In the distant past, people, calling their born children, tried to put some special meaning in the name, charge it with the energy of higher powers and make it a kind of talisman. Many of the ancient names not only survived to our time, but also organically caught on in many cultures. One of these is the male name Said.

Meaning of name, character

By origin this adage is Arabic. But give it to boys in many cultures where Islam is practiced. This version of the name is most popular, but there are similar options: Saud, Saad, Saadat, Asaad, Saadi, Saduddin, Masood, Sadullah. All of them have a similar or identical translation into Russian.

Arabic name Said: meaning and characteristics

In addition to voicing, beauty and sufficient soundness, the name Said has a very good meaning. Its meaning in Arabic is “happy.” This name is suitable for an active person with a strong character who likes to tackle difficult but interesting things for himself and to whom the competitive spirit is not alien. Such people always get their way. If a boy was born under the sign of Aquarius, Scorpio, or Capricorn, then this name is especially well suited to him.

Friendship and love

From an early age, the boy is distinguished by sociability, but not everyone is allowed into the circle of his proxies. Usually, Sayid has several proven friends who appear in childhood or adolescence, remaining for life. This person does not like conflicts with others, and all disputes are resolved by diplomacy. At any age, from communicating with him, others have a sense of calm, balance and harmony.

So the name Said justifies its value - its carrier often looks happy and contented. True, passions and contradictions may rage inside, but no one but the closest ones will be devoted to them.

Said's love relationship is not easy. Being deep and affectionate by nature, he is quickly imbued with feelings and surrounds the girl with tender care. In response, he expects an equally strong response, or at least appreciation. But if Said does not get either one or the other, then he becomes depressed and withdraws into himself. If the relationship does not develop smoothly, he sincerely longs or is jealous. In family relationships, it is common for him to suppress a spouse. For the one who bears the name Said, the meaning of “happy” will come true if it is possible to find a soul mate that will accept this contradictory character as it is.

Profession and success

Since childhood, Said is mobile, full of energy and resourceful. He likes to learn new things and try himself in different areas: studies, sports, creativity, learning a foreign language. True, parents should not allow their son to take on several cases at the same time - otherwise overwork is inevitable, followed by irritation and apathy.

The fate of the name Said presents a person with the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully, smooth out contradictions and reconcile the warring. With such abilities one can succeed in any business where the necessary high-quality communication: from teacher to diplomat. The professional activity of a businessman or a scientist will be no less successful. The happy name Said reveals his value in an interesting, vigorous activity aimed at creation. And it does not matter, solitary work or team.

What does the name Said mean?

This happy name also has a female version, formed by adding the vowel sound “a” to the end of the word. Such naming is very beautiful and melodious. It means "happy", "lucky" and will suit an active, open, sociable girl born under the sign of Aquarius or Leo.

Saida quickly grabs the new, shows interest in music and dance, loves to make an impression. She always studies in detail the case for which she undertakes, even if at first it did not arouse her enthusiasm. For this reason, she is able to succeed in any chosen activity. But most of all it would suit the profession, where you can show your natural artistry.

Saida: love and friendship

Since childhood, adoring attention, she literally flourishes, being in the company of people. Saida likes to impress and conquer. She is the soul of any family holiday, friendly or corporate party. People are drawn to her, sometimes not understanding why.

In love relationships, she is often proud and jealous, which means: the name Said creates a difficult fate for its owner. On the other hand, this girl has a good taste and will certainly choose the best partner in life. The ideal couple for her will be a calm, patient person who will help her smooth over the contradictions in her character.

You can see a lot in common between the names Said and Saeed. Derived from the Arabic words "happy", they will certainly give their carriers a bright personality of their characters and life, full of events.