Perhaps, there is no person in Moscow who has not heard about the Kashirsky Dvor market at least once. Moreover, almost every resident of the capital bought building materials on it, which indicates a really large scale of this enterprise.

Beginning in the distant nineties

After the collapse of the Soviet Union came a time of terrible scarcity. Buy something cheap and of good quality for construction and repair was virtually impossible.Assortment of Kashira Court

When the Kashirsky Dvor was opened in 1994, it became a real event. Not only from all over Moscow, but also from the Moscow region, came to the market. Seven years later, he was unable to cope with the number of visitors, so the second phase, Kashirsky Dvor-2, was opened, and in 2003, the third territory, Kashirsky Dvor-3, was put into operation. In fact, it turned out that one market began to be located in three different places, but its assortment and politics everywhere correspond to a single concept.

From the market to the mall

2009 is also famous among Muscovites for the fact that the real construction shopping center Kashirsky Dvor was opened. He has added three already existing markets. At the same time, the brand policy remained the same: maximum quality building materials at affordable prices.

Externally, the shopping center is a four-storey complex, in which specialized construction and repair shops work. Their approximate number is two hundred, while around a thousand sellers work in them, who daily serve the most demanding visitors.

Opposite the shopping center there is parking for almost six hundred places, which allows not only to make purchases, but also not to worry about their delivery. If customers do not have personal transport, almost every seller will help arrange delivery of the purchased goods directly to the door of the apartment or house of the buyer.

Range of markets

Buyers from all over Moscow knowingly go on the building market "Kashirsky Dvor". Here they are for one visit can choose absolutely all construction and finishing materials. In this market prices lower than other stores.

The range begins with building mixtures and materials for the construction of houses. These are brick, foam block, timber, cement, slate, etc.

Roofing materials are presented in a huge variety. As well as mixtures for interior decoration.

Particular attention should be paid to the decorative coating of walls and ceilings. There are both paint and varnish products, as well as facing tiles and lanes.

There are on the market and elite materials, such as natural stones and expensive woods. They are ideal for luxury homes, where the requirements for quality finishes are increased.

And you should not forget about small interior accessories. Handles, locks, switches, sockets, baseboards and baguettes from different materials make the choice very simple and complex at the same time. This is because the assortment offers different options, but among their wealth it is sometimes so difficult to dwell on one thing!

Ease of organizing space

Probably many of you know how difficult it is in the construction market to Orient and find one product. Often have to run from one end to the other in search of a good trellis pale green color with floral ornaments. But that's not for the "Kashirsky Dvor". It's different here.

The main principle of the market - the maximum convenience for buyers. Therefore, it is clearly divided into zones that never mix up with each other. Thus, the tapestries are sold only in the place where they should be, and in no case between the tiles or bricks.

When entering the market, the buyer immediately knows where to go for the right product. Therefore, he quickly finds not only the best positions, but also the cheapest offers. This is one of the most important advantages, for which people love "Kashirsky Dvor".

Customer care

In the building materials markets, ordinary people are often lost with choice. They find it difficult to determine one or other characteristics. For these purposes, consultants work in Kashirsky Dvor stores. They attentively listen to each client and give him a complete consultation on how and where to use a particular copy. However, they do not miss the opportunity to compare domestic and foreign analogues.

Delivery of goods to the house – is another point of caring about customers. Not all have a personal vehicle that can carry all purchased on the market. Therefore, there is a delivery service. Mainly to home drive up shipments in the range of 0.5-1.5 tons. But on request we can arrange the delivery of goods of any volume and weight.

Because of the loyal attitude and individual approach, this market is adored by all Muscovites. They first come here if they start repairs or construction.

Social and discount programs

If you come to the market administration with documents confirming that you have just settled in the capital, you are guaranteed to receive the right to participate in the Novosel social program. It lasts one year. According to its terms, a person who owns this discount card is entitled to a ten percent discount in almost all stores at Kashirsky Dvor. This allows people to save substantial funds on the construction and repair of their own homes.

The second discount program is called "Club of Privileges". Within its framework, the size of discounts varies from 10-50%. It is designed for regular customers. This program is mainly used by professional architects, designers and builders. Each program participant is assigned a personal manager who will help not only to find the most suitable materials, but also tell you where the lowest prices are today.

Address and opening hours

It is impossible to clearly give his address. "Kashirskiy Dvor", three markets and a shopping centre. The first of these occurred at the intersection of Kashirskoye highway and Kolomenskogo travel. The nearest metro station "Nagatinskaya". "Kashirsky Dvor-2" is found at the address: Kashirskoe shosse, 1. Here you can get there from Nagatinskaya and Kolomenskaya metro stations.

If you go to the station. metro station "Annino", then you can get to the third turn of the market, which is located in the corner between the Moscow Ring Road and Warsaw highway. But the shopping center has an address Kashirskoye, 19/2.

Do not worry if for some reason you cannot visit the “Kashirsky Dvor” on some day. Market opening hours - from 8.30 to 19.00 (with no days off). Therefore, to find the right moment for building shopping you will not be difficult.

Place "Kashira" in the life of Moscow

It is hard to imagine the capital without this famous market. Its place in the commercial and cultural life is difficult to overstate. According to statistics, in 2009, every fifth Muscovite bought something with "Kashira yard."

Here is a monument to workers in the construction market. But in the people he is called the “Monument to the guest-bargain”. People believe that if you enter the doorway of this monument, you can make a wish that will come true.

We can safely say that "Kashirsky Dvor" is already an integral part of Moscow, like Red Square or Sparrow Hills. This is a special phenomenon of life in the modern metropolis, where among the very expensive goods there are oases with low prices and a human attitude to the buyer.