What a beautiful body for women in their youth! If you pay attention to your figure constantly from a young age, then it will not spoil even childbirth. But if you do not follow her, and yes even age, then problems begin. And how you want to have a beautiful figure in any period of time. How to calculate your ideal weight? This is what will be discussed.

Weight Loss Arithmetic

Correcting a shape

With age, people start to move much less, and eat more, and the food is used more fatty, high-calorie. And the figure grows in breadth, as on yeast, the problems begin: shortness of breath, pressure, varicose veins. But here you have decided that it's time for you to change your way of life and bring the figure to a proper appearance. Maybe they can help with diet or exercise, they say, jogging and swimming help. Here comes the question of how to calculate your ideal weight.

Before you start any business, you need to know which result will suit you in the end. How much kilo you need to lose, or can, on the contrary, dial. That's why you need to make a calculation and find out which indicator will be optimal for you. How to calculate your ideal weight?

Ideal weight by different methods

There are many methods. Here are some of them:

To date, it is the method of Adolphe Ketele, a Belgian sociologist, practiced among many specialists, it can be used by ladies of all ages.

How to calculate the weight online

Now really calculate the ideal weight online. Previously, in determining it, absolutely did not take into account the constitution of the human body, although it plays far from the last role in determining the weight.

Solovyov's index made it possible to identify three types of man's complexion:

  • if the thin bone is asthenic;
  • if the normal bone is normostenic;
  • if the broad bone is hypersthenic.

By this method, you can determine what kind of bone a person has, only to measure the narrowest place on the wrist.

You can still use this method, although it is close to the above method. Embrace the left hand in the wrist with two fingers, a forefinger and a large one. And further the same way:

  • embraced with ease - asthenic;
  • fingers lay back - normostenik;
  • not embraced - hypersthenic.

How to calculate the ideal weight online? In order to calculate the average mathematical value of the required weight of a person, you will need to use a special calculator. You must enter your data, and the table will return the result.

We find out the result

How can I calculate the ideal weight online? For women, this is not a problem at all. The same calculator will help you figure out what you want. The optimal parameters can be determined with the help of only four known ones:

  • female gender;
  • age, say, 35 years;
  • the height of a woman is 170 cm;
  • wrist circumference - 16 cm.

The normal weight of a woman according to the specified data is 70 kg.

Find out what should be the weight given the age

It has long been known that metabolism is a chemical reaction that occurs in a living organism to support life, in youth and in adulthood is different, and it plays an important role in the women's weight category. But now let's talk about the structure of the human body for calculating the perfect weight. Let us return once more to the types of physique.

Women who have a thin bone, are rarely complete, as they are usually energetic and mobile, so that even taking excess food does not harm them. They manage to spend their energy faster than it can accumulate.

Women who have a normal type of bones, usually are proportionally proportionate to all sizes of the human body. The weight of such women is usually normal, the figures are beautiful.

Women with a broad bone, usually without even having excess weight, look heavier, since both the thorax and the thigh circumference are wide. And they can easily gain weight.

How to calculate the ideal weight with age? No matter how a woman looks, it has latent (full), which indicates the ratio of fat, muscles and bones in percent. Therefore, for mature ladies, there is a formula developed by Brock. According to her:

Professionals determine Brok's indicator reliable for women from 40 to 50 years of age, and after 50 years it should be increased by 5-7% of these indicators.

How else to calculate the optimal indicators?

How to calculate the ideal weight of a woman? What are the ideal parameters? Sensible women understand that the ideal weight and parameters 90x60x90 are absolutely different things. Such a weight and such parameters can have a girl only about eighteen or twenty years old, and women of more mature age, rather, are skeptical of such dimensions.

The weight close to the ideal of an adult woman is the size at which she feels great when she admires her figure. When, climbing the stairs, she does not choke, when, going to go swimming in the lake, she does not sit on a diet for a week. The ideal parameters are when you are comfortable, you like yourself and people.

But if you need to calculate the weight of a woman in figures, you can refer to the method of Lorentz, which consists of three actions:

- the coefficient of 100 is removed from the growth of a woman;

- from the growth of a woman the coefficient of 150 is taken away, and the result is divided into two;

- further from the received result of the first action, the result of the second action is subtracted, as a result the ideal weight is obtained.

Calculate ideal weight: calculator

If you want to be healthy, the weight calculator will help you. He will calculate the ideal body weight, and allowable kilograms that will not interfere with your life. Also, it will help determine your body mass index - a value, due to which you can estimate the coincidence of body weight with growth.

How can I calculate the ideal weight for women online using a special calculator? To start, you need to load the data for calculation by the formula, where the weight is calculated in kilograms, and its growth is considered in meters per square. For example, a woman weighing 70 kg, having a height of 180 cm, will have a body mass index of 70. (1.8 × 1.8) equal to 21.60, which means that she has quite normal weight. Since it is considered that if the index:

  • less than 15 is almost anorexia;
  • if the index is from 15 to 20, then it is considered that this is a lack of weight;
  • if 20 to 25 - the perfect weight;
  • from 25 to 30 - overweight;
  • and from 30 - obesity.

Comfortable scales at home

Calculating the ideal weight, it turns out, is not difficult. The index of body mass index can talk about the total mass, but it will not show the distribution of all kilograms. Since two people can have the same weight and the same parameters, but be completely different in composition. Again, the percentage of the total body weight, that is, muscle, fat, water and bones, plays a role here. In women, this range is between 18 and 25%.

Calculate the ideal weight can also be using a scale. Modern technology is far advanced, and the scales appeared on the market, which help determine what percentage of fat is in the body. They are very convenient to use at home.

And in general, if you are a little plump, but at the same time, feel great, calm down, do not lose weight just because someone thinks that it should be so. And you do not need to fight over the question of how to calculate your ideal weight.