest all the details as to how much the loan will cost, how to receive it, and so on. Therefore, if you came to the hardware store and looked at yourself something, you do not need to go far - from the hall you will come out with a new thing, rest assured.

Loans: cons

Of course, in contrast to the positive characteristics of how the loan is handled in Home Credit, customer testimonials about loans describe some extremely negative points. For example, this is an illegal accrual of debts. Unfortunately, a fairly large number of customers recall this. Everything goes like this: a person who actually made all the relevant payments and thinks that he has all been repaid a long time ago, suddenly receives a number of calls from the staff of the institution. Callers say that a person must contribute a certain amount of money in order not to consider additional payments in the form of fines by the bank "Home Credit". Reviews note that calls could arrive at night or early in the morning, despite the fact that the borrower did not miss the date of making the next payment. When clarifying the circumstances, as indicated by many former clients of the institution, it turned out that there was no delay, but the calls could continue.

Another negative point, which many borrowers mention, is a high interest rate. If you count "on the fingers," it turns out that in some situations, the borrower should have given 2-3 times more money than he actually took. This makes a simple consumer loan (even for a small amount) a real debt bondage with all the consequences. Borrowers complain that they are forced to give all their wages in order to repay the debt. At the same time, first of all they repay interest on the loan, after which they only pass to the "body". Thus, by borrowing 20 thousand rubles, remember that you will give in the end about 80.

Other services, reviews

About other services provided by "HCB", information can also be found quite a lot. It is presented in the form of both positive and negative reviews - depending on how much the client is "lucky".

For example, there are those who managed to make payment to another person very quickly and without much effort. They, of course, praise the bank's employees and the work of the organization as a whole, thanks to which everything turned out successfully.

There are other comments. For example, people who receive salaries or scholarships through this bank complain about the confusion in the office. Someone got an incompetent employee who simply does not understand how he should act; in another situation, a person was not lucky with the fact that during his service the system hung up, and all the information stored on the consultant's computer became unavailable.

There are many situations - and they happen, no matter what service you use at that time. There is nothing to be surprised at here - simply the bank should bring to account those who were the culprits for the mistakes that have occurred, and do everything to prevent unpleasant moments for customers in the future.

Employee feedback

Of course, the work of an organization can not be fully described unless you refer to staff feedback. After all, they only allow you to find out what the bank is from within. And only with them you will find out by what methods the Home Credit Bank operates.

We can find the feedback from employees at special forums created to exchange experience with some or other employers. Since "HCB" is a fairly large institution and a notable player in the market, there is a lot of information about the work here.


Let's start with the characteristics of how to hire a job in the Home Credit Bank. Reviews of former employees show that everything is not so unambiguous here - and there are both pleasant and not so many moments. We will try to focus on them in this chapter.

So, it's clear that there are a lot of vacancies in "HCB" - the bank is represented by a network of institutions throughout Russia. Therefore, immediately I would like to note that for sure the work in this or that branch is very different.

They are recruited here after the interview, as in all private companies and organizations. Regarding the device in the "Home Credit" reviews of employees also note the need to undergo training and various psychological tests. The course that each employee needs to go through is aimed at teaching the employee to "float" (or, more simply, sell successfully) a loan to the client. To do this, you need to be able to "talk" the interlocutor, process it in such a way that he really believes that he is given a loan on favorable terms, and agreed to complete everything. Those who can not perform such functions, can not count on a device in this institution. The rest, who passed the competition, begin work.

Working conditions

All reviews of the work in "Home Credit" contain both positive and negative points - as for everything else, as we wrote above. The first note a number of such moments as official employment (with the establishment of the book, the calculation of experience and social package), the opportunity to improve their communication skills (and even learn how to sell), a convenient schedule (2 working days following 2 days off). Depending on which office the employee works in, he can receive more and better bonuses. As the reports of former employees describing the bank's "Home Credit" show, in branches located in large shopping centers, it is possible to draw up a sufficiently large number of consumer loans that can allow the fulfillment of previously established plans. If you are allowed to work in a less crowded place - most likely, getting the previously planned indicators will be very difficult. Another plus is the organization of the workplace - in particular, the office of the bank. And by its location, and by what conditions are created in it for employees, it can be assessed positively.


As for wages, everything is not so rosy here. The work in "Home Credit" (reviews of employees of different ranks and positions on this point) does not bring what people in the middle of the market earn with the same functions. In fact, the rate starts at 15 thousand rubles - and keeps at the same level. Employee maximum can get additional premiums in the event that he will be able to issue the right amount of loans. Again, this indicator strongly depends on the department and its level of popularity among potential borrowers. In general, we repeat, the work in the Home Credit Bank - employee feedback notes - is not profitable enough. To go here it is possible from enthusiasm (wishing to quickly advance on a career ladder) or with thirst to receive necessary experience.

Team and superiors

As for what kind of people surround in the "HCB", you can write a separate article. There are a lot of stories with stories describing the relationship between employees and colleagues, as well as with superiors. Some point out that the person writing the review got really cool people in the team with whom he became friends. Such stories, fortunately, are not unique. There are also alternative recommendations, which indicate that the person failed to find common ground with his new colleagues, and that all the work in Home Credit Bank is equally difficult in understanding.

Reviews of employees, in principle, often condemn and bosses. Many write about the fact that they were caught by young managers-tyrants, that they themselves often can not perform the tasks assigned to their subordinates. Moreover, there are reviews about the hamovity of the people heading the departments, about their lack of professionalism and, accordingly, the inability to work in such an atmosphere.

In this regard, we can say the following: any collective consists of people who can establish both friendly and hostile ties among themselves. Therefore, it is impossible to say that those who create a positive or negative atmosphere work in Home Credit. There is a specific team, of which there are quite a lot in the structure of the bank. If you get into it or not, it's a matter of chance. Therefore, whether you will work with people who are pleasant to you, or you will find someone whom contact can not be established - depends on chance.

From the client's side, we can say the following: judging by the reviews, it is profitable to hold a deposit in the specified study. This is a high rate, and tools for managing funds, and help from the bank's staff. As for the loans, they are not advised to register them in "KKB". Do so should, apparently, only if you really do not have a way out - the approval of the applications here are given more often than other creditors.

As for the work - then you can try your hand at the labor collective "Home Credit", but will you arrange such a course of things that works here - you will see in practice. Much depends on which department to get into and with whom to work together.