Each of us is looking forward to the summer to go on vacation. Some prefer expensive resorts and hotels all inclusive, others go hiking or just in the woods on a kebab. And what is most important in any tourist outing? Of course, these are warm clothes, groceries, a first-aid kit and an automatic tent! Moreover, depending on the region of rest and season, this mandatory attribute may be completely different.

Automatic tent for rest: types and features

What are the tents

If you go to a tourist shop, your eyes will diverge from the variety of different equipment for tourists. Especially bewildered numerous varieties of tents and awnings. Let's see what they are:

  • automatic tent;
  • semi-automatic tent;
  • tent awning.

Automatic touring tents vary in purpose. It's pretty stupid to go mountain hiking in the fall with a fishing tent, will you agree? So, among the tents you can meet:

  • Camping tents. Perfectly suited for caravanning or family vacations, as they are compact, but at the same time roomy. Their distinctive features are high ceiling, spacious vestibule and good ventilation. True, the price of camping tents often "bites."
  • Flat (tracking) tents. This is the easiest and budget option awning for recreation. As the name implies, it is best to use such tents on the plains. Of the minuses, you can select only low moisture resistance and airflow.
  • Alpine (assault) tents. This option is not suitable for everyone. The assault automatic tent perfectly maintains strong winds, rains and even snow. At the same time they are quite light and easy to install and disassemble. However, alas, they cannot boast of large capacity, and the prices are very different from camping and flatland options.
  • Specialized tents. This may include many non-standard options: military, fishing, children's, winter tents, etc.

How many layers should be in a tent?

All tents can be divided into two types: single-layer and double-layer. The choice depends on the location and weather. Conventional lightweight tents made from a single layer of fabric are quite suitable for caravanning, as stops for the night will not be too long. But for a multi-day outdoor recreation it is better to choose tents in two layers. This will not only protect you from winds and rains, but also create some kind of air cushion that will keep you warm inside. Among the two-layer is very popular automatic tents Greenell. They are fairly simple to assemble and do not require special skills.

Tent Capacity

In addition to the destination, when choosing equipment it is important to consider how spacious the tent is. Automatic 3-seater, for example, is suitable for a large company or a family holiday. And if you go hiking alone or with the second half, then the usual 2-seater will suffice.

But there is one little trick here. The fact is that earlier when sewing tents, their area was designed for installation inside a folding bed. Today, of course, very few people will carry such a sleeper with them. Comfortable skins, special inflatable mattresses, etc. have come to replace them. And this means that there will be enough space in a simple double tent for three or even four, if you correctly fold the luggage.

Tent assembly features

We should also talk about the nuances that occur during assembly or disassembly of tents and tents. The automatic tent is convenient when you need to prepare a place for an overnight stay quickly, for example, if you arrived at the parking lot late in the evening and do not want to suffer with pegs and stretch marks in the dark. A great example is fishing tents. It is enough just to pull it out of the case and let it go, as it will fix it on its own. Voila! You just need to fix the bottom and settle inside. And this is not the only advantage, because such a tent is automatic 3-seater and comfortable. But she has one significant drawback - the assembly. In order to properly fold the fishing tent, you need to be properly trained to properly fold the eight.

Well, if you plan to arrive at the place before dark, then you can take an ordinary arc tent. You will have to tinker with it a little, choose the right place so that the pegs easily enter the soil, because there are up to 30 of them! Build arcs of complexity does not make up, even a child can cope with it, but it is better to entrust a knowledgeable person to correctly spread the bottom, fix the arcs and install the vestibule.