The modern mom wants to provide their child not only the need but also the best. The search begins with reviews and tips from friends, articles in magazines, blogs, word — finding information. Carefully fingering a famous marks and brands, an expectant mother combine their abilities and needs.

Essential part of every baby is a stroller. Because the child without walks and fresh air just to survive. And the choice of stroller should be approached very seriously, with full responsibility. Because this purchase of sufficient meaningful, significant, enjoy it will have more than one month. To save on this type of transport does not.

We all know that the first six months the baby needs a standard stroller with bassinet. But as soon as the child sits down, begins to actively interested in the world around them, mom is implanting it into a pleasure. Today there are two options. You can buy a completely different stroller — lightweight, practical, maneuverable, or to replace the bassinet stroller the first recreational unit.

Stroller American brand

Stroller Baby Jogger City Mini is a godsend for parents and children. Her operate and for casual walks around the city, and while traveling. Today, this American brand has established itself as a quality and reliable. Hundreds of parents were satisfied with the use of this model. Wonderful ratio "quality – price" inspires confidence. The stroller is beautiful, stylish, there are different colors from subdued to bright.

The highlight of this model is that the Quickfold technology is the instantaneous folding. That is just one push of a button stroller became a closed book, and you simply could download or pick it up. Also interesting technology Upright strap — adjustment of the backrest in the upright position.

Stroller Baby Jogger City Mini is designed for children from six months, in other words, when the baby sits well. The maximum allowed weight is 23 kg, that is four years before your child can skate.

A detailed description of chassis

Baby Jogger City Mini is a three-wheeled model. Chassis – lightweight, made of aluminum. Rubber wheels, removable, with ball bearings. Rim of the wheels is plastic. In this model, and is coupled to a swivel front wheel that makes the stroller very maneuverable. Handle for mom is very convenient, is ergonomically shaped, covered with hygienic rubber coating. Her position as sole and unregulated.

Stroller has a foot brake, which is on the axis between the rear wheels. A fairly simple click to lock the transport in one place. On the rear axle possible installation of a platform for the older child, the weight of which should not exceed 20 kg. also have a cloth basket for shopping. It can withstand up to 5 kg. to take Care of the stroller quite easily. Cover and hood removable from the seat, washed in the machine.

Seat width is 36 cm chassis Width – 61 cm Size stroller Baby Jogger City Mini — 100х61х105 cm wheel Diameter – 20 cm stroller Weight – 9,2 kg.

Description of the walking unit

Directly the seat unit is secured solely by the person to the world. He is endowed with five-point harness. The seat back is rigid, adjustable, drops down to 170 degrees, that is, to sleep in the stroller your baby will be comfortable. Is the front removable hard bumper. He performs high-quality protection from falling out of the baby. But to buy it separately. The stroller has a ball-shaped hood with a window, if necessary it can be adjusted in three positions, while not waking the baby.

Properties strollers for twins

Stroller Baby Jogger City Mini for twins is one of the most popular models among the inhabitants of large cities. The function of folding with one hand without any effort, ease and practicality force parents to purchase a stroller for their babies. The kit includes chassis, dual seat unit and shopping basket.

Chassis made of aluminium simplified. Four wheels made of rubber. They are quite resistant to punctures. Parking brake – manual, located on the handle, which, in contrast to the usual wheelchair – option- for one child, has several positions of height adjustment.

Even seats two, but they are spacious. Hood will save the children from the scorching sun or wind. Have an observation window that parents had the situation under control. The maximum weight of both children should not exceed 45 kg, i.e., up to 3-4 years they are unable to drive in it. All other characteristics are absolutely identical with the normal pushchair for one child.

Baby Jogger City Mini reviews and opinions

Buyers ' opinions of course differ, though much more positive. After all, how many people – so many different looks. Summarizing the user reviews strollers Baby Jogger City Mini, has compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages.

  • relatively low weight;
  • large hood, which protects against bad weather at any time of the year
  • quality material of the product;
  • wide, comfortable seat for baby
  • easy move;
  • easy folding
  • maneuverability
  • compact
  • the presence of a pocket on the back of the seat;
  • the basket for products and other small purchases is capacious and durable.
  • front wheel is poorly fixed;
  • not lifted step;
  • the difficulty of control on turns, curbs, unpaved roads
  • impossibility to adjust the height of the control knob;
  • overcharge.

Stroller Baby Jogger City Mini: the price is responsible for the quality

Now due to the unstable exchange rate rose significantly and strollers. Baby Jogger City Mini – stroller, demi, and thus is not unique. Today, to afford a second stroller, not everyone can. Its average cost ranges from 16 000 to 22 000. Option strollers for twins is 37 000-42 000. Today it is possible to order the stroller on the official website Baby Jogger, however, have to pay a considerable amount for shipping.

Stroller Baby Jogger City Mini is an advanced, convenient, practical, everywhere and always. For example, in the absence of a lift, if you are transporting in the trunk of a car during a trip abroad. There is a possibility to purchase it separately bassinet, car seat and accessories type bag for mom, raincoat, mosquito nets, stands for bottles, adapter, bumper. The Baby Jogger company guarantees the quality. This model was developed with love to children.