The name came from the Greek Anastasius (Anastas), which meant "risen", "rebellious." The name of the Indo-European word "hundred" is based on the name. Like a beautiful bird Phoenix, Nastya creates herself. She is responsible for her fate.

Anastasia: the mystery of the name, origin

A strong person who still needs human tenderness and support. The name can not be called simple or complex. Combining solid syllables (-a, -a) and a soft ending (-siya), the name gives the bearer a sharp mind, but at the same time a gentle soul. Perhaps, that is why the name suited every girl in ancient Russia. They were called by their children as princesses, and simple peasant women.

Now it's hard to say where and how long the story of the name Anastasia took. The first famous Nastya was the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise. Her date of birth is approximately 1023 AD.

Childhood of Nastia

As a true lady, Nastenka loves tales of beautiful princesses, associating herself with them. Years before the ten parents of Anastasia have a hard time - the child is difficult to force to remove the toys or put things in order in the room. But gradually Nastya comes to order herself. As an older woman, she begins to understand how important it is to keep the house clean.

The name of Anastasia for the girl promises many friends. Nastia is communicative, she is happy to open new people and share with them the bright sides of her soul. Among other children, not finding a child is sunnier than a little Nastya. She is loved in kindergarten and school for her direct character, unusual interests and even some fighting spirit.

In a child, in the most unusual way, opposite features coexist. The ability to be gentle is what Anastasia can be proud of. The mystery of the name allows the girl to be feminine or hard, depending on the situation.

As a child, she likes to choose her own nicknames. A child who asks to call himself Aska, Asya, Stasya, is distinguished by restlessness, curiosity and a positive outlook on life. It is like a small room vortex that blows everything in its path. Girls choosing the treatment of Nastyusha, Nastyushenka and Nastyushka are calmer. They are usually quiet, domestic, like to stay with their toys for a long time and put their entire plush zoo to sleep.

Youth and youth

Nastya possesses almost extrasensory intuition and can anticipate future events. If someone knows how to negotiate with men at work and at home, then this is Anastasia. The secret of the name gave her a unique sharp mind that helps to adapt to the world of men, where logic and calculation are valued. In negotiations and disputes, she knows how to find a compromise, almost always remains to be won.

Variability of mood and even some unpredictability gives Anastasia true femininity. Since her youth, she has attracted crowds of fans and is in no hurry to make a choice. However, if the sensual Nastya falls in love, nothing will stand in her way. When it happens that the object of sighing does not notice Anastasia, the girl uses all the female tricks to get his attention.

Nastya is a consistent and purposeful student. Studying in her own rhythm, she successfully passes all the exams. The knowledge is given to Nastya uneasy, information needs to be packed in the head on the shelves. But sooner or later the quantity turns into quality. The program is assimilated. If someone knows how to explain the material to other people, it's Anastasia. The name gave her the ability to skillfully pick the right words.

Nastya often helps laggards in studies, shares synopses, can easily explain complex topics. As an associate in her student years, Anastasia actively participates in various events and wins numerous awards. She likes to learn something new, to master work with mechanisms and electronics. Anastasia often fearlessly "lihachit" at the wheel of his car.

Adult Anastasia

Girls with the name Anastasia uneasy fate. Responsible and reliable, Nastya takes on the responsibility of carrying out all serious matters, both at work and in the family. She is a dedicated mother and a devoted wife. For the sake of her family, Anastasia goes to any sacrifice and overcomes any hardships. However, the owner of this name is important to see a big goal in front of him and boldly go to her.

If the meaning of life for her for a long time was the upbringing of children, then when they grow up, Nastya must find a new goal. The secret of the name, however, prepares career success for her or even a personal business. And life will again play with new bright colors.

When it comes to offenders, Anastasia can be tough. Despite some naivety and gullibility of Nastya, it is still not recommended to offend her. To the one who has passed to the girl with this name road, not long to wait for retaliatory actions. Anastasia can not be called vindictive or spiteful, but she can stand up for herself. Nastya coolly and wisely put the abuser in place, forever closing the door to his own heart for him.

Anastasia born in different seasons

Winter. The snowy and magical time of the year gives Nastya an icy restraint. Winter Nastia is prone to self-analysis and discretion, which often helps them in life.

Spring. The time of awakening of nature gives the name of Anastasia to the girl with femininity, amorousness. This girl wants to be protected and pampered. However, the gentlemen will often have to experience Nastya's whims and tears.

Summer. The girl, born in the hot season, is always open to communication, is aimed at the constant expansion of her range of interests. She with ease and inherent in her positive light kindles the hearts of people.

Autumn. Born in the shadow of crimson leaves, Anastasia grows dreamy and romantic girl. Is inclined to reflection and nostalgia for the past. She likes people and clothes of the last century. This is a magnetic and mysterious personality, to which the most diverse people are drawn.

Famous namesakes

Nastia prefers to spend her time with her family. Because of this, the name of Anastasia does not have many namesakes in the world of famous people. But the well-known Anastasios are memorable personalities. Having won the recognition of the public, they remain the focus of attention for decades.

