New federal educational standards have already been introduced at the stage of pre-school and primary education. Analytical reference, compiled on the implementation of the GEF, has a certain structure, and it has clear requirements.

The purpose of writing analytical information

According to the PEP NOU, throughout the whole school year, the teachers are given certain tasks:

  • The formation of the kids active citizenship.
  • Assist in self-development.
  • The formation of norms of behavior through involvement in role-playing games.
  • Preservation and strengthening of physical and mental health of children.

Features of analytical information

An analytical report on the results of work for a certain time period is compiled. It involves a detailed analysis of the ownership of the teacher (teacher) technologies developed to implement the standards of the second generation.

Analytical reference on GEF: structure and features

It is necessary to indicate the time during which the inspection was carried out, and the person to whom the analytical report was drawn up is provided with information on the number of pupils (students), the mode of work, the number of shifts, the duration of classes (lessons).

The analytical reference on the Federal State Educational Standards is compiled taking into account the educational and methodological kit chosen by the teacher, and all modern requirements for the work and rest regime imposed by SanPiN.

Sample of analytical information

Analytical reference compiled for elementary school. 255 people are trained (10 classes) according to the Federal State Educational Standard. Mode of operation - five days in two shifts. Lessons in grades 2-4 are 45 minutes, in 1 classes - 35 minutes. The teacher teaches children in the Harmonia Educational Complex, School of Russia, and Zankov Developmental Education System. The timetable is based on the performance of students during the day. The ranking scale of the items used by SanPiN is also taken into account.

The working group included representatives of the administration, teachers of the highest qualification category, with experience in testing the GEF. Analysis of the methodological and educational literature showed that the teacher chose materials that fully meet the goals and objectives of the standards of the second generation.

Variant of writing analytical information on the work of the OS GEF framework

An analytical report showed an increase in students' desire for self-education and self-development. The teacher pays special attention to extracurricular activities, involves children in project and research activities. Prizes of students at competitions and conferences at the regional and federal levels confirm the high qualification of the teacher, his ability to work on new educational standards. The method of analysis at the OS was used to assess the quality of conditions for high-grade education, assessed the building and the school site, analyzed the IR equipment used, the completeness of artificial and natural lighting, catering in the school canteen, the functionality and equipment of the medical office.

According to the results of the audit, the full compliance of all indicators with the standards used in primary school was revealed. The OS has a sufficient number of multimedia projectors, electronic and print media, video and audio materials. The regulatory and legal framework of the educational organization is systematized taking into account the federal, municipal, regional level. Particular attention is paid to the educational program aimed at developing among students in grades 1–4 of the idea of ​​the rules of a healthy lifestyle. The spiritual and moral development of younger schoolchildren is being carried out, corrective work is being carried out.


New educational standards impose new requirements on the level of preparation of a 4th grade graduate. In order for the child to fully satisfy all the standards regulated by the GEF, teachers use modern teaching and learning complexes in their work, find an individual approach to the full development of each student. Special attention is paid to talented and gifted children. The teacher acts as a consultant (tutor) who guides the child to the path of self-development and self-improvement.

Analytical reference in preschool is similar in its structure, content, style of presentation. The main difference is in the focus on gaming technology used by the teacher in the work. All teachers working on the standards of the new generation, conduct diagnostic studies. With their help, teachers and child psychologists identify and measure the level of success of their students, determine the degree of assimilation of individual topics, determine the main gaps in knowledge, and eliminate them in a timely manner. With skillful management, students will be able to achieve quite good growth rates in a short period of time, which is the main task of the standards of the second generation.