In pursuit of beauty, we discover all new tools. Today, the fair sex is gradually losing confidence in global manufacturers of cosmetics. Soap-making, homemade masks, beldy and scrubs with natural ingredients are gradually replacing professional skin care products.

One of the most sought-after beauty products is increasingly called argan oil. The recall of not one beauty confirms his magic action. In our review you will find useful properties and methods of application, as well as information about manufacturers that offer argan oil.

Argan tree

Argan oil for face reviews of the fair sex is recommended to apply without restrictions. This product is obtained from the fruit of an argan tree that grows exclusively in Morocco.

This restriction makes the oil one of the rarest and most expensive in the world. For this reason, the territory in which the argans are located is called the Argan Biosphere Reserve and is protected by UNESCO.

Getting oil is a very labor-intensive process that takes place manually. At the exit of fruits from 6-8 trees give only one liter of argan oil.


Occasionally, residents of the whole village are harvesting fruits that look like yellow plums. This happens twice a year. Fruits are dried in the sun and cleaned of fibers. Then the Berber women manually break a very hard shell with stones.

Before squeezing, the seeds of the fruit for edible oil are slightly fried, so the product takes on a light nutty flavor. For future cosmetic oil, this stage is skipped.

With the help of a mechanical press spinning takes place, and after that filtration through special paper is performed.


Rare and very valuable argan oil has no contraindications with the exception of individual intolerance. Before the first use, it is advisable to make a test for allergies so that the result will not disappoint you.

An important factor is the origin of the product, so when buying, pay attention to the following:

- the composition should not contain impurities and additives;

- the presence of sediment (the more sediment, the less the shelf life);

The ideal option is to organize a trip to Morocco or ask friends to bring a “souvenir”. If you can not, go on an endless journey on the web, but choose sellers only with a good reputation. Argan oil is expensive, and it will be a great pity to be wasted money for a fake.

In cooking

Because of the high cost of this product, Moroccan argan oil is rarely used in cooking. Reviews gourmet offer to use the product for dressing salads or frying, like any other vegetable oil.

If you mix with mustard, you get a slightly spicy mixture for meat. Organic argan oil is also added to the fruit salad. Reviews advise to improve its taste with lemon juice.

Edible oil is obtained from roasted seeds. It has a tart flavor, a taste of spices and nuts, as well as a dark color.

In addition, argan oil can be taken independently for the recovery of the body as a whole, one tablespoon 1-2 times daily before meals.

In medicine

Raw oil is used in this area. It has a less saturated aroma and a light shade.

The regenerating properties of argan oil effectively cope with wounds and burns, as well as various dermatological diseases (psoriasis, eczema), and even ultraviolet radiation.

Regular ingestion improves digestion and a positive effect on the liver, strengthens the immune system and promotes weight loss. However, argan oil for the face is most often used. Reviews (who used this tool, often shares his own experience) lead recipes of various compresses and masks that help get rid of acne and smooth wrinkles.

Sometimes argan oil is used for the body. Reviews recommend it for massages for arthritis and rheumatism. In addition, with oil, you can take a bath or add to the shower gel.

The secret of argan oil lies in its rich composition:

  1. Vitamin E, or tocopherol. It helps to preserve youth and beauty, prevents early cell aging. It activates the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for elasticity and tightness.
  2. Organic acids. These are the main fighters with acne. Vanillic, lilac and ferulic acids are distinguished by anti-inflammatory action, due to which blocking of foci of inflammation, healing of microdamages and tissues occurs.
  3. Vegetable pigments, or polyphenols. They make the cells work in full force - it helps to smooth wrinkles and even protect against cancer.
  4. Fatty acids - a kind of shield that will help when exposed to low temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, harmful environmental factors and various chemical components in color cosmetics.


You do not know how to use argan oil for the face? Reviews (who used) and the best recipes read on.

Acne, bags under the eyes, peeling, wrinkles - these are just some of the problems that argan oil helps to cope with. With regular use (at least 1 time in 10 days) after 5-6 procedures, you will see the result.

Let's talk about how to use:

  1. In pure form, the oil can be applied to the skin before going to bed or massage with fingertips.
  2. As an additive to a cosmetic (tonic, mask, night cream or lotion) at the rate of 5 drops per tablespoon.
  3. Night applications - moisten gauze with oily liquid, apply to the problem area overnight.

Separately, I would like to dwell on masks, the main component of which is argan oil for the face. Reviews recommend selecting ingredients depending on the desired effect:

- For oily skin: 3 tsp. yogurt, 3 drops of oil and one tablespoon of honey and lemon juice.

- Anti-inflammatory: water, 1 tbsp. l blue clay, 1 tsp. argan and almond oil.

- For problem skin: two proteins and 1 tbsp. l oils

Owners of dry skin should always have on hand argan oil for the face. Reviews of cosmetologists emphasize its moisturizing properties. Regular use allows you to get rid of desiccation and peeling, and in the winter - to protect from frost and winding.

Today, many manufacturers produce argan oil. Read reviews of the most popular products in our review.

