Greek mythology is familiar to all of us since childhood, through the school curriculum. Fascinating stories about the adventures of gods living on mount Olympus, modern boys counted no less than it did their parents and grandparents. It is difficult to meet a man today who does not know, who are Zeus, Poseidon, Athena or Ares. The most famous character from ancient mythology is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, forever young inhabitant of Olympus. The ancient Romans associated it with Venus.

Aphrodite - goddess of love and beauty

The sphere of influence of the goddess

The Greeks believed Aphrodite, the patroness of spring, flowering and fertility. They were convinced that all the beauty that exists on the planet is the business of her hands. The goddess asked the favor of the lovers, hoping to keep their feelings until the end of life. She has been praised artists, poets and sculptors, glorifying in the beauty and love. Aphrodite was regarded as the goddess who prefers peace over war and life is death, so it is referred to all those who dreamed of peaceful prosperity and deliverance from death. She was so powerful that her will obeyed not only the common people and animals, but the inhabitants of Olympus. The only characters who have not acted charms of a beautiful goddess was Athena, Artemis and Hestia.

According to the ancient myths, Aphrodite was notable for its incredible beauty. The Greeks imagined her tall, handsome, with very delicate facial features. The goddess had long gold hair that framed her head like a wreath. She waited on Ora and of Charity, patron of beauty and grace. They combed her Golden hair, and put on her beautiful outfits. When Aphrodite descended from Olympus, the flowers bloom and the sun in the sky began to Shine brighter. Wild animals and birds, unable to resist the incredible beauty of the goddess, came running to her from all sides, and she walked calmly on the ground in their environment.

Love affairs

Aphrodite – Greek goddess, famous for his novels as similar to themselves and with ordinary people. She had the power to fall in love with many men. Being the wife of an ugly and lame God Hephaestus, the patron of fire and blacksmithing, she was comforted by the fact that they had an affair on the side. After giving birth to your spouse, no child, she was showered with other heirs of his fans. From a relationship with the God of war Ares from Aphrodite appeared 5 children (Deimos, Phobos, Eros, Anteros and Harmony). From the connection with the patron Saint of wine Dionysus she had a son Priapus. The beauty of Aphrodite, was slain also the God of Commerce Hermes. She gave him a son of a Hermaphrodite. Among her lovers were not only powerful inhabitants of Olympus, but mere mortals. So roll in the hay with the king of dargintsev Unisom, Aphrodite gave birth to another son, hero of the Trojan war Aeneas.

Aphrodite, the goddess who personified the incredible eroticism and sensuality. Unlike ordinary women, she never allowed himself to become a victim of love. Her relationship was entirely according to her will. In relations with men she had consistency, she has always been open for new feelings.

The story of the birth of the goddess of love and beauty

Very interesting is the myth of the goddess Aphrodite, which tells of her birth. According to ancient legend, the Titan Kronos was angry at his father Uranus (the patron Saint of the sky), cut off a sickle to his genitals and threw them into the sea. Blood from the reproductive organs mixed with sea water resulted in a white foam from which was born the beautiful Aphrodite. The goddess of love was born near the Greek island of Kythira, and then the breeze carried her along the waves to Cyprus, where it came ashore (for this reason it is sometimes called Kipridy). It is noteworthy that Aphrodite was never a child, she was born from sea foam absolutely adult. Having ascended to Olympus, the daughter of Uranus captivated in its beauty, all its inhabitants.

Aphrodite – goddess of Ancient Greece, which became the heroine of many ancient myths. Like any woman, it tends to be different. In some traditions Aphrodite was generous of the lady lives in the other – a capricious beauty, and in the third – a cruel versitility of fate, the wrath of which it is impossible to avoid.

Pygmalion Myth

According to one legend, once lived in Cyprus a talented artist Pygmalion. He hated women and lived as a hermit, not allowing himself to fall in love and start a family. Once he created an ivory statue of a woman of indescribable beauty. The sculpture was made master very subtly, and it seemed that she was about to speak and stir. Pygmalion could spend hours admiring he created a woman and did not notice how fell in love with her. He whispered to her gentle words, kissed her, gave her some jewelry and outfits, but the statue remained motionless and mute. More than anything she wanted that he created beauty come to life and reciprocate his feelings.

In the days when the Greeks had agreed to honor Aphrodite brought Pygmalion to her rich victim and asked that she sent his wife a girl like the one he created of ivory. Almighty Aphrodite decided to take pity on a talented master: it quickened a beautiful girl and gave her mutual feelings to their Creator. Therefore goddess has rewarded Pygmalion for the sincere and dedicated love he had for the statue.

Narcissus Narrative

The goddess of beauty Aphrodite was favorable only to those people, who highly esteemed her. Those who resisted its authority and refused her gifts, she is mercilessly punished. It happened to a beautiful young man Narcissus, son of river God and nymph. He was very handsome, and all who saw him, immediately fell in love with him. But proud Narcissus no one reciprocated.

