The bank was founded in December 1990 in the form of LLC. The license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for conducting operations was issued in 1991. Within six months, Alfa-Bank received a foreign exchange license, and in December 1992 opened the first branch. In 1993, he became a member of the MICEX. From that moment began the rapid development of the organization:

1994 - joining SWIFT and MasterCard payment system.

1995 - opening of a representative office in the capital of the United Kingdom.

1996 - joining Visa.

1997 - the bank became a pioneer in the field of Eurobond issuance.

January 1998 - reregistration from LLC to OJSC.

July 1998 - the merger of "Alfa-Bank" with the group of companies "Alfa-Capital".

Alfa-Bank OJSC survived relatively calmly; the addresses of its branches in Moscow will be presented later, the financial crisis. The institution did not stop paying the depositors and regularly repaid Eurobonds.

Alfa-Bank: branches in Moscow

The first difficulties the bank had in 2004. Then the institution faced a massive outflow of capital (the bank lost 20% of deposits). Even the commission for withdrawal of the deposit entered by 10% (this amount was later compensated to the depositors) was not able to withhold the customers. Capital outflows in the amount of $ 649 million, shareholders had to compensate for personal funds. The management of the bank blamed the newspaper Kommersant for the occurrence of a panic, and after a long time it was suing her.

It is quite easy to learn round-the-clock branches of Alfa-Bank in Moscow. The bank has a pronounced logo. From the moment of its foundation until 2005, it was a circle against the background with blue stripes and the letter “A”, the name of the institution was written in large letters at the bottom. Now the logo is a red letter “A”, under which the horizontal bar is located, next to it is the name of the bank in bold.


The parent capital is owned by ABH Financial Ltd (Cyprus). The blocking stake (75%) belongs to Alfa Group, indirect control of which is exercised by Mikhail Fridman (36%), German Khan (approximately 28%), Andrei Kuzmichev (18%). The Board is headed by Andrei Sokolov.


Alfa-Bank is a universal financial institution that works with businesses and citizens. The service is also carried out using Internet banking.

In 2004, the bank joined the state deposit insurance system. High performance indicators allowed the institution to earn the confidence of the regulator as soon as possible. It was with its filing that the DIA in 2013 ordered the bank to sanitize the problematic PJSC Baltiysky. Vneshprombank, Otkritie, MDM, Binbank, Novikombank also participated in this process. The Central Bank has allocated a tranche in the amount of 60 billion rubles for the restoration. By 2020, it is planned to reduce the organization’s capital to one ruble and to merge it with OJSC Alfa-Bank, whose branches in Moscow will be presented below.

The total network includes 20 thousand terminals through which customers can repay credit debt without a fee. The bank issued 6 million cards, of which 1.3 million are payroll cards.

Alfa-Bank is a large stable and developing institution that serves individuals and corporate clients, constantly expanding the range of services. Among the achievements of the organization should be noted the successful development of the foreign exchange market. The volume of transactions in this segment at the initiative of the bank exceeded 13 trillion rubles. Since 2015, the organization is on the list of backbone.

Branch network

In Moscow at st. Kalanchevskaya d. 27 is the head office. Alfa-Bank branches in Moscow by metro stations are presented in the table below:

Here is such a voluminous and useful table. It presents the main offices of Alfa Bank in Moscow by metro stations. In total, 670 bank branches have been opened in the Russian Federation. There are also branches in the Netherlands (Amsterdam Trade Bank), the USA, the UK and Cyprus. 25 thousand employees are engaged in customer service.

The Alfa-Bank group, whose addresses in Moscow were previously presented, also includes subsidiaries in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. All of them serve about 278 thousand corporate and 14 million individuals. Since 2017, Alfa-Bank OJSC has been the official bank of FIFA.

Branches and ATMs in Moscow of this financial institution are located practically at each metro station and in large shopping centers. Even if the client can not withdraw funds from the "native" ATM, he can use the services of a partner bank. The financial institution has entered into agreements with credit organizations on the sharing of terminals. The partner network includes Rosbank, Promsvyazbank, MDM and Baltiysky. Customers in Moscow can use the terminals of CB UBRD and Credit Bank.

Mode of operation of OJSC Alfa-Bank

Branches in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation work every weekday from 9:00 to 17:30, some until 18:00. Most branches also work on Saturdays from 09:59 to 17:00. In particular, these are branches located in the areas of Kuznetsky Most, Leningradsky Avenue, Lomonosovskaya, Myasnitskaya, Presnensky Val, River Station and other branches of Alfa-Bank OJSC. The working hours of the branches in Moscow include round-the-clock customer service. Therefore, some branches serve individuals, including weekends. Alekseevsky, Baltic, Bratislavsky, Danilovsky, Troparevo - all these departments work on Sunday from lunch until 17:00.

Social work

Since 2004, the bank has been participating in the Line of Life program for seriously ill children. He also provides WWF with financial support.

Since 2008, OJSC Alfa-Bank, whose branches in Moscow comprise a branch network of 81 service points, has been cooperating with HSE in implementing the Alfa-Chance project. Under this program, freshmen from all regions, except the capital and St. Petersburg, who have won prizes at school olympiads and NRU, receive personal scholarships.

Alfa-Bank has repeatedly organized and participated in concerts of foreign stars (Bono, Elton John, Sting, Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston) in Russia. In 2014, an electronic music festival was organized near Nizhny Novgorod using the Future People technology. The participants were able to observe the performance of such stars as Avicii, Pompeya, Tesla Boy, Paul Oakenfold, etc.

What technologies does Alfa Bank use?

Branches in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation daily serve more than 14 million individuals. In order to maintain a high level of service and keep pace with the times, the financial institution, together with the MasterCard payment system, plans to release an AlfaPay watch with an integrated PayPass payment card. This will allow customers to make contactless payment at retail outlets. In the meantime, this project is under development, customers can use Alfa Touch and with the help of a non-nominal card to pay for purchases through PayPass.

Financial results

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in 2016 Alfa-Bank, under IFRS, made a profit of $ 161 million. In 2015, this figure was $ 32 million. The financial loss margin on loans issued decreased from $ 466 million to $ 131 million.

The credit portfolio of the organization before the withdrawal of funds in the reserve grew by 1.5% in six months. Tom was supported by a developed policy for issuing loans to "good" clients. The volume of overdue loans decreased to 6.9%. With assets of 2.28 trillion rubles, the bank is located on the 7th line in the ranking of credit institutions.