There are many talented players in the American National Basketball League, but only a few of them are called outstanding, placing them in the Basketball Hall of Fame. One of these basketball players is Allen Iverson, who during his career has achieved significant success, for which he received the title of world top player.

Allen Iverson: the biography of a basketball star

First basketball successes

One of the world's basketball stars has a very eventful and interesting biography. Allen Iverson, studying at school, became interested in American football and dreamed of becoming a professional player, but at 9 years old the mother of a young American boy enrolled him in a basketball camp. At first, Allen was unhappy with the decision of the mother, however, having begun to demonstrate an incredible level of skill due to the speed and ability to read the course of the game, he got a taste and basketball became his second favorite sport. Taking part in both school teams, young Iverson achieved high results, and due to the close attention of a number of university breeders, he made a choice in favor of basketball.

Ten years of success

Allen Iverson was already at the university as close to professional basketball as possible. Once in the team under the leadership of John Thompson, the player showed a fantastic game on the court, quickly hitting the starting five. At the end of the first season at the NCAA, Allen Iverson, whose weight and height made him almost elusive for his opponent, was recognized as the first star of the league, and after another season in the student championship, the young American nominated for the NBA draft.

Buy a promising basketball player first number decided “Philadelphia”. In those years, the composition of “filov” was quite weak, and Iverson Allen quickly became a key player in the club. In the NBA, the young talent quickly received the unofficial title of the fastest - due to his speed, he easily passed any defense, and in the first season gained an average of 23.5 points per game.

With each season, despite the unsuccessful performance of the team as a whole, Allen progressed before our eyes, and in 1998 signed a new agreement with “Philadelphia” for a period of 6 years. Club coach Larry Brown, who tried to pull the team out of a lingering series of failures, turned the basketball player into the position of attacking defender, and having opponents of overall and less agile players, Allen easily scored points, providing an excellent result for the team.

As a result, for the first time in a long time, the team was able to get into the playoffs, where it lost in the second round, but proved to be a powerful opponent. The remaining years of the contract, Allen worked with maximum dedication, several times getting into the first national team of the NBA stars, and since 2000, regularly calling for the match of all the stars. In 2001, “Philadelphia” was even able to become the champion of the Western Conference, but in the rest of the seasons the team’s results were more modest. And in 2006, the club exchanged it in “Denver”, thus parting after 10 years of cooperation.

NBA Tour

After “Philadelphia” Iverson Allen did not stay long in the new clubs, although he consistently showed a decent level of play, albeit less high than in the “76s”, due to a change of position on the court and a decrease in playing time. Having played two seasons for the Denver club, in November 2008, the basketball player moved to Detroit. The new team did not suit the player - the mentor “Pistons” put on an uncomfortable position for Allen, because of which he could not prove himself. A year later, Iverson moved to Memphis, where he did not stay too long, soon breaking off the contract.

Return to “Philadelphia”

In November of the same year, the fans of “Philadelphia” were delighted by the news that the legend of the club Allen Iverson is returning to the team. But the arrival of the main star of the end of the 20th century was unsuccessful. Due to family problems, Allen rarely went to the site, and in the spring of 2010 representatives of the club said that Iverson would not play for his first club anymore.

Business trip to Turkey and end of career

In October 2010, Allen Iverson, despite personal problems and the lack of proposals from the NBA clubs, signed a two-year agreement with the Turkish Besiktas. However, the basketball player failed to play the entire contract - three months later he returned to the United States, where he was operated on his knee.

After rehab to Turkey, the player has not returned, announcing in his homeland about the end of his career because of the desire to concentrate on personal life, as well as existing health problems. After 5 years, the merits of the basketball player in the NBA were appreciated by experts, and Allen Iverson became a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, in which since 1959 there were less than 400 people, of whom only half are NBA players.