The scientific style in Russian with respect to the genre variety is very rich and contains several varieties. One of them contains abstracts, abstracts, theses, and annotations. This kind is called "scientific-informative style", i.e. thanks to these genres, the reader gets the necessary brief knowledge about a particular subject.

What is an abstract?

If you open the first page of any book, you can immediately see a brief introduction to it. This is the abstract. By and large, this is the name of a brief description of any work, whether it is an artwork, a dissertation or an article. And on how clearly it will be stated, it depends whether the research of the publisher or reader is interested.Annotations to articles

The word "annotation" goes back to the Latin annotatio - a remark. It can also be called a summary ("shortened" - from French). And in that, and in another source contains the main essence of this genre.

What is the summary?

The second part defines the audience for which the annotated article is designed. In this case, you must certainly determine how accessible the language of presentation.

What functions does the annotation perform?

Annotations to articles should: a) give a person who wants to get acquainted with the content of the research, the opportunity to determine its main meaning and to understand whether this source is of practical importance for him; b) to facilitate the search for necessary information and documents in scientific, and also library and, in particular, automated systems.

Summarizing all of the above, it should be emphasized that, with respect to the reader, the main function of the annotation is to facilitate a faster evaluation of what was written in the article. And also decide whether its content is worthy of a closer look.

Types of annotations

Depending on the nature of this genre can be divided into two groups. The first can include reference annotations to articles. Their goal is to draw the attention of the reader to the peculiarities of this work, to the level of the information offered. What should be highlighted here? It is necessary:

Annotation to the article: its features

Should be followed and individual comments on the design.

  • So, the abstract to the article from the journal should be a compact, structured, informative and informative presentation of the main thoughts.
  • The style of presentation should be chosen concise. Complex verbal constructions should be avoided.
  • The use of common words is excluded.
  • You can not write from the first person.
  • Do not use narrow technical or scientific terms that are not understandable for most readership.

Simply put, the presentation of the publication - this is the abstract to the article. Examples of its use can be seen in various newspapers, magazines and textbooks.

Rules for writing annotations to articles

  • A brief description of the primary source presented should not retell its content. You can not move sentences or phrases from an article to an annotation.
  • Figures, tables, in-text footnotes are inappropriate here.
  • Before writing an annotation to an article, it is worthwhile to know that materials that are not mentioned in it should not be cited. This is unnecessary information.
  • If the title of the article does not decrypt its subject, objectives, subject of research, it is necessary to do this in the annotation.
  • The results of the work are described by precise and extremely informative phrases.
  • It is appropriate to mention the regularities and relationships discovered in the process of work, emphasizing their novelty.
  • The language of the annotation should correspond to the scientific and technical style, be simple, clear and concise. Unconfined formulations, introductory words here should be excluded.

Abstract on the article in English is built on a single model with the Russian, of course, if published in our country by Russian standards.

Rules for writing abstracts to scientific articles

One of several important elements in the clear structure of the study is the creation of a brief description of it. The abstract to the scientific article is written after completion of work on it after careful editing of the future publication.

Before writing an annotation to the article, you need to familiarize yourself with the standards for the design of such work.

  1. The introductory word must match the title of the research topic.
  2. The purpose of the work should be indicated.
  3. It is necessary to describe its practical and scientific significance.
  4. It is possible to describe the methods / methodology of the work performed, especially if they differ in a new approach and this is what will be of interest.
  5. It is necessary to sum up the main results and conclusions of the annotated study.
  6. To tell about the importance of the contribution made by this work to this or that branch of science.
  7. Stress the practical value of the results of the study.

An example of an abstract to a scientific article

In order to more accurately imagine how to write a brief description of a particular source, we will refer to a ready-made sample, since how the abstract is written to the article, the examples speak for themselves.