Russian figure skating exists in an environment of incredible competition. Often, high-quality athletes change their sports citizenship in order to compete in the world championships and the Olympic Games. One of these figure skaters is Anastasia Grebenkina. The girl's biography abounds with twisting turns. She brilliantly rode in a pair with Vazgen Azroyan, first introducing Russia. Then the partners started to play for Armenia because of the increased rivalry within the national team.

Sports career

Anastasia Grebenkina was born in the Latvian SSR in 1979 and began skating at five years in this country. With twelve years she began to skate in group N. Dubrovina. Under her leadership, the athlete began to achieve initial success. On account of its victory in the championship of Latvia in 1993 and 1994.Anastasia Grebenkina: famous Russian figure skater

Then came the move to Russia. In 1996, Anastasia Grebenkina began to ride together with Vazgen Azroyan. Athletes achieve certain success. At the Russian championships, they are consistently among the top ten.

Soon the duo disintegrates. Vazgen Azroyan finds himself a new partner - American Tiffany Hayden. With it, he begins to represent Armenia. Anastasia Grebenkina remains in Russia and continues her career with Vitaly Novikov.

In the end, the old partners overcome the old differences, and the pair re-reunites in 2003. Together with Vazgen, Anastasia begins performances under the Armenian flag. Three times in a row they become champions of Armenia, perform at the Olympic Games in Turin. True, they did not achieve special success there, taking only the 20th place. The greatest achievement of the pair is the bronze medal at the Grand Prix stage, mined in 2005. This award was the first for Armenia at such large tournaments.

Speaking at the European championship 2008, Anastasia Grebenkina falls on the ice and gets hurt. After that, the athletes decide to finish with big-time sports.

Star of TV screens

Not only thanks to sports achievements became known Grebenkina Anastasia. Figure skating was her pass on the television screens. In 2006 she and her partner Vazgen Azroyan take part in the television project "Dancing on Ice". Rolling along with Sergei Lazarev, Anastasia even reached the final stage of the television show.

However, this caused anger in the Federation of figure skating. After all, at that time Grebenkina and Azroyan still participated in international sports competitions. And the participation of athletes in the show with elements of refereeing was equated with professional performances, which was in contradiction with the ISU policy.

In 2008, after with sports Anastasia Grebenkina again involved in ice shows. After shooting the project, she has even released her own line of designer skates.

But not only as a figure skater proved to Anastasia. Bright, charismatic athlete made a strong impression on the TV crew, and invited her to star in the TV series "Star Empire." In this film she got the showy role of the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

Personal life

After his sports career Anastasia Grebenkina is thinking about creating a family. Chosen athletes became a restaurant business owner Yury Goncharov, whom she married in 2009. Soon they had a son Ivan.

Grebenkina finished with great sport, but did not leave her favorite thing. She organized a figure skating school, where qualified tutors teach the basics of mastery of all comers.