Auto feeders for cats are an excellent choice for animals that need a clear mode. These devices are particularly necessary during a long absence of the owners, and when there is no possibility in time to feed the pet. Technical features of the feeders make it safe, convenient and practical.Car feeders for cats: features of work, assortment and customer reviews

Arrangement of car feeders for animals

A feature of accessories for feeding pets is an automatically programmed supply of food or water. Feeders can be equipped with several compartments, which will allow feeding the animal for several days during the absence of the owners.

The car feeders for cats are equipped with a special recording function of the host's voice, so that the animal at a certain time after playing the recording will know that it needs to go to the feeder and eat.

Special techniques of opening the lid prevent the probability that the animal will open the feeder on its own. An automatic mechanism is built in the accessory, it turns the feeder with a new compartment, enabling the pet to give a new portion of the feed.

Material for manufacturing

For the production of auto-feeders, plastic or metal is most often used. These materials are practical and durable. In addition, as the feeder gets dirty, you can disassemble and wash the food compartments. Self-feeders for cats with a timer are very easy to use and maintain, and are durable and practical with observing the technique of using them.

Used for feeders high-quality plastic. You can provide your pet with fresh food for a long time, which can be stored for several days by placing it in one of the ice compartments. Also this compartment can be used as a drinker.

The guarantee period of the feeder is 12 months with daily use. It is very important to comply with all the rules prescribed by the manufacturer in the instructions. It is forbidden to turn the lid on its own, as this may lead to the termination of its functioning.

Car feeders for cats have several modes of operation. The host can choose a one-day four-time feeding, a two-day feeding for two days or a one-time meal for four days.

Feeder operation

After falling asleep in the feeder compartment, it is necessary to cover it with a lid. If fresh food is used, it is necessary to place a cooling object or ice on top of the lid and close the trough with another lid. Thanks to this, the food will keep its freshness for several days.

Auto feeders for cats, depending on the manufacturer, can have different operation modes that allow the owner to choose the best option for your pet, which is very important for sick Pets, especially those suffering from disorders of the digestive system.

Opening the compartment with food occurs after a timer call, set for a certain time by the owner. You can also record your voice, which before each sound of the timer will call the animal to the feeder with the usual phrase.

Features of automatic feeders

The main feature of autocouples is their work without direct human participation. Producers try to create new models of feeders that preserve the freshness of the food for a long time, protect it from penetration of moisture and prevent excessive consumption of animals.

Thanks to modern technology, pet care is greatly simplified. Use automated feeding troughs and can be used as an apparel or purchase an autocarry separately.

A wide range of this accessory for feeding pets allows each owner to choose the best option for his pet.

Making a self-feeder with your own hands

Auto-feeders for cats with their own hands can be made from ordinary plywood. As an automation, you can use the mechanism of a quartz watch, which will determine the opening time of the feeder.

For trays you can use ready-made plastic compartments, or make them out of wood or clay. Case feeders can be made from cutting an appropriate size tins, this will make the feeder more durable and practical. Besides, quartz movement is protected from moisture and other damaging factors.

Rubber gaskets can be attached to the bottom of the structure. With their help, the stability of the trough will be better, and accordingly, its use will be more comfortable and safe, as the animal will not be able to turn the bowl and scatter the food.

Car feeders for cats: customer reviews

Feeders for Pets with the automated working and timers are increasingly popular. Due to this demand, appear on the market upgraded and improved model that has a convenient equipment to use and clean from the remnants of feed.

Useful especially auto feeders for cats and dogs, whose owners often leave for a few days. This invention solves the problems with the care of four-legged, allowing you to give the pet a friend, not to ask them to come daily and take care of the animal.

The great demand for an accessory encourages manufacturers to create new models that offer increased comfort and affordable price.