Thanks to its advanced design, the travel bags and Luggage brand American Tourister combines high strength, lightness and maneuverability. The inner side lining trimmed with smooth fabric to protect your clothes, and packing straps are good at keeping in clean packing. Your journey can be made more enjoyable with the right road accessories.

American Tourister: a suitcase on wheels

Stylish travel accessory

Travel in style will help fashion accessories in travel accessories American Tourister. A suitcase of this world famous brand developed by the most meticulous way to satisfy the discriminating tastes of today's customers.

For a variety of tastes and needs there are numerous options of design, colors, certain characteristics. When selecting cases it is important to take into account their maneuverability, and a suitcase on wheels American Tourister meets the highest standards through the use of innovative design and durable yet lightweight materials.

Right choice

Travel bags famous brand have an ergonomic design, equipped with padded shoulder straps to reduce load on the shoulders, wire mesh partitions and set partitions help to make stacking things easier and neater. In different variations of available hard and soft Luggage bags. When buying suitcases you can choose both two-wheeled and four-wheeled models.

Soft Luggage bag made of strong and durable polyester. Most models feature side and top handles for easy carrying. Suitcases American Tourister, suitcase in particular, have a wide palette of colors, including black, purple, brown, as well as more colorful options. Hard Luggage is made of two materials – polypropylene and polycarbonate.

The main priorities of the company

The story of the famous American brand was started in 1933 in the city of Providence (state of Rhode island, USA), when its Creator, Sol Koffler decided to create a tough and durable bag and sell it for one dollar. Since then the company has gone a long way to create a unique innovative style. Numerous experiments with design and new technology has made the products of American Tourister (a suitcase, bag, Luggage) is preferred for a large number of tourists around the world. The company guarantees the safety and durability of their products.

Initially, the main priority of the company to create suitcases was the strength and availability of the product. The growth needs of the average tourist was changing and growing the firm. For decades, introduced various innovations to improve the technical and design characteristics of the product. The company proudly boasts the title of pioneer in his field.

American Tourister (suitcases): user reviews

In the opinion of the average buyer, an important advantage of modern suitcases are wheels that facilitate its movement. Simplicity and ease of use suitcases with wheels is that it uses the same technology as in roller skates. Wheels roll in one direction and attached to one side of the body (two-wheeled suitcase) or located on both sides (four).

Most new models are equipped, at least four twin wheels that move in all directions, not just back and forth. This ensures additional stability. The owners of these suitcases speak of them only from a positive side, and that's because when you move you do not want to exert much effort.

Any product of the line “American Tourister” suitcase, bag, backpack or purse has excellent characteristics. The brand continues to grow, its representative offices are present in more than 90 countries around the world. Related to the brand American Tourister suitcase on wheels combines lightness and spaciousness, the well-organized interior space with various compartments. The main advantage is that there are 4 wheels, and it greatly improves the maneuverability when moving through narrow passageways in a plane or train. Buyers usually attracts a good balance of price, quality and reliability, and brand products fully comply with these parameters.