The scientific style in the Russian language with respect to genre diversity is very rich and contains several varieties. To one of them belong essays, notes, theses, annotations. This type is called the "scientific information style", i.e. thanks to these genres, the reader obtains the necessary brief knowledge of a particular subject.

What is abstract?

If you open the first page of any book, you can immediately see a brief introductory information about it. This is the abstract. By and large, this is the name of a brief description of any work, be it a work of art, a dissertation, or an article. And how clearly it will be presented depends on whether the given study will interest the publisher or reader.Annotations to articles

The word "abstract" goes back to the Latin annotatio - remark. It can also be called a summary ("abbreviated" - from French). And in fact, and in another source contains the main essence of this genre.

What does annotation consist of?

The second part defines the audience for which the article is to be annotated. In this case, it is imperative to determine how accessible the language of presentation.

What functions does annotation do?

Annotations to the articles should: a) give a person who wants to get acquainted with the content of the study, the opportunity to determine its main meaning and understand whether this source has practical value for him; b) to facilitate the search for the necessary information and documents in scientific, as well as library and, in particular, automated systems.

Summarizing all the above, it should be emphasized that, with respect to the reader, the main function of the annotation is to facilitate a quick assessment of what is written in the article. And also to decide whether its content is worthy of more careful study.

Types of annotations

Depending on the nature of this genre can be divided into two groups. The first can be attributed to background annotations to articles. Their goal is to draw the reader’s attention to the features of this work, to the level of the information offered. What should be highlighted here? It is necessary:

Annotation to the article: its features

It is necessary to adhere to individual comments on the design.

  • So, the abstract to the article from the journal should be a compact, structured, informative and informative presentation of the main thoughts.
  • The style of presentation should be concise. Complex verbal constructions should be avoided.
  • The use of common words is excluded.
  • You can not write in the first person.
  • You should not use narrow technical or scientific terms that are not understandable to the majority of the readership.

Simply put, the presentation of the publication - this is the summary of the article. Examples of its use can be seen in various newspapers, magazines and textbooks.

Rules for writing annotations to articles

  • A brief description of the source being presented should not retell its content. It is impossible to transfer sentences or phrases from the article to the abstract.
  • Numbers, tables, text footnotes are inappropriate here.
  • Before you write an annotation to the article, you should know that the materials that are not mentioned in it, do not need to bring. This is extra information.
  • If the title of the article does not decipher the topic, the goals, the subject of the study, it should be done in the abstract.
  • The results of the work are described with accurate and extremely informative phrases.
  • It is worth mentioning the patterns and relationships found in the process of work, emphasizing their novelty.
  • Annotation language should correspond to the scientific and technical style, be simple, clear and concise. Unspecific wording, introductory words here should be excluded.

Abstract of the article in English is built on a single model with the Russian, of course, if published in our country according to Russian standards.

Rules for writing annotations to scientific articles

One of several important elements in the clear structure of the study is the creation of a brief description of it. Annotation to a scientific article is written upon completion of work on it after careful editing of a future publication.

Before you write an annotation to the article, you need to familiarize yourself with the standards for the design of such work.

  1. The introductory word should correspond to the title of the research topic.
  2. The purpose of the work must be indicated.
  3. It is necessary to describe its practical and scientific significance.
  4. It is possible to describe the methods / methodology of the work done, especially if they differ in the new approach and this will be of interest.
  5. It is necessary to sum up the main results and conclusions of the annotated study.
  6. To tell about the importance of the contribution made by this work to this or that branch of science.
  7. Emphasize the practical value of the research results.

An example of the annotation to the scientific article

In order to more objectively present exactly how a brief description of a particular source should be written, let us refer to the ready-made sample, because the examples speak for themselves, the examples speak for themselves.