Recently in Russia on the shelves in pharmacies and supermarkets appeared a tool called “Odaban”. Reviews of doctors and buyers, as well as recommendations for implementation will be presented today to our attention. Only then can we conclude about the quality of the products. To be honest, the Internet is now a lot of reviews about this product. This means that it becomes more popular. Or published opinion is a lie? Let's try to understand this delicate matter.Antiperspirant Odaban: doctors

The first thing to understand is that what we'll have to deal with. “Odaban” reviews, which we learn later, is a medical antiperspirant. And, as the manufacturer says, it can reliably and quickly to protect you from sweat and odor. Just what is so necessary to modern man!

But is it really? In other countries, “Odaban” is well established. Because it is an elite “spray” which is manufactured in the UK since 1853. For many years, it delights people from all over the world with his existence. However, society is inclined to exaggerate the advantages of different therapeutic drugs. So now we know you that read about “Odaban” reviews of doctors and buyers themselves. If this is a good product?

Let's start with composition. It plays an important role in almost any cosmetic product. And then antiperspirant “Odaban” was able to win pretty good location for doctors and buyers. Because in its composition it does not contain any hazardous substances.

According to the doctors, the antiperspirant composition is perfectly suited to the role of therapeutic agent. It contains one active ingredient (aluminum chloride), and 2 auxiliary. This composition is ideal for removing sweat and odor. With all this regular use can finally with time to relieve you from sweating.

Thus the “Odaban” the composition is the feedback at the initial stage is quite positive. But how well do things go? Let's try to understand with you in this difficult issue of concern to many consumers.

Of course, when choosing cosmetics or medicines, much time is given to such an important factor as the price of the product. And then "Odaban" reviews of doctors and consumers is far from being the best. Why does this happen?

The thing is that the price of this spray is very high. And there are several reasons for this phenomenon. First, it is a British creation, that is imported. And it can't be cheap. In principle, the same can be said about most commercially sold at the present moment products. Secondly, it is a remedy. For medicines, the price was always too high. Third, the manufacturer is positioning its product as a luxury. It also imposes its own imprint on the price tag. So, the tool “Odaban” receives relative to the price of terrible responses.

Many doctors and consumers say that one pack of the spray is from 600 rubles. If you think about it, the price is huge. And not everyone can afford. For this reason, many people are interested in and other evaluation criteria antiperspirant “Odaban”. This spray is supposed to be very good buying consumers in Russia. But is it really?

It is very important that deodorant smelled delicious. Or at least that he was not disgusted. In this case the manufacturer can hope for sales success. What positions immediately took antiperspirant “Odaban”? To be honest, ambiguous.

As they say, couldn't please everyone. Someone to taste the flavors of the tool, and some don't. But in General we can only say that antiperspirant “Odaban” reviews in this regard, receives not such terrible, as many similar products.

The truth is, many consumers and doctors note that this tool is rather neutral in aromas. Because in part, it has no fragrances and other chemical components. Do not expect that the “Odaban” will give you the taste and smell of the morning dew or sea breeze. Only a delicate and neutral flavor. Basically, if you use the deodorant as a perfume, it is all in order. Just try not to overdo it with the amount of damage to the spray – and all problems will be solved.

Concerning its efficacy “Odaban” the doctors gets quite positive. And they say that from sweating and the smell it you really save. Most likely, the effect will not be as good as you expected. However, it will still be good.

As a rule, consumers expect deodorants completely rid them of sweat. This does not happen. You can reduce the amount of perspiration and eliminate odor. But to completely get rid of this problem will not work. Even if you are truly good and convenient remedy. So try not to build illusions about the fact that you will antiperspirant “Odaban”. Reviews about the effectiveness of these products is very common. And frankly, they are in most cases very encouraging. Even doctors claim that in extreme cases, and a huge problems then you can spend money on “Odaban”. It really can assist you from the first application.


Attached to the vehicle “Odaban” instructions for use. It would seem, why? All know how to use deodorant. Only here, our today's product special. And will have to comply with some rules for use “Odaban”. Instruction manual originally written without a Russian translation. At best packaging when selling paste a special sticker with the part and a brief description. That's about it. For this reason, “Odaban” the doctors gets not very good. After all, any product needs to have a description with instructions, especially if it is medical or therapeutic.

Let's start with the fact that our facility is suitable for night use. So initially the tool “Odaban” manual States that you need to apply it before bed. It night action. Very non-standard approach to the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

In addition, you will have a neat thin layer and apply it to your problem areas. They should be clean and dried. Only in this case, you can use the product. And to wash it is impossible in any case. It is also important to put “medicine” is completely dry. Only then you can safely put on your jammies and go to bed. Such use will give you maximum effect,which is so necessary to the consumers. However, not everything is always as good as it might seem at first glance. Why? Let's try to understand this question.

Beware of imitations

Since antiperspirant “Odaban” the doctors gets quite positive, it means that even such an expensive product to buy. And this feature caused the appearance of numerous imitations. The truth is, there are several signs that you can protect themselves from faulty goods.

First, pay attention to the label. According to doctors and consumers, “Odaban” and import tool. All instructions and attachments in the package must be in a foreign language. In particular, in English. Only in this case, you can be sure that before you do the original product.

In addition, to forge “Odaban” is extremely difficult. After all, most of the fakes have a pungent and unpleasant odor. The original product has a neutral flavor. Or you will feel a slight smell of alcohol. Thus it is possible to distinguish a fake from a normal deodorant.

Antiperspirant “Odaban” application is not so wide as we would like. He treats people from sweating. But this means, as the doctors, has its drawbacks. For example, the possibility of allergies when using.

Such cases are not particularly common, but they happen. Patients present itching, and rash. In addition, in rare cases, the possible formation of pimples on the treated areas. So it is better not to use without consulting a physicians. They will tell you exactly how often and in what quantities it is necessary to apply the drug on the body.

As the doctors, “Odaban” negatively affects the health of Allergy sufferers. If you are prone to such phenomena, it is better to abstain from the use. You can always pick up a cheaper and less dangerous for you means. If you really want to try this medication, do so only after consultation with your doctor and follow his specific instructions.

Not for all skin

Negative reviews from doctors and customers “Odaban” and gets over the fact that it is not suitable for all skin types. That is, there are a number of contraindications. And this is assuming that you are not allergic. What are you talking about?

A very important point, which usually decided not to speak among physicians is that for damaged skin to use the tool impossible. “Odaban” reviews of doctors this plan does not receive the good. It means that to shave before applying the drug. And this fact is very upsetting to both consumers and physicians. It's a lot of nuances you have to follow to achieve the desired result. With the same success you can just buy the regular deodorant, and then to apply it daily to the skin and body.

Another very important point that also repels buyers – it is nothing like the discomfort during use “Odaban”. The truth is that such effects occur is not at all similar drugs. But if they appear, most buyers are trying to abandon his proposed goods.

We are talking about the burning and itching. And not for allergies. Such feelings arise for all consumers after applying “Odaban” at the body. And this fact, as has been said, not very happy. Rather, it repels. Because side effects for drugs valid. But the constant support thereof when applied – no. For this reason, people are not particularly strong in Russia trust “Odaban”. It's one thing when the medium is cheap and the other when a bottle of this spray costs about 600 rubles. In this case, people are trying to think several times before using a particular drug.

Time of action

According to doctors, antiperspirant “Odaban” must have a long action. But the reality is a little different. The thing is that “Odaban” is valid only 5 days instead of 10. That is 1 every 5 days you have to apply deodorant according to instructions.

If you try to put a spray on the body before, on the armpits formed a nasty plaque. He brings a lot of inconvenience to the customers. Especially when residue remains on clothes. To wash it is extremely difficult. So our magic bullet is a little different from the usual deodorant. Except that the composition, as well as a huge price.

Secrets opinions

Among all the reviews you can find both too good and bad feedback about Odobane. And it is not clear where such contradictory opinions come from. In fact, everything is extremely simple.

Manufacturer simply buys reviews. That is paying people to write good or bad opinions. This is a great way to scare away new buyers from the opponents, as well as an interesting and effective approach to attract potential consumers.

Is it worth buying

So, today we have figured out what the antiperspirant "Odaban" is. But now the most difficult question remains: is it worth paying attention to this product? After all, it is not so cheap as we would like.

To be honest, then everyone is responsible for himself. The only thing to advise is to consult with the doctor, and then make the decision. If you mind the money, you can use regular deodorant. It is a cheap and usual means. But the doctors will really have to spend money on “Odaban”. In principle, it is possible to do without it. But struggle with then you have long and in different ways.

Thus, it is possible at desire and opportunity to buy antiperspirant “Odaban”. In other cases it would be better not to make such sacrifices. Moreover, it is a tool to deal with sweating is not so simple to buy. Usually it is sold in pharmacies and specialized medical shops.

7-8 years ago there was a problem super sweating (elbows tech even). beautician advised odaban (did electrolysis underarms). she described to me a scheme by which the whole salon use this drug. first use 2 times a week, a month, next month, once a week, 2 months, 2 weeks, then once a month. so you treat the problem, not mask. now I use it 3 times a year. in the autumn-winter period 1 and twice during the hot months. I have enough. another important point: when before use, wash your armpits – you need to use plain soap (no shower gel or soap type giving). at night wash your armpits, wiped dry and caused odaban, in the morning wash with soap again. I still use antiperspirant deodorant, since I like to flavor. armpits are ALWAYS dry! and in the gym and on the dance floor and in hot countries (UAE, Egypt, etc.) on any photo I have no surprise wet armpits! used during pregnancy and lactation. since the riot of hormones the son in the transition to adulthood and started spraying him (but not course, as expected, but single). the cost has not changed sushestvenno for these 7-8 years, even after podorazhaniya of the dollar (perhaps the last bottle I bought is still at the old price). in Rostov the price was 600 R earlier and about 700 now. bottle is enough for 2-3 years. there is thus minus (if, certainly, to find fault with) the hole in the spray constantly dries up almost immediately after the first use, so use as a spray does not work. just Unscrew the top and pour a little on your fingers. I can not imagine HOW people live without it! tried many means, including the most popular analog – dry-dry – nonsense! only at the time of application. enough for 3 days. medicinal properties they possess. earlier there was a problem to get odaban (only through the order in the pharmacy, and not in every), he is now in the public domain, is almost everywhere!

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