Baguette is a word that most people associate with a variety of French pastries. And this is true, but not exactly, because it is borrowed in the Russian language the word has several different meanings.

The baguette is what? The meaning of the word, variety

French pride

Most famous in the world the meaning of the word "baguette" is bread in the shape of a stick, so in 1830 he began to be designated in Italian-French dictionary. In French, a baguette is a stick (the stick). A distinctive feature of this traditional French pastry is fantastically crisp and tender flesh inside. Since 1993, the traditional French baguette recipe is officially protected by government decree. It is made only from natural ingredients (flour, water, yeast and salt), freezing the dough is eliminated. Baguette has certain standards and dimensions: length – 65 cm, width – 5-6 sm, a thickness – 3-4 sm, weight – 250 grams. It can be safely regarded as one of the symbols of France.

Legends about the origin of

Stories of the origin of the baguette a few, but none of them is official and definitely true. According to one legend, Napoleon's troops first saw long loaves in Italy in the beginning reacted to this kind of bread very skeptical. And then the same long and narrow bread baked by French bakers specifically for army, to the soldiers it convenient to carry it in my pants. However, this version does not hold water, because the baguette is quickly certousy bread, it is not suitable for camping. According to another version, the loaves are oblong first began to bake in the "Vienna bakery" opened in Paris in 1839. According to some, the size of those baguettes reached two meters. The third legend refers to the time of construction of the metro in Paris. The bakers were ordered to bake this bread, easy to break by hand and not cut that would be considerably reduced crime situation among the workers. The most plausible version of the appearance of a traditional baguette after the First world war. In order that the French received in the morning, fresh bread, bakery workers needed to start your day even at night that does not suit them. So they made the law that allowed the bakery to open no earlier than 4 am. To be able to bake fresh bread at the time, was invented by the original recipe "bread fast food", and to reduce the time baking his form made narrow and long.

The most popular bakery product in the world

At the end of last century due to indiscriminate optimization French baguette began to lose popularity and be replaced by more practical and cheaper counterparts. Bakers have sounded the alarm, because supermarkets started to supplant bakeries that threatened the very existence of this amazing pastry. Fortunately, the French decided to fight for its national character and to revive the tradition. The baguette is (photo above) a newly popular type of bread not only in France but throughout the world. Despite the traditional recipe, French bakers are trying to diversify the taste of the famous bread, creating new variations: baguette-rustic, very thin baguette (thread), baguette in the form of ears, as well as a special recipe the Baker. It can be part of different ingredients to taste: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic oil, onions, and many others. French baguette is a delicious Breakfast, if you combine it with butter and coffee, which will set a great start to each day.

Framing is a whole art

Art lovers, and just as many educated people know that a baguette is also a plank, made of wood, which may be smooth or profiled. It is used for framing paintings, photographs, mirrors and even in construction. First baguettes are mentioned in antiquity. The main objective of the baguette is to create a complete the image of the object of art, which he draws. And the main goal is to emphasize the essence of the subject. It does not matter what is the subject of the art of framing, it may be a child's drawing, a herbarium, a diploma or embroidered pattern, the main thing is to find the right molding that will be able to highlight the essence of the thing. It is important to consider the shape and design of baguette, or you can entrust this task to professionals who will select the color, the style, the mood of the enclosed object. Organically picked up the baguette in addition to the work of art or the diploma will give aesthetic pleasure. In fact, the owner need to emphasize that this is not just a picture in a frame.

Varieties of baguette

Baguette is not only a strap or rail, also the baguette is the frame in full. Product material for baguettes is available in different shapes, colors and sizes. Straps can vary in width, the profile can be smooth or they can be coated with a pattern. If you choose the right image, from the product material makes a beautiful and stylish framing frame. Classic high quality wooden baguette – this pleasure is very expensive and can not afford a wide range of buyers. Therefore, modern manufacturers offer a more affordable materials for frames, such as polystyrene, aluminium, MDF. Of course, for ancient works of art is preferable to choose natural baguette from real wood, but for photos, diplomas or drawings, we can safely choose a high-quality moldings from polystyrene, which for the unprofessional look virtually indistinguishable from wood.

Other values

French bread and frame for pictures – it's not all meanings of the word "baguette". Rider in the circus, balancing on a galloping horse, jumping through a thin palabras, which is also referred to as a baguette. And there is so called form of cut stones, both precious and semiprecious.