The composition of all types of aromatic products include the same components:

Depending on the percentage of these substances, products of the same brand are obtained, with one smell, but with different names. How do they differ?

Forms of release

Usually, each of the flavors are produced in several forms. Major:

  • perfume (perfume);
  • eau de parfum (toilet perfumes);
  • eau de Toilette;
  • cologne.

The odorous substances in them are not less than 20 percent. There are spirits in which it is more than 30 percent. The highest quality alcohol in which aromatic oils are dissolved is 96 percent. Because of this, spirits acquire a very high resistance. As a result - a significant price of these products.

Amor Amor

Eau de Parfum

Contains aromatic substances not less than 15 percent. Usually available in spray bottles. Eau de parfum is a little less stable, but cheaper, it is convenient to use and carry it in a bag. Some perfume houses produce all women's fragrances in the form of toilet perfumes.

Eau de Toilette

It has from 4 to 20 percent of aromatic oils. Accordingly, it is cheaper than the previous two types of products. This type has its advantages: even with careless spraying of toilet water, you cannot make yourself look like a flowerbed. This form of release is popular with many women who prefer low-key and discreet fragrances.

Men's fragrances are usually produced in the form of toilet water. Although sometimes under this name lurk real perfume.

For its production using 70 percent alcohol, which dissolves from 3 to 10 percent of aromatic substances. Sometimes it is called toilet water for men, so as not to scare them too “female” name.

Perfume "Amor Amor"

This is a very bright, noticeable and even provocative aroma of a floral series.

"Amor Amor" - perfumes that cause a lot of controversial reviews. One they like, others cause rejection. Produces their French perfume house "Kasharel." Where did his name come from? Kasharel is a small bird with a green plumage.

In the seventies of the last century, with the help of L'Oreal, the founder of the house Jean Bousquet produced the spirits Anais Anais, which are still in demand in many countries today. Gradually, Kasharel expanded its production and became an independent and well-known perfume house in the fashion world.

Spirits "Amor Amor" "Cacharel" presented to the world in 2003. This is a truly feminine fragrance. But not every woman will decide to wear it on herself. What is the difference between wearing just a romantic name "Amor Amor" perfume?

Fresh and bright aroma contains floral and fruity notes. From fruit it is black currant, orange and grapefruit. Heart notes are apricot and tender spring flowers (jasmine, lily of the valley, rose). The base includes vanilla, musk, cedar, amber. Musk helps him to be closer to the skin.

For more than ten years, the Amor Amor perfume "Kasharel" has not ceased to attract attention. Reviews of many buyers say that this is a wonderful smell. Indicate that it emphasizes femininity and sexuality.

Buyers like the design of the bottle. He himself has the usual cylindrical shape, simple and refined. The bottle is decorated with two red roses. And the bottom white - the name. The silver cap completes the composition. The bottle is both insolent and innocent.

The smell of these perfumes is a light, barely noticeable aroma. He provokes, seduces and tempts. When you hear it, there is an image of a bright, self-confident woman, with dignity accepting attention and even misunderstanding of others. This is a perfume for women who know how to present themselves.

However, user reviews emphasize that the fragrance is not vulgar or annoying. Moderately sweet and moderately saturated.

Often, perfumes are purchased with body cream and shower gel.

Day or evening

Reviews indicate that the perfume "Amor Amor" – passionate and exciting, but not so attractive to make use of them every day.

But perhaps this is due to the scrubbing effect, because many people use this scent. Often there are people in the transport, on the street, using Amor Amor (perfume).

The cost of spirits depends on their volume. 30 ml costs approximately one and a half thousand rubles, 50 ml — two thousand, 100 ml — three thousand rubles.

Who is the fragrance for?

Reviews say that Amor Amor is a perfume that is not suitable for all women. On each of the fair sex they smell differently. This is largely due to the physiological characteristics of a person, each of which has its own smell of skin. In some, it is combined with the scent of perfume, but not for others. And still need to take into account other factors: cream, deodorant and even shampoo.

But even more than the combination of smells, affects the inner world of man. This perfume - fragrance is not for young girls, and for the self-confident young women. Reviews of some buyers say that they do not see it on adult women. But many of them successfully use it. After all, sexuality and confidence in its beauty and attractiveness is not directly related to age.

User feedback notes that immediately after applying it smells of orange. But after half an hour he becomes light and unobtrusive. However, the flavor is passionate and exciting.

Persistence of aroma

All consumers say persistence of flavor. Top notes disappear quickly, and the loop remains. One drop will smell sweet all day.

Perfume is very economical. It suffices to spray them once or twice. Therefore, the perfume does not end for a long time.

Perfume "Scarlett" from "Kasharel"

Aroma captivates admirers from the first breath. He is both gentle and sensual, while not at all cloying. It smells like green tea. The fragrance fits most women. Uplifting, soothes the nervous system.

The fragrance is suitable for summer and spring. Can be used for daytime use and evening exits. It is said that in summer it is more daily. In winter, you can use the day and evening.

On cold winter days, you can get a bottle of perfume and hear the fragrance of spring ..

"Forbiden Kiss"

To the usual aromas of fruits and flowers for these perfumes, there is added a temperamental aroma of Madagascar pink pepper (top notes). The heart is represented by a white peony, an exotic frangipani flower and the invigorating smell of coffee. And as a train, their traditional musk, vanilla and their intrinsic wood motifs pass through.

"Amor Amor Absolute" from "Kasharel"

Perfume "Cacharel" is sold in vials of 50 ml.

Base notes are added in addition to the typical pineapple and praline.


Not everyone likes the perfume "Amor Amor". Reviews of many women and even men say that it is unpleasant for them. Some people say with humor that these perfumes are a riot of fragrances in a somewhat compote form.

For many, it is a very sweet and very persistent. They say that to get rid of the scent is very difficult.

Some note that the weathering of the charm disappears and only the smell of cheap perfume. Many consider the flavor too cloying and intrusive. Some even feel sick and dizzy from the smell.

Those who do not like "sultry" smells, it is better not to buy it.