Today we will learn to recognize and check the card balance (Sberbank). There are several quite interesting and simple ways that will surely satisfy every customer. We will study each of them. Let's start, perhaps, with the simplest. It will suit those who are not used to communicate with modern technologies.

Personal visit

So, you can go to Sberbank, find out the balance of the card, and then conduct further actions with the account. As a rule, this option is preferred by the older generation, which does not accept ATMs, computers and other equipment.Sberbank card balance: how correctly to find out?

If you decide to find out the balance of the salary card of Sberbank (and indeed any), then do not forget to bring "plastic" along with an identity card. After that, select the nearest branch of Sberbank and take the turn. Tell the employee the number of your card, then submit the identity card and say that you would like to know the state of the account. That's all. Nothing difficult. True, this method takes a long time. This is due to the fact that banks always line up long lines. So let's see with you, what was invented in order to somehow ease the fate of customers.

If you came to Sberbank to find out the balance of the card, but the queue is depressing (and maybe it does not have time), then you can always take advantage of a rather interesting service. This is an automatic SMS-notification of the status of the account.

This option is available for holders of plastic cards with a connected "mobile bank". After it is activated, for all expenses and replenishments, you will receive a message indicating the balance of the Savings Bank card at the moment.

Very comfortably. Have made purchase - have received SMS with the rest. Replenished the account, and in return - a message. You can connect "mobile bank" both when you receive a card on your hands, or through an application. But this is not the only variant of the development of events. You can view the balance of the Savings Bank card in several convenient and interesting ways. Now we will talk about them.

In addition to automatic alerts and personal visits to the bank, there are faster and more effective options that will help us achieve our goal. For example, the balance of the card Sberbank provides an opportunity to learn when using an ATM.

All that is required of you is to have a "plastic" on your hands. Take a bank card with you, and then find some ATM. If you do not communicate very quickly with technology, it is best to choose the device where you will not be stretched by the "tail" of people.

Insert the card into the ATM. The system will require the introduction of a PIN code to continue the work. Dial it, and then take a look at the menu that appears. Here you have to choose "cash transactions". Then we need to find something that reminds us of the word "balance". It can be "check the balance" or something like that. As many customers have noticed, at ATMs these inscriptions vary.

After selecting the desired option, you will be asked how you want to get the result. It can be displayed on the ATM display or printed on a check. Select the desired option, and then get the necessary information. You can pick up a card or continue working with it. Nothing complicated or requiring any special knowledge.

"Sberbank - card balance - phone" is the most interesting, fast and simple combination, which is sure to help the modern user. It's about using your mobile phone to notify you about the status of your account.

For example, you have a great opportunity to call customer support, where they will provide all the necessary data. True, for this you have to name the code secret word, as well as the card number. If these difficulties do not scare you, then dial 88002003747. After that, click on the grid and enter the number of your card after it. Then, dial # again. Now type the first letters of the code word, and then click on the grid. You will be taken to the main menu. The robot will begin to report possible operations and buttons for their call. A balance request is made when you click on a unit. Wait for the answer. You will be informed of the current balance of the card.

Sberbank. "Mobile bank" and messages

Well, if you hooked up a Mobile Bank, then it's a sin not to use it. The thing is that every client of the Savings Bank can form a message and send it to a short number 900 to perform certain operations.

If you want to know the balance, then just send SMS, which will say only one word - "balance". In addition to it, you can also use such options: "balance", "ostatok", "balance", "balans". Then send it to number 900 and wait for the answer. You will receive a message in which the current status of the account is displayed. After that, you can continue to work with the system or complete the process.

As a rule, the use of a "mobile bank" is an extremely popular method. First, mobile phones are always at hand, and secondly, there is no need to go anywhere. You can not break away from the usual business.

The last option that can help us in the task is to use the Internet. More precisely, a special site "Sberbank Online". On it you can literally in two clicks to find out about the state of the account, pay for mobile communications and purchases.