The standard speaker shelf in the VAZ looks good, so car owners are in no hurry to change it. But what to do when, for some reason, it becomes unusable? The solution is simple - you can either buy a similar model in the store, or make a shelf yourself.

General information

Almost all drivers claim that it is best to use a wooden acoustic shelf in the car. In their opinion, it significantly improves the sound quality, being resistant to mechanical vibrations. A feature of acoustic shelves is that they allow for hidden installation. Of course, this becomes possible only if the installation is performed by a specialist. At home, seams may remain noticeable.

Acoustic shelf in the car VAZ

Acoustic shelf installed in the car VAZ, should have an interesting design to improve the appearance of the cabin. Despite the fact that factory models are covered with Carpet, their appearance is pretty solid. It should be noted that as a result, the cost of products is not too high.

Easy installation of factory shelf

Acoustic shelf can be installed independently, especially since this process does not take much time. It consists of only three stages:

  • Remove the standard shelf, which is available in the car. As a rule, it is located in its back.
  • Install the speakers in the purchased product. By the way, this can be done both at this stage and after the direct mounting of the shelf in the car. The main thing is to do everything correctly so that the speakers are connected to the system.
  • Arrange the shelf in the designated place and securely fix.

Making a product with your own hands

A self-made acoustic shelf will improve the atmosphere and create coziness in the cabin. To make it easier to make, you can use the model that was installed in the car before. With its help it will be easy to create a mockup of cardboard. To do this, just attach the product to a dense material, circle the outline of its marker, and then cut out with a stationery knife. Then you need to take a sheet of plywood, the dimensions of which correspond to the length of the future product. Now you should transfer to it the outline of the layout. Use the electric jigsaw to cut the base of the shelf.

To increase the rigidity of the whole structure, it is recommended to strengthen it. For this purpose, several bars are used, which are fixed along the perimeter of the product. It is necessary to fix them with screws or small studs. To increase the reliability of the future shelf, at least 2-3 bars should be used. It is desirable that there is no space between them, so the cracks and cracks are sealed with sealant. For the manufacture of acoustic podiums better to take a new piece of chipboard, and not to use the remnants of the old. Podiums taken from the factory model can be used as a model. The principle of their creation resembles the manufacture of the base. They are placed on the layout, outlined with a pencil, and after - cut out with a jigsaw.

The resulting podiums must be sealed with foam and leave until dry. With a sharp knife should remove all unnecessary parts. To align the resulting surface, it should be carefully treated with sandpaper. To strengthen the construction of the foam it is necessary to take kapron tights moistened with epoxy glue, then wrap the previously obtained structure with them. Next, you need to make a box for seat belts. It is advisable to make it so that the belts come into it from the side. The final stage is the assembly of the structure. We take several metal screws and fix all the elements to each other.

Features mounting acoustic podiums

Acoustic shelf, the drawing of which can be seen below, is always sold complete with podiums. We have already described how to do it yourself. Now consider the features of the installation of devices:

  • It is necessary to remove the door card, and then cut a grid that protects the speakers from debris or impacts.
  • The acquired podium should be adjusted in size, after which it can be woken up neatly from the inside to the door. To do this, along its perimeter you need to screw in a few screws. To facilitate the work, it is advisable to use someone's help.
  • The same should be done on the second door.
  • The resulting structure must be strengthened with long screws.
  • Now you can install suitable-sized speakers and connect them to the speaker system of the car.

Installing a homemade rear shelf

To speaker shelf was mounted with your own hands, it is necessary to remove the rear pillars, made of plastic. This should be done as carefully as possible so that after there are no problems with the contacts of the heated rear window. It is recommended to tilt the rear seats or even remove them from the car. Next, you need to remove the latch that holds the shelf. After that, it must be dismantled. It is imperative to try on whether the self-made shelf fits in size. If the parameters match, then you can install the speakers.

We mount the product in the intended place. We mount using screws. Fixation is carried out from the trunk. To do this, you must use at least 4 screws. For convenience, you can lie in the luggage compartment.

The self-made shelf is no worse in quality than factory models. Most car owners choose this option, because its price is much lower than that which would have to be paid in a car shop. Before you begin, you should prepare all the necessary materials and tools, as well as consult with a specialist in this field.