Very beautiful, Elvish-sounding name Ariadne has a special charm and a mysterious beauty. Moreover, it significantly refines the temper of its wearer, giving it qualities such as steadiness, loyalty and depth. Read more about how the name affects various aspects of the life of its owner, we will discuss in this article.

Ariadne: the meaning of the name and character


From birth little Ariadna pleases parents intelligence, healthy curiosity and attentiveness. It grows soft and quiet child who shuns large companies, the hustle and bustle. Her circle of loved ones is quite narrow and it is not so easy. For their complaisance and trouble-free, she quickly wins the love and respect for elders, why is often a General favorite. Ariadne, the value of which is revealed in her peaceful disposition, also manifests itself as a responsible and loyal person who won't gossip and spread other people's secrets left and right. Joining the school age and faced with new people, with some difficulty adapts to unusual circumstances, it has often been characterized as shy and modest child. On the other hand, she perfectly learns and praise from teachers in her address – something common and familiar. Free time is also not wasted, and dedicates his additional education or his hobby. In relation to the study prefers the disciplines of humanitarian circle, although responsibly study all subjects, even those that are difficult.

Full commitment, selfless kindness and great patience is that by nature has the young Ariadne. The meaning of the name also plays a role in what the young lady is inclined to insularity and withdrawal. This is manifested in the fact that she rarely asks for help in solving their problems, preferring to handle things herself. Her inner world is mysterious, rich and inaccessible to others. Even those closest to her sometimes people don't understand and feel the closeness. Meaning of the name Ariadne for girls positively in terms of attitudes towards the people: compassion, willingness to help, attention to other people's problems – it's all about her. The girl also quickly finds himself, in the sense that it is sooner formed their own views and beliefs, but because it is very difficult to influence. Ariadna – not one of those people that will be easy to control and manipulate. To act against the will of its possible to make only by force. Aesthetics, sense of taste and harmony are also innate qualities of Ariadne. This is reflected in her creative activities and her appearance. As for friends, Ariadne, the value of which imposes on it the imprint of introversion, can not boast that it is the soul of the company. She generally does not like noisy parties and prefer to have just one or two friends, but the relationship with them builds extremely deep and strong, which often carries and stores through life.

Personal life

Ariadne, the value of the name, nature and fate of which are impressive with their positive colors, depth and kindness in the sphere of private life is experiencing some difficulties. They concluded that, being modest, the girl barely is revealed to men, by which she receives a bouquet of various problems ranging from relationships and ending sexual sphere. Above all values trust, but to earn it from Ariadne can be difficult. But if her heart is still subdued, the girl is given to the partner in full, boundless trust in himself and his destiny in his hands.

Married, Ariadne tries to be the perfect wife. She is loyal, loving and very patient. Spouse will not have to complain that his wife nags him, or pokes a finger in his shortcomings. Ariadne, the value of the name which gives her modesty and thoughtfulness, will be also unpretentious in relation to living conditions. Your lover she will go anywhere and it does not frighten nor distress, nor any disorder in the sphere of the life. The only thing that can knock her off balance and even bring to thoughts of divorce, this husband addicted to bad habits – alcohol, drugs and similar things. As for children, Ariadna is the perfect mother who loves and cares for his children very seriously. In education it attaches considerable importance, both spiritual and intellectual aspects of the personality.

Along with modesty and Ariadne adorns this quality, as diligence. It is characterized as an extremely responsible and punctual performer of his duties. Internally predisposed to the professions related to creativity, where there is the opportunity to Express themselves and Express their inner world. Otherwise it will work through force, making daily stress, and even violence against them.

Name Ariadne: the meaning of the name and fate

This beautiful name comes from the Greek language. The etymology goes back to the root, which in Russian language can be translated roughly as "Holy" or "sacred". Hellenic mythology knows at least one Ariadne, the priestess of the island of Naxos. It was she who gave the hero Theseus a ball of thread so he could get out of the maze after killing the Minotaur. Unfortunately, then Theseus abandoned the sleeping Ariadne and left her, whereby she became the wife of Dionysus.

Famous people

Among celebrities with this name include Ariadna Files – fashion model of mixed Spanish-Venezuelan origin. Also, the legend of Russian ballet Anastasia Volochkova has a daughter called the same name. In the Church world revered Martyr of the same name of the Compromise that was on the territory of modern Turkey. By the way, in Orthodoxy the interpretation of this name is somewhat different: "faithful", "worthy of respect" – that is the meaning of the name Ariadne. According to the Church calendar, the memory of it is done on 1st of October (new style).