Once fell in love with a beautiful young nymph Echo. However, Narcissus angrily rejected it, stating that it is better to die than to be always with her. The setback suffered another nymph, who also had the temerity to fall in love with him. Offended, she wished the proud Narcissus to experience unrequited love, in order to understand what it feels to be rejected. Aphrodite was so angry at him because he ignored their beauty – the gift sent to him by the goddess. For pride and coldness towards others, she decided to severely punish.

Walking once in the woods, wanted Narcissus to drink water. Bending over the brook with clear water, he saw his reflection in it and passionately in love with him. His feelings were so strong that he stopped eating and sleeping. He thought about the beautiful boy constantly, but seeing it in the water, could not to him even touch. And realized one day Narcissus loving himself. From this discovery it has become even worse. Gradually the forces left handsome, he understood that dies, but could not tear himself away from his reflection in the water. In the sufferings for himself he died, and the place of his death, grew a white flower with a fragrant aroma, which in his honor came to be called Narcissus. So he paid the young man before Aphrodite for his arrogance and disregard bestowed on him beauty.

The sad story of Adonis

Aphrodite, severely to punish Narcissus, and had the most to suffer from love and of blagosklonnost fate. The Cypriot king had a son of Adonis. Though he was a mere mortal, but he possessed divine beauty. Once he saw the Aphrodite and fell in love with him without memory. For Adonis, the goddess forgot about the Olympus and of all its Affairs. Along with her lover, she hunted wild animals, and in their spare time they rested on the green grass. The goddess of beauty rarely left the Adonis one, and each time asked him to protect himself.

Once went to Adonis on hunting without Aphrodite, and his dogs found the trail of a large boar. Glad the young man is a prey and rushed at the beast with a spear. But he had no idea that this would be his last hunt. Boar was stronger than Adonis, he pounced on him and pierced his fangs. From the received wounds the beloved goddess of beauty died.

Upon learning of the death of Adonis, Aphrodite began to mourn him. Zeus the Thunderer, seeing how she was suffering, had pity on her and asked his brother, God of the dead Hades, sometimes to let go of the young man to the living. Since it for six months Adonis comes to Aphrodite, and in this time all nature is budding, blooming and fragrant, and then he returns to the world of the dead, and the earth begins to pour rain and cover of snow is a Golden-haired goddess longs for his beloved.

The Apple of discord

A favorite of Aphrodite, was the son of the king of Troy, Paris. The patron goddess of discord, Eris planned to embroil the Greek goddesses and tossed them a Golden Apple with the inscription "Fairest". He noticed Aphrodite, Hera and Artemis and began to argue about who it should go to. The judge of the goddesses was entrusted to Paris. Each of them tried to bribe the young man all the best. The winner in this fight was Aphrodite promised to be his wife the most beautiful of all mortal women. Having got the favor and support of the goddess of love, Paris is at once incurred the wrath of Hera and Artemis. The bone of contention was the beginning of the Trojan war, because the most beautiful woman was Helen, the wife of Spartan king Menelaus. It to her and ordered Paris to sail Aphrodite.

Eros and Hymen helpers patroness of love and beauty

Though Aphrodite – Greek goddess, having great power, without help she could not do. One of them was her son Eros – haired boy flying over all the lands and seas in their small wings. He had a small bow and quiver of Golden arrows. In whom Eros shoots, and will overtake love.

The patron saint of marriage, Hymen, is another indispensable assistant of Aphrodite. He leads all the wedding processions, flying ahead of the newlyweds on their white wings and lighting their way with a bright torch.


The main symbol of the goddess Aphrodite – by her belt. Anyone who wore it, was endowed with extraordinary sexual appeal. To it dreamed as ordinary women and goddesses inhabiting mount Olympus. Except the belt, the Aphrodite was a bowl of pure gold, filled with wine. Everyone who used to make her gulp, remained young forever. Symbols of love goddess Aphrodite was regarded as the rose, Myrtle, Apple. Pigeons, sparrows, hares, and Mac was identified with her as the patroness of fertility. Was the Aphrodite and the sea symbols, the Dolphin and the Swan.

Famous antique statues

Many sculptors have inspired the creation of masterpieces of the goddess Aphrodite. Photos of works of art presented in the article, convey the beauty and Majesty of the patroness of love and beauty. In the works of some masters, the heroine of ancient myths presented in the guise of the Roman goddess Venus.

Goddess in paintings

The image of Aphrodite can be found in paintings by artists of the Renaissance. Of Titian owns the work "Venus and Adonis" (1553), the plot of which conveys the tender feelings of the goddess to a mere mortal boy.

The painting "Sleeping Venus", painted by the Italian artist Giorgione roughly in the years 1505-1510, patroness of love depicted in the form of a naked beauty lying on the background of nature. The image of an ancient goddess, created by the master, became the personification of the ideal woman of the Renaissance.

Another painting depicting Aphrodite, is a painting by Sandro Botticelli "Birth of Venus" (1486). On it the artist has depicted the story of the ancient legend, which tells of the appearance of the majestic patroness of love and beauty from the sea foam.

Thanks to the works of art and Greek mythology, you can determine as it seemed to the ancient people of the goddess Aphrodite. Photos of sculptures and paintings, which depict Golden-haired inhabitant of Olympus, clearly convey its beauty today and inspiring many artists to create new masterpieces.