Planeta Organica

To the description of beauty products, the adjectives “organic” and “natural” are increasingly being added, thus providing increased interest from customers. Planeta Organica has a responsible approach to the creation of cosmetics, so there is no reason to doubt their quality, but conflicting reviews are increasingly appearing on the Web.

Argan Oil “Planet Organic” comes directly from Morocco. In international expeditions, brand experts personally visit farms and factories, select the best suppliers and find out a lot of interesting facts - you can see vivid photos and team reports on the official website.

In addition to pure oil, Planeta Organica specialists have developed a cosmetic line based on argan oil:

- shampoo, balsam and mask for dyed hair.


Handmade soap, Moroccan beldi, clay-based masks, body scrubs, massage tiles, flower water and much more can be found in the Spivak catalog.

The company's history began with soap made from natural ingredients without the use of animal fats. Today, customers are offered not only all kinds of cosmetics, but also various oils, for example, Spivak argan oil.

Reviews about him can be read on the official site. In general, girls and women who preferred the “Spivak” brand are satisfied with the quality of argan oil and, of course, its low cost - 135 rubles for 10 ml.

Best product for hair and face care. It is very important to remember that, despite the moisturizing properties, argan oil cannot be applied to dry skin - moisten your face with boiled or thermal water.

The only drawback noted by buyers is the dispenser. In the production of “Spivak”, preference is given to droppers, but it would be much more convenient to use a plastic pipette. In addition, not quite reliable information regarding the method of obtaining oil is listed in the online store - in case of doubt, consult with a representative of the brand before buying.

Eveline Cosmetics

The following companies present only beauty products that contain argan oil. Eveline reviews of representatives of the beautiful attributed to democratic brands. “

Eveline Cosmetics is a Polish brand whose history began in 1983. However, it was only in the last few years that it became well known to Russian buyers. In the assortment you will find a lot of cosmetic lines:

- “goat milk and collagen”;

All sorts of serums, gels, creams and elixirs - the choice is really huge, therefore, talking about argan oil, we could not miss the “8 in 1” oil-elixir for all hair types. In the composition, in addition to the hero of our review, also stated burdock oil, vitamin A, keratin and many other additives.

It is because of the unnatural composition of the fair sex more often this side of the elixir is avoided, because the content of argan oil in it is minimal.

The myth that foreign production is much better than domestic production is still incredibly popular. For this reason, Russian companies choose for themselves an unusual name, so that the buyer was not initially skeptical.

Under the brand Kapous successfully sold professional hair cosmetics, demanded by talented stylists and hairdressers. However, many products can be used at home, for example, Kapus argan oil.

Reviews note not the most natural composition, in which in the first positions - silicones, and only then - argan oil, meadow grass seeds, flax and vitamin E. If the presence of silicones does not play a role for you, then feel free to purchase this beauty product. The fair sex tells that hair becomes incredibly soft and well-groomed.

Oil does not leave a greasy film, and with regular use starts the recovery process. The manufacturer recommends two ways:

  1. Application to split ends or adding to balms.
  2. Mask. Apply to clean damp hair, cover with a warm towel and wash off after 15 minutes.

Among the brands of the mass market, you can also find funds with the hero of our review. Affordable price and advertising in the media made the elixir “Garnier argan oil” very popular.

Reviews note not sticky, slightly watery structure. Of the benefits only economical consumption, but the cons are enough:

- composition with silicone;

- lack of nutrition and moisture;

- sometimes hair loss.

Of the manufacturers that produce argan oil presented by us, the reviews of the Garnier product are the most skeptical.

How to choose?

As you can see, it is best to buy an organic product, and not cosmetics with its content.

But how to choose a real argan oil? The review of the beautician advises first of all to pay attention to the packaging. It should be a glass bottle of brown or blue, necessarily with a dispenser or pipette. Plastic or intricate shape of the bottles say a fake. In addition, the label must be indicated composition and shelf life.

Let's talk about the smell. Quality product gives an unusual aroma with notes of walnut and sour. If argan oil smells foul, then the process of its manufacture took place in inappropriate conditions. The thing is that the local goats just love the fruits of argan. Careless suppliers sometimes collect them directly from goat droppings - such raw materials can also get into the chain.

Do not smell at all? Cold spinning is out of the question - the oil was passed through steam and lost most of its beneficial properties.


One of the main tips: choose a trusted manufacturer. We all want to buy a wonderful tool at a relatively low price. This may work when purchasing decorative cosmetics, but it is better not to save money on care. Examine the proposals, the composition, be sure to read the reviews of ordinary consumers.

Experts say that the effect of argan oil can be seen already from the first application, and its absence indicates a low quality product.

As we have already noticed, it is best to go on a journey to get the magic oil. Owners of a natural product note amazing changes. It is very important that this is the only oil that does not clog pores and has a positive effect on the skin condition.

There is a huge amount of cosmetics with the addition of argan oil on the market - it is now one of the most fashionable beauty products. Unfortunately, its content in creams, shampoos, lotions or masks is minimal: on the label - the first, and in the composition - the last place. Yes, and neighbors, sulfates significantly reduce its beneficial properties. Carefully consider the choice of the manufacturer to get a 100% result.