  1. Nastya Zadorozhnaya. The actress became popular thanks to the youth series "Club" on MTV. Her major work was the role in the film "Love in the city". Now the actress is seriously pursuing his solo career, which is pretty good it turns out.
  2. Anastasia Melnikova. The name of the actress and the woman whose role she played Anastasia. The mystery of the name presented to the actress fame and popularity thanks to the first popular serila about the difficult life of the defenders of law and order – "Streets of the broken lanterns".
  3. Makeyeva Anastasia. Krasnodar, who conquered the serial niche. Known on the series "Network", "And yet I love", "One night of love." A wonderful actress and just a stylish woman.
  4. Grebenkina Anastasia. Famous Russian figure skater, participant of the show "Ice Age". This miniature and smiling sportswoman is also known for having opened a figure skating school.
  5. Anastasia Vertinskaya. The girl with the speaking eyes. Any emotion she could Express. For this it is necessary only to throw a glance from beneath lush lashes. Famous Soviet and later Russian actress. Memorable role-the main characters of the film "the amphibian Man", "War and Peace", "Anna Karenina" and others.

The fate of the name of Anastasia in literature, cinema and music:

  • Nastenka from the fairy tale "Morozko". An instructive tale of how greed and rudeness is defeated by kindness and generosity.
  • The story of Anastasia Romanova, daughter of Nicholas II, miraculously survived after the revolution, formed the basis of a beautiful and kind cartoon that children of all continents love.
  • The name got into proverbs: "Nastya-Nastenka - redskin coat, black-brow, beavers' fringe", "Nastia was enough when the gate was wide".
  • In 1979 Yuri Antonov recorded the same song. It was established on the verses of the famous Soviet Biophysics Leonid Handel. He was inspired by a girl named Anastasia. The name was euphonious for its harmonies, a unique song at the time did not exist. It quickly became a hit thanks to its extraordinary melody.
  • Sverdlovsk rock group "Nastya" was formed in 1986, headed by a permanent soloist Nastya Polevoy.

Professions of Anastasia

Nastia has a talent for studying since childhood, so she can easily cope with the profession of a teacher, a teacher, a methodologist. The name of Anastasia for the girl is chosen by those parents who want to see in their child a fine soul personality and artistic nature. This will provide a good service in the field of acting. The propensity to please others Anastasia can show as an animator or organizer of holidays.

The ability to understand and encourage the other will come in handy in the profession of a psychologist or psychoanalyst. The list of professions suitable girl, is not so limited. As a person multifaceted and creative, She can with equal success to Shine on stage and to treat people. Compatible names with Anastasia creative professions visible immediately. Usually from early childhood, Nastya knows who he wants to be.

Name Anastasia in different languages

A beautiful ringing name has long been loved not only by the inhabitants of Russia, but also by the European part of the globe. In Britain, this name sounds like Stacy (Stacey), in France - Anastasi, Naste (Anastasi and Nastya), in Germany - Nastja, Anastasija (Anastasia).

Nastya can be found even in the USA, Korea and Japan. You can even say that in many parts of the world, Anastasia was fond of. The meaning of the name, the character (its features) coincide with our interpretation.

Anastasia: the mystery of the name

Nastya receives an emotional boost from her relatives. The family is an unshakable fortress, a source of strength. Subject to the habit of dropping her hands and despair, Anastasia needs a strong-willed man. The feeling of a strong shoulder is extremely important for her. A right and strong person helps her to filter out numerous acquaintances and protects them from lies and betrayal.

Nastya is a good housewife and a devoted wife. She likes to do housework, to create coziness. Choose curtains and cover festive tables. Nasta has a sense of style and the ability to create beautiful things. Many owners of this name are engaged in needlework.

Choosing a life partner

Nastya does not hurry with the choice of a life partner. She should thoroughly know the man before you become his wife. Names matching Anastasia to create relationships: Alex, Askold, Benedict, Vladimir Vlas, Gennady, Gerasim, Herman, David, Denis, yevdokim, Yemelyan, Ivan, Ignat, Ilya, Joseph, Hippolytus, Herakles, Kassian, Klim, Maxim, Michael, Joseph, Paul, Prochorus, Sava, Samuel, Svyatoslav, Sergei, Stephen, Timothy, Philip, Thomas, Edward, Eldar, Yuri, Jan.

Marriage and relations are possible after certain compromises with people: Cyril, Constantine, George, Gleb, Nikolai, Arseny.

To achieve a full understanding of love and marriage will come with the media following names: Vadim, Vitali, Nicholas, Stanislav, Philip, Glen, Martin, Martin. But do not forget that Anastasia is the name of the strong-willed. Flexible allows you to find Nastia approach to any person.

Compatibility of names Anastasia with patronymics

A different middle name comes up to the name. It is simple phonetically, since it has convenient syllables that are easy to pronounce. If in the father's name there are no consonants and cacophonous combinations of sounds standing nearby, the name Anastasia comes up to him. The name and nature of the sound of the syllables will be combined with the following.

For example, the consonant and capacious patronymic for Anastasia will be: Sergeevna, Vitalevna, Viktorovna, Ivanovna and others. But Stanislavovna is an example of a bad middle name, where there are solid consonants next to each other (st. -S-, -vn).

The patrons of Anastasia