Andrea Pirlo is an Italian footballer who currently plays for the American club New York City. He has already turned 37 years old, so it can be safely attributed to the veterans of football. Andrea Pirlo plays the role of the defensive midfielder, but in reality is a versatile center of the field and can be both a central and an attacking midfielder.

Carier start

Andrea Pirlo - the legend of Italian football

Andrea Pirlo was born on May 19, 1979 in Italy and already at the age of six began playing football at the academy with a small club "Flero", based in his native town Andrea. Three years later, he moved to another football academy at the club "Voluntas", and in 1992, when the boy was 13 years old, he passed a viewing in a professional club, speaking at that time in the Highest League, that is, in Serie A. great talent and eagerly took him to foster. Already in 1994, Pirlo made his debut in the adult team at the age of fifteen, and since 1996 he began to appear on the field quite often. When Andrea Pirlo turned 18, they signed a professional contract with him and secured him a place at the base that he more than deserved. And after the brilliant debut season, the midfielder, of course, noticed the largest clubs in the country. As a result, in the summer of 1998, 19-year-old Andrea moved to Inter Milan in Milan for two million euros.

Go to the "Inter"

Andrea Pirlo, whose biography from this moment began to develop at a high pace, immediately found himself in the starting lineup of the club - in the very first season he played 32 matches. But not everything went well with the young talent - more experienced players took his place on the field, so the club management decided to lease it. Football player Andrea Pirlo at that time was already known as a great talent, so many clubs wanted to get him for the season. The most successful in this was the "Regina", which rented Andrea for the season.

The season at Regina turned out to be just perfect for Pirlo - he showed his best side, having played 30 games and scored six goals. After that, he returned to Inter, and it would seem that he would need to allocate a place at the base, but the club had its own plans. During the first half of the season, Pirlo entered the field only eight times, so it was decided to lease it again, this time to his hometown, Brescia. There, Andrea won another 10 matches, and it was there that he retrained from a net attacking midfielder to a deeper center-field player, which made him much more efficient and useful for the team. Andrea Pirlo's goals began to happen much less often, but he began to give more successful and key passes, conducting the game from the depths. However, when he returned to Inter after the second lease, the management still did not find a place for him and sold the player for 18 million euros to Milan.

Playing for Milan

Milan was the real home for Pirlo, where he spent the ten best years of his career. He came to the club as a 22-year-old young talent and didn’t even immediately get a place in the base, but rather quickly proved that he is a very important player. As a result, over time, Pirlo became the key figure of Milan and one of the most important creators of the success of the club of that period. He played 401 matches for Milan, scoring 41 goals. During this time, the club won the Italian Championship twice, once the Italian Cup, and twice won the prestigious Champions League tournament.

Success at Juventus

So, the new club at 32 was for Juventus, Andrea Pirlo. And it was with the arrival of Pirlo in the team that the era of domination of the “old lady” in Italy began. Pirlo spent four years at Juventus, playing 164 matches and scoring 19 goals, and all four years the club became the champion of Italy, and in 2015 one Italian Cup was won.

However, in the summer of 2015, Pirlo decided that it was time to tie up with football - yet the age was making itself felt. But he did not finish his career, and acted as many players in age. He went to the US Championship, which does not have much prestige, but provides veterans of European football with impressive salaries.

Moving to USA

In the US, the season runs from January to December, so Pirlo arrived only in the second half of the season and played 13 matches in it. As for the current season of 2016, here he played 33 matches, marking his first goal for the new team. The player’s contract with the club is for one more year, that is, until December 2017, so Pirlo will still delight fans and American fans with his game for another season.

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