For sure every girl or woman wanted to turn into her idol. So, many of the fairer sex dream of becoming the same as Angelina Jolie. Make-up in her style will be described in this article. You will learn the features of applying decorative cosmetics, as well as get acquainted with the nuances.

Makeup in the style of Angelina Jolie

This make-up is ideal for a romantic evening or a casual image. As everyone knows, Angelina Jolie prefers natural makeup. It is quite rare to see a star in a bright image with screaming tones on his face. Despite the situation, the actress tries to remain in her natural style.

To make Angelina Jolie's makeup (step by step), you need to prepare some materials. You will need a tonal base and several colors of the corrector, makeup brushes, black eyeliner and mascara. Also stock your lipstick and transparent shine. Do not forget about blush and eyebrows. Consider how to create a la Angelina Jolie makeup.

Before you start to apply makeup, you need to prepare the skin. Be sure to wash yourself. This will help remove unwanted skin fat. If necessary, use a scrub or peeling. After that, protonize the skin. To do this, wipe the face with a suitable lotion. After a few minutes, apply a moisturizing compound and let it absorb.

Next, it is necessary to disguise the skin imperfections. To do this, use the corrector. If you have age spots and freckles, then apply a tool with a purple hue on them. Red pimples and inflamed patches will help mask the greenish or olive corrector. It is necessary to apply such funds directly to defects. Do not shuffle compounds heavily. The next stage will be the imposition of a tonal basis or base. It helps to align the skin and smooth the transitions near the corrector. Do not forget about the neck area. The skin on it should not be very different from the dermis on the face.

Angelina Jolie: Eye Makeup

This popular actress tries not to put on dark eyelids. She prefers to use eyeliner and pencils. This makes the look expressive, without making it heavier.

Armed with a pencil for eyelids or eyeliner. Use exactly what is more convenient for you. Pull the outer corner of the eye and draw a straight line. It is on it you need to navigate when creating the arrow. Release the eyelid and complete the makeup. If desired, you can raise the arrow or lower it down. It all depends on your cut and the shape of your eyes.

Do not forget about the eyebrows. They are wide and thick in the star. Create the same you will help pencil or shadow. Choose the colors that are most appropriate to the shade of your hair. Do not overdo it with the color palette. Strokes should be confident, but not too prominent. Swipe the color with a wide brush with a bevelled edge.

Lips like a star

Many viewers remember their smile Angelina Jolie. The star can make up this part of the face in any color. Often these are reddish and pink shades. Also, the actress often appears on television screens with a colorless shine. You also need to rely on your own image when creating makeup. Consider the outfit and purpose of creating makeup.

If you need to get a color smile, then use a pencil-eyeliner. Apply a little more space than your lips. Then fill the interior with color. When using lip gloss, apply modern magnifiers.

Final moments

To maximize your image to the exterior of the star, you need to make final additions. Be sure to apply blush. Use a large wide brush. The color of this cosmetics should be combined with your skin and lips. For evening make-up, you can choose a blush with sparkles. Do not overdo it with color. Otherwise, you will look vulgar. After applying the decorative powder on the brush, blow a little on it.

Also, if necessary, use a compact powder. Apply it better not with a puff, but with the same brush as the blush. Be sure to pay attention to the nose and folds near the lips. Also lightly process the chin. Do not forget about the neck and décolleté zone.


You now know how to make make-up in the style of Angelina Jolie. Remember that in addition to the person, you need to arrange also stowage. This will help to maximize your image to the star. Also choose appropriate clothing. In this case, consider the style of the event that you are going to visit.

If you do not want to suffer and do this make-up yourself, contact the master. The make-up artist will quickly arrange your face, having reached the set purpose. Experiment and be beautiful!