Stores “Austin” are divided into O'stin, O'stin Kids, O'stin Mini. The network offers high-quality fashionable clothes of casual style for kids, Teens, men and women in the middle price range. In 15 years of existence of the brand stores, “Austin” caught the fancy of many buyers so that now the boutiques of this manufacturer are located in almost every district of Moscow and in every city of Russia.

The history of the brand “Austin”

Clothing brand O'stin entered the Russian market in early 2003. Its main audience is the producer saw modern women and men, leading an active lifestyle in his spare time and business during the week.

'Stores Austin in Moscow

Things “Austin” is simple and concise. They lack arrogance, shocking. On the contrary, the clothing does not obscure the individuality and allows each person to emphasize something with trivial clothing and harmonious accessories. The production of “Austin” was originally fit every style preference casual in the 2000s.

The main features of the brand: comfort and beauty.

To choose a great bow in “Austin” (a clothing store in Moscow), it is not necessary to have a sense of style. All the clothes of this brand perfectly in tune with each other. Every undemanding buyer, purchasing a couple of outfits (dresses, sweater, pants, shirt), will create a unique and fashionable way.

Across the country and abroad presented in various ' shops “Austin”. In Moscow the most.


The collection of the brand “Austin” can be divided into three areas: the casual, female and male, Studio. Here you will find clothes according to the season: dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, jackets, coats, jeans and so on.

The new direction of the company is considered to be clothing for children. Fans of the brand “Austin” can dress their children in stylish and comfortable clothes.

The main feature of the clothing of this brand is its quality. All things brand made exclusively from natural fabrics with a minimum admixture of artificial additives. This fact for many buyers is fundamental in the selection.

Clothing sizes start from XS over L. In this case, S, M are the most popular. It is worth noting that everyone will be able to find the model, color of the desired things to your liking, as each new collection is always diverse and “not tied” to a specific style or fashionable in this season of color.

The main features of the clothing brand is a comfortable fit and a comfort to wear.

Addresses of shops

Many buyers are interested in, where is the largest store of “Austin” in Moscow. This question has no definite answer. After all, they are deployed in large areas of each shopping center, great shops on the main streets of the capital. In the city you can find 71 store of this brand. Addresses of shops “Austin” in Moscow it is easy to calculate. To learn the locations of favorite brand, simply visit the following facilities:

As you can see, addresses of shops “Austin” in Moscow its surprising amount.

Promotions and discounts

Shop “Austin” very often pampers its preverjenih discounts and sales. Several times a season held sales with a rebate from 30 to 90 %. For regular customers the store gives discount cards, which earn bonuses with every purchase. You can trade them on the coupon amount for the next purchase or collect them, waiting for action when bonuses will increase two or three times. O'stin often carries out the action “1 1=3”. It is for such sale hunting a risky and adventurous shopaholics. It is always nice to know that kind of thing will get you a free, simple, free!

The work in the “Austin”

To work in the store, “Austin”, many want. Good work conditions (salary, schedule, team) the opportunity to purchase quality items at a discount worker, and just a nice place – that's what attracts new employees daily.

The variety of shops in Moscow always requires updating the staff.

It is very common to see employment ads that “Austin” is required: