The mosquito season lasts until the beginning of the cold. In the meantime, as if sensing their near death, mosquitoes become more aggressive and fearless. And if earlier they were annoying at night, then in the autumn, on cool evenings, their raids become already importunate. Even those whose blood type was previously unattractive to bloodsuckers today feel their presence. A lot of folk remedies exist to fight these harmful insects. And if there is a child in the family, this becomes especially urgent. Vanilla is the first assistant in this confrontation.

Fragrant vanillin from mosquitoes - home safe means

Sweet smell, bitter taste

The properties of vanillin are known to every baker and confectioner, we have known about it since childhood. But vanillin from mosquitoes - a tool undeservedly forgotten, that does not prevent it from remaining one of the safest and most effective. Many repellents (ointments and creams) have chemical constituents that can cause irritation or an allergic reaction in a very small child, a pregnant woman or a nursing mother. Sprays for newborns are not recommended. And to hide the baby under the mosquito net is useless - it prevents unless good air circulation. Vanillin from mosquitoes saves not worse, besides it has a fragrant smell.

Vanilla in creams and oils - a long-known practice

If you pay attention, geographically mosquitoes are most in places of raw and hot. That is, if you are going to relax in the summer by a pond or lake, you are guaranteed to try to spoil the impression of rest mosquito females, who, receiving a drop of blood, give life to the new thousands of insects. Electrofumigators and insecticides do not always cope with attacks, aromatic sticks that emit smoke can not affect mosquitoes, but cause a headache in you.

But vanillin from mosquitoes and midges in this respect is simply flawless - and this is not news for countries with hot climates. Pay attention to the shelves with cosmetics in the Mediterranean countries: vanilla is one of the most popular additives in creams and lotions, massage oils, even in air conditioners for laundry!

Do not mix vanillin with vanilla sugar!

Why about a remedy like vanillin from mosquitoes, reviews are not always positive? Sometimes you can hear that it does not help. You should know that the effect of vanillin will be noticeable when it is used correctly.

Using vanilla sugar in sachets, you can achieve quite the opposite effect. Sweetness of sugar will attract insects, and instead of protecting them you will become a tasty morsel for midges and mosquitoes. When you are going to use vanillin from mosquitoes, you need to buy a natural product, which is produced in the form of a vanilla confectionery in sachets. Read the composition, it should not have any other components.

What can I use?

Another type that will be effective in fighting blood sucking insects are vanilla pods. Aromatic oil from vanilla is suitable for application to the skin. In this case, the trick is to spread the drops of oil on the surface of the skin, and after half an hour-hour to repeat the procedure. If you have met the ampoules with concentrated vanillin in a liquid state, they are also suitable, you can safely take. The bright aroma of vanilla concentrate will produce the corresponding effect.

Vanillin from mosquitoes: recipe for cooking vanilla water

Vanilla water is safe even for newborn babies. It needs to lubricate the surface of the skin, and the more often, the more concentrated the fragrance becomes, and, consequently, the effect.

For vanilla fumigation, you need a glass of warm water. A couple of bags of vanillin (2 grams per 250 ml of warm water) should be diluted in a glass, dissolved, and then wiped off the baby, especially skin areas that are not covered with clothing. You can sprinkle this liquid on the canopy over the crib or mosquito on the stroller. Using an atomizer, you can sprinkle and curtains in the house, and clothes, and carpets, where lovers drink blood usually until the dark hours and hide.

If you want to make vanillin from mosquitoes, the recipe of which contains concentrate in ampoules, several drops of the drug are added to warm water, although these drops will be equally effective on the neck and wrists, under the knees.

Pods of natural vanilla, crumbled and added to warm water, will not only make a pleasant atmosphere, saturated with sweet aroma, but also scare away mosquitoes. Half a cup of water is enough to grind a few pods. This infusion can be heated from time to time, the effect will be better.

Cream with vanilla: how to cook at home

To prevent mosquitoes, you can use a cream with vanilla powder. At home, vanillin from mosquitoes on a thick creamy base is prepared as follows:

  • Take a tablespoon of baby cream (or another cream without perfume).
  • Heat and add to it two sachets of vanilla (dissolving the powder in the cream).

The cream is sometimes more effective at the expense of the structure. He creates a film on the surface of the skin, in which and remain, without escaping, the etheric components of vanilla.

Instead of cream, Vaseline ointment is suitable. She, too, has no smell. It is enough to dissolve in it two packets of powder or a few drops of concentrated vanilla in ampoules and use as needed.