Alexei Voevoda is a world-famous sportsman, world champion in arm-wrestling and winner of the gold medal in bobsleigh, holder of two orders "For Services to the Fatherland".

Alexey Voevoda: personal life, wife, photos, children


Born a famous athlete on May 9, 1980 in a small village of Chernigov region. When the boy was 5 years old, the family moved to Sochi.

Relatives of Alexei on the male line have always been distinguished by strength and endurance. His grandfather was known for being like a bogatyr not only outwardly, but he could easily lift a car or bend a coin.

Love for the sport of the boy was transferred from his father. He was a master of sports in wrestling and tried to attach his son to a healthy lifestyle. Already in six years Alexey Voevoda actively visited sport clubs and sections. The efforts of the boy were not in vain, at the age of 14 he was distinguished by his agility and strength (he could jump over the desk and lift the car).


After graduation from school, Alexey planned to start training in a police school, but did not happen. To everyone's surprise, he failed to pass the standards for physical education. The young man did not lose his head and enrolled in the PFUR to the Economics Faculty, but soon transferred to the University of Tourism and Resorts, which he successfully graduated from. As a student, Alexei sought independence and worked as a security guard and collector.

Sporting successes

The first sport that brought success and recognition to the athlete is armwrestling. Wrestling at the hands of the voevoda was carried away as a child, and in a serious sport a young man was helped by an accident. A contest was held in the city, he did not dare to participate in it. Friends helped to make a decisive step. The guys bought the ticket to the sportsman, so there was no turning back.

The young man became a real discovery and a star of the competition. He was able to win immediately over several rivals, including over the famous champion. It was the defeated opponent (Kote Ramadze) who became the first professional coach of the young athlete. Alexei Voevoda could achieve great results in arm wrestling. Already in a year of training he became the world champion and repeatedly later became his winner again.

During this period, the athlete was awarded the title of Master of Sports, having passed all the formation in a very short time - only a year. According to the rules, to obtain this title requires at least 5 years of training.

Alexey Voevoda was interested in another direction of the sport quite by accident. After another victory about his achievements, they wrote in the newspaper, but the note was very modest. At the same time, on the next page there was a huge article about the participants in the bobsled competition, which took 8th place. At that time, the athlete was interested to know what is such a popular and significant sport.

Alex did not hesitate and soon visited the training of the national team, where he took part in the race. The results of the athlete were excellent, he was able to overtake all rivals and on the same day was included in the number of team members.

2003 brought the first serious injury to the athlete, which did not allow him to train and participate in competitions for 2 years. Despite this, he was able to quickly restore his physical form and soon received another award.

Voevoda was repeatedly a participant in the Olympics, which resulted in silver and bronze medals. In this period of time, the athlete receives his first order "For Services to the Fatherland". The native city also celebrates the merits of the young man and recognizes him as an honorary citizen of Sochi.

In 2013, Alexei Voevoda becomes the Ambassador of Sochi-2014. Despite this, he did not plan to take part in the competitions. The question of his inclusion in the team decided a month before the Olympics. The athlete justified the trust and support rendered to him. With him, the national team received two gold medals.

After the competition, the Voivode receives his second order "For Services to the Fatherland". It is in this "golden" sports period that it decides to end career of professional athlete Alexei Voevoda.

Personal life, wife, photos, children

A well-known sportsman has always enjoyed great popularity among the fair sex. It is known that in his youth he was in love, but the relationship did not lead to anything. It broke the heart of a young man.

Interest in many girls is Alexey Voevoda. Personal life, wife, photo with kids - this is only the plans of the athlete. In an interview, he shared that he wants to have a family. In his opinion, the wife should be the first woman for the man after the mother.

Aleksei Voyevoda, his private life (his wife, perhaps soon he will appear), who is carefully hidden, is 36 years old and does not have children. However, his heart is not free. As he said in his interview, with his new wife he learned what real love is, and now he is only interested in private life, which he prefers not to let outsiders.

In 2016, the directorate of the television channel TNT considered his candidacy for the role of the main character of the show "Bach". However, Alexey Voevoda refused to answer. Personal life, in his opinion, should be off screen.

Other details

From his youth, the famous sportsman was fond of reading. He was attracted to martial arts, meditation and the rules of healthy eating. It was from literature that he drew the basic idea of ​​proper nutrition, which was based on the refusal to eat animal protein.

Changing the diet helped the athlete to get in shape before the competition, and eventually even improve their results.

Initially, he decided to try to become raw, but after three months he switched to vegetarianism. More than 5 years, Alexei Voevoda does not eat meat and fish. Nutrition of the famous athlete, contrary to the general misconception, does not contain a lot of protein and carbohydrates. In general, it is dominated by plant foods. Despite this, as the athlete admits, he does not feel any restrictions in nutrition. Trying to diversify his diet, Alexei Voevoda learned a lot of delicious dishes of vegetarian cuisine.

After leaving the sport, Voyevoda took part in the television project of the First Channel under the title "Without insurance", as well as the show "Three heroes".