Midfielder Andrei Yarmolenko is, by football standards, the old-timer of Dynamo Kiev, a mainstay and teacher for young people who come there. Perhaps that is why they are not in a hurry to let him go from their home team to European clubs. What do we know about this footballer?

Andrey Yarmolenko: biography of a football player

Andrei Nikolaevich Yarmolenko was born in Leningrad in the family of Ukrainians on October 23, 1989. Soon the family moved home to Chernihiv, where, from early childhood, Andrei showed a love of football. Coach Nikolai Lipovy took him to a football school. Young football player Yarmolenko persistently attended all the training. At first he played in the DUFL for the Chernigov club "Youth". Subsequently - for the Chernihiv "Desna", which was balanced at the junction of the second and first League.

Moving to Dynamo was a soccer player's dream since childhood. But the first attempt in 2003 was unsuccessful, he was not taken to the Dynamo Academy. However, in 2007 he was successful, because the breeders appreciated the game of Andrei and recommended to the head coach as the future great footballer.

He was taken first to the second team. Andrey's coaches at Dynamo-2 - Yuri Kalitvintsev and Gennady Litovchenko. During the first spring, Andrei Yarmolenko scored 4 goals, and in the next season - 6. The player is put in the backup Dinamo squad in 2007, where he scores 8 goals in 13 games.

In 2008, he was taken to the main team. For the most part, the player went on replacement, and since 2009, under coach Gazaev, the tenth number was firmly entrenched in the first team. The dream of a young football player has come true, which is a good example for those who work hard to achieve their goals.

The Marriage of Andrei Yarmolenko

Interestingly, Inna has been attending matches with her husband since 2009, when her first visit to the stadium was marked by Andrei's goal at the gates of youthful Italy.

Performance for "Dynamo" (Kiev)

In Dynamo, Andrei Yarmolenko has already played 8 full seasons, constantly adding to the game. No wonder the player received a captain's armband at this club. The most successful season can be considered 2014/15. when Andrew scored 14 goals and made 13 assists. Foreign breeders began to pay serious attention to him. Although the last season was not very successful, in general, Andrei’s game is distinguished by stability.

Some statistics: for 209 matches in the Ukrainian league in the Dynamo team, Andrey scored 84 goals (7 of them from the penalty spot), made 49 asists, spending an average of 79 minutes per game on the field. In European cups, he scored 18 goals and handed 17 assists.

The features of the game include his famous trick, which passes into the selection of the ball under his left foot and an unexpected twisted kick, spectacular sighted heel passes. He received recognition from the army of fans of “Dinamo”, but the striker distinguished himself not only in this club.

Yarmolenko and the national team of Ukraine

The football player's debut for the national team occurred in 2009 in a match against the national team of Andorra. In just 7 years, Andrei scored 24 goals in 65 games and became the second in the list of scorers in the national team.

In total, during his career, the football player scored 140 goals and 72 effective passes in 373 games.

The coaches appreciate the fact that Andrei Yarmolenko is a football player who performs a large amount of the most diverse work on the field. For example, he faithfully works in defense, can play the role of an attacker. Often, Andrei plays as an attacking midfielder, changing the flank of the attack, since it’s good for so many years he has played with his team-mates.

The prospect of transition to the European TOP Championship

Andrew’s salary is currently the highest in Ukraine - $ 5 million per season. And this is well deserved. It is not the first season that Andrei Yarmolenko is recognized as the best player of the year. For example, according to statistics, in 2016, Andrew struck the most shots on shots on target - 19, of which 9 goalkeepers failed to repel.

Recently, the figure of $ 22 million has appeared on the Internet - it is for so much that Dynamo is ready to give up a player in the Top Club of Europe. Many of them are interested in football player Yarmolenko Andrei. As the footballer's agent Chokhonelidze said, among the last serious proposals are the English Everton and the Spanish Seville. The Italian Napoli considers a football player to be the most suitable candidate for the role of a back-up midfielder, where José Kalejon now plays.

As for the long-awaited transfer of Yarmolenko to the top European football club, the footballer himself would like to have a game practice in one of the leading teams of the English or Spanish championship. We’ll probably find out where Dynamo midfielder Andrey Yarmolenko will go in the next 2-3 years.