Fargasova Aliya Mustafina – Russian athlete, gymnast. She did not once won world and European Championships. Suffered several serious injuries. In 2012, he was named athlete of the year in Russia (gymnastics). In 2016, Aliya Mustafina got married. She is an honored master of sports of the Russian Federation. Aliya is one of the best modern gymnasts.

Aliya Mustafina born 30 September 1994 in Yegoryevsk, Russia. Her mother, Elena Kuznetsova, a teacher of physics. Father, Farhat Mustafin, is a professional wrestler of the Greco-Roman style. When Aliya was born, he worked as a coach at CSKA. From Mustafina's younger sister Nailya. She too is engaged in gymnastics and has become a master of sports. At the sisters ' grandfather and maternal grandmother – from the Moscow region and his father is from Nizhny Novgorod.Aliya Mustafina: biography and personal life


Aliya Mustafina, like everyone else, have graduated from high school. He then entered the sports University. But to be a coach in the future she does not want. While the choice of University was successful, as the champion was able to combine training, competition and study. Aliya understands that higher education is useful to her in the future. The first time she will be able to work as a coach, and then maybe you will find something for everyone.

The first workout

Six-year-old aliyah led to a gymnastics dad. After a while she began to win victories in their first competition. On the third Olympics she was awarded five gold medals. But soon quit. The reason was a quarrel with the coach, D. Kamalova. After some time alia went back to her classes. But already the new coach Alexander Alexandrov. With him the young athlete found a common language.

In the junior group

In 2007, Aliya Mustafina Fargasova performed at informal competitions among juniors in Yokohama. From there, she brought home five silver medals, losing 5 gold Rebecca Bross. In 2008, the Clermont-Ferrand European Championships Aliya took the team tournament first place, and in the all-around – silver.

Adult career

In 2009 the championship of Russia the athlete got the gold, second the same medal for the team competition. In a separate combined events took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Cup – victory in the all-around. These competitions were qualifying, but since immigration had not yet turned 16 years, she was unable to get to the world Cup.

With the world gymnasiade Mustafina brought 5 gold medals and one silver. After a long break, she again started to participate in the competition since 2010 At the European Championships Aliya Mustafina took gold and two silver medals. In Rotterdam in the national team participated in the tournament for the Open the Japan Cup.

Aliyah was examined by German doctors and was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left knee. Needed an operation. It was held April 13 in a special clinic. After the surgery required a long rehabilitation. The result is Aliya Mustafina missed the world Cup and to train again only three months after the injury.

Many wondered how Mustafina quickly recovered because the injury was very heavy. Andrei Rodionenko believed that aliyah now there fear of speaking and it will not even allow to maintain the level of achieved skill. But Aliya was sure that the fear she has and never will be.

2012 Olympics

And indeed, she soon fully recovered. In the 2012 Olympic games in London, where Aliya has distinguished himself again by winning another gold, silver and bronze. As a result, the athlete became the most decorated Russian woman. For achievements champion personally congratulated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko and the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. In an interview, alia said that to quit gymnastics is not going and will continue to prepare for the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


A few days before the competition, the champion was very cold. The doctors allowed her to participate in the Universiade 2013, but the difficulty was that Aliya missed a week of training. And athlete once again proved their professionalism, winning gold and second place.

Aliya Mustafina participated in the world championship 2013 In the final day she was on the 4th position. But managed to win two bronze medals. And on the final day Mustafina won another gold. In 2014 at the European Championships in Sofia athlete again got bronze. And in June she was made in Germany operation on his leg. Rehabilitation took a month. But in August, Mustafina again won another victory for the Cup of Russia. And then the champion had to be treated back in Germany.

Valentina Rodionenko, head coach of the Russian national team, believes that the nature of aliyah rather complicated. But there are very good quality: if necessary, it can be quickly assembled. Coach Alexander Alexandrov I am sure that all the Champions of the characters difficult. But it is flexible and does not like. And yet Aliya is different from the rest. She is the toughest student. The father of aliyah agree with the coaches, but adds that his older daughter at the same time very vulnerable.

Personal life

Personal life champion quite romantic. Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev met in the fall of 2015, They are the same age. Introducing young people occurred in the hospital. Elect aliyah – athlete, and they are both recovering from injuries. The novel has received rapid development.

But with the wedding the young people were not in a hurry. Their love was tested by time. Meetings were rare – between training, competitions and lasted a whole year. Did not prevent the fact that Aliya and Alex live in different cities. But finally came the news that after a year after the meeting of the wedding of Aliya Mustafina.

Her choice has not so many awards as his lover. But he already took the first places in the Championships of Europe and Russia. While his age in bobsleigh is equivalent to a Junior. So young plenty of time to conquer Olympus sports. Wedding Aliya Mustafina and Alexey Zaytsev took place on 3 November 2016.

Young as, and would not began to organize a magnificent celebration. Everything was modest, at home. The wedding was held at the home of Alex, in Krasnodar. To the last did not know about it not only the media, but even coaches and friends. Joyful event the lovers are kept secret until the last moment.