Andrey Eshchenko is a football player (wife, photo of the athlete and his biography will be presented below), playing for the Moscow club Lokomotiv and the Russian national team. He worked a lot abroad. Tattoo lover.

Andrey Eshchenko is a talented Russian football player

Childhood and family

Andrei Yeshchenko was born in Irkutsk in 1984. At the age of nine, the boy was left orphaned. His parents died in a fire. The apartment of the Yeshchenko family has completely burned down.

My grandmother’s sister, who worked as a secretary at the plant, was in charge of raising Andrew. She issued custody of the boy. So that the hero of this article does not hang out on the street, the woman identified him in a boarding school. He spent five days there, and for the weekend he came to his grandmother's house. According to the memories of Yeshchenko, it was not easy at the boarding school. Of course, the kids there did not touch, but the teenagers got it pretty. You had to be able to stand up for yourself.

At first, Andrew was fond of basketball. The boy was engaged in this sport from the age of seven. Then a friend advised him to sign up for the football section. At ten years old, Eshchenko came to the local Zenit sports school. The first coach Andrei became Eugene Lensky. When Eshchenko grew up, he was invited to the team "Star". For this team the athlete played for over a year.

Carier start

In the "Star" Andrei Yeshchenko proved to be a purposeful and hardy football player. The Khimki trainer drew attention to him and invited him to his team. The young man quickly fit into the new team and went on the field in almost every match.

Soon Khimki managed to break into the Cup of Russia. In the game against CSKA, the coach gave Andrew the command to neutralize forward Wagner Love. Yeshchenko coped with the task 100%. The terrible Brazilian was never able to approach the gates of Khimki, although in the end, the army team, who had more experience, won.

Go to Dynamo

For Khimki, a talented athlete played for about a year. As it turned out, scouts of Dynamo Kyiv took note of him long ago. Dnipro, Arsenal, Dynamo Moscow - these are the teams from which Andrei Yeshchenko also received an offer.

The footballer eventually chose Kiev, although no one guaranteed that he would be in the main squad. Unfortunately, this is what happened. Andrew was not included in the main team. For Dynamo, the athlete played eleven matches and scored just one goal. After that, he was leased to Dnipro, and then to Arsenal.

Return to Russia

When Andrey Eshchenko became a free agent, he returned to his homeland. The young man immediately signed a contract with the Volga Nizhny Novgorod. For this team, the footballer played twelve matches.

In 2012, Eshchenko bought out Lokomotiv Moscow. In the new team, Andrew showed himself from the best side. Soon the athlete was invited to the national team. In September 2012, he made his debut match. Russian football players went against the national team of Israel.

The transition to "Anji"

In the spring of 2012 it became known that Andrei Eshchenko will soon play for a new team. Football player sold in Makhachkala "Anji". This event was accompanied by a scandal. The fact is that by the time of transition to the new team, Yoshchenko was the leading player of Lokomotiv, but the club received only one million euros for it. Such a sum was announced by the President of FC Olga Smorodskaya. For such a "deal" is extremely small money. Andrei signed a contract for three years.

Yeshchenko almost immediately joined the star team "Anji", becoming the right midfielder. In parallel, the athlete participated in all qualifying matches of the Russian national team.

In March 2013, Andrew received a very serious injury and for a long time dropped out of the game. After the cruciate ligament rupture, the player was treated and recovered for almost six months. Upon returning, Yeshchenko immediately got on the game with Tottenham. It happened in October 2013. The athlete appeared on the field at the beginning of the second half, replacing Serder Serderov.

Andrei Yeshchenko, whose biography was presented above, did not take part in the qualifying games of the national team due to injury. When the athlete recovered, he was again sent an invitation. At the end of 2013, the hero of this article came off the bench in the second half of the friendly match against the Serbian national team.

Tattoos - that's what Andrey Eshchenko likes to do to himself. A footballer is a frequent guest of the respective salons. Athlete's pads are associated with the teams for which he had to play. So, on the right bicep, Andrew is now eight stars. The last one appeared when a football player moved to Anji. Yeshchenko has long been thinking about making another big star, symbolizing the Russian team.

Andrew loves games, fighting and attacks. But vacation and fees for an athlete are boring and of little interest. At this time the football player practically does not lie on the sofa, but tries to occupy himself with something.

Personal life

Yeshchenko is married. Athlete's spouse name is Maria. Before the wedding, young people met for a rather long period of time, and the celebration itself took place in 2006. In 2013, the couple had a daughter, Alice.