Starting to study a new language, first we learn the alphabet. Letters and sounds, parts of words, which then build phrases and sentences. Stage of learning English are different in the case of adults and children, however, they both face the stage of learning the alphabet as the basis for further progress. What methods are more effective? How to quickly learn the English alphabet and make it easy and based on fun activities? Consider the most popular ways for adults and children.

English alphabet: how to learn quickly and easily yourself at home

Songs, rhymes and tongue twisters

One of the most popular and effective ways is learning the alphabet, based on the perception of rhythmic music and rhymed verses. There are a large number of video and audio content developed by the methodologists and teachers all over the world for this purpose. It is based on fun entertaining song with a minimal set of vocabulary and speaking/singing the English alphabet. Melody, rhythm, and vivid picture in the video is just seared into memory, and learning becomes simple and easy. This method is suitable for both adults and children. You can put songs or videos to include a few days in a row even in the background, and the job is done. This approach gives a clear answer to the question how easy it is to learn the English alphabet.

Pictures, cards, posters and jigsaw puzzles

This method can be adapted for adults and for children from two years old, when they begin to show first attention to letters and sounds as such. It is important to maintain this interest. Hang around the apartment (office, bathroom, games/study area) cards, pictures, posters with the image of the letters or the entire alphabet. In this situation, the most effective method of Association. Each letter should be associated with the word, it begins.

How to learn the English alphabet with a child on the basis of the puzzles? It is recommended to use a ready-made or cut letter/card into several pieces and then assemble into a whole. If you have the opportunity to take in the company of several children, is effectively to engage in such a race or on the scores on the results. In this way it is easy to work out the individual letters, not from the entire alphabet. How to learn last an adult using these materials? The most effective is the method of cards depicting letters, audio transcription and expression.

Better to teach from the word or phrase. Each word is worked out by "spelling", that is, pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet. Works of visual, auditory memory and creative thinking. Next, you will not have problems with such a simple assignment like to dictate your email unfamiliar word or name when dealing with foreigners.

Outdoor games, motor skills

The answer to the question how to learn the English alphabet independently at home, can give and outdoor games. They are suitable mainly for children, since they learn mainly by playing. Soft toys in the form of letters, dice, educational materials, magnets and even cookies appropriate form suitable for the implementation of this goal. Show the children the ABCs in English. Call each letter a few times, repeat daily, practice the next day and the next opportunity.

Put the dance songs with the alphabet, educational cartoons aimed at the study and memorization of the topic. Let the child try to portray the body or the fingers form each letter with your help, to memorize the English alphabet. How to learn it faster, tell the Hobbies and preferences of the child. It is on them rely to make outdoor games interesting.

Children like the game "Engine", which uses a car with a trailer and a card with the letters. Parent "is" machine and periodically does stop with the "alphabetic" names. The child should be immersed with the appropriate card to the drive continued. It is best to remember that is saturated with images, emotions and fascinating details.

An indispensable tool in the study of the English alphabet with children of preschool and school-age children will be elastic clay or modeling dough. It is recommended to prepare stencils or blanks in the form letter forms. Then they are decorated with colorful "patches". It is possible to make beautiful letters out of clay or dough and bake them, turning it into interesting toys for further study. Joint work in this direction will also tell you how to learn the English alphabet with the child. Use clay for drawing on paper using your fingers and contoured shapes. Learn 1-2 letters in day, thus to better develop their visual memory.

Drawing and writing

Different versions of the albums with images of English letters to colour in will also help in the development of the alphabet. Is a suitable activity for children from three years. For preschoolers and pupils of elementary school age will help the recipe. There are special notebooks that will allow faster and more fun to learn the English alphabet. How to learn the names of the letters in a notebook? Exercise with your child. Call letter, disassemble its component form. It can be lines, circles, half circles, etc. make up together an Association that is similar or that the letter for the child.

Useful tips

Summarizing all the above, we can distinguish a number of individual recommendations that will direct the activities for the development of the English alphabet in the direction of effective memorization.

  • Posters in gaming and work areas for systemic perception and visual memory activity.
  • Songs, rhymes that you can listen to, sing and dance to them.
  • Educational videos, computer games and cartoons, focused on the filing and consolidation of the alphabet.
  • Coloring pages with letters and words.
  • Plasticine, dough for modeling, clay for creativity, which can be applied in a number of ways.
  • All tasks and games should be fascinating, saturated with images, contain any stories for more effective memorization and mastering.
  • It is important the constant repetition and consolidation for both adults and children, because of the nature of short-term and long-term memory. All of the above methods and materials will greatly facilitate the solution of the question how to quickly learn the English alphabet, and will give opportunities for interesting pastime with a child.

The study of any language begins with letters and sounds. Knowledge of the English alphabet will become a reliable tool for the further development of words, grammar, reading, pronunciation. And if children are playing, adults have to exert a little effort to learn the English alphabet. How to learn the letters and sounds of a foreign language without boring rote learning? Songs with funny motifs, posters, method of Association, the cards will help to achieve this